August 12, 2022

The Heat Island Effect & Asphalt: Absorbing solar radiation at the surface

From the telescope data analysts came the news that the Earth's lower Tropospheric temperature anomaly (it's deviation from  normal) was +0.36C, for July 2022.  Of course, the measurement of the lower Troposphere isn't the proverbial tale of the tape.  When  it comes to monitoring the atmosphere for the presence or absence of Global Warming, the following applies:

"If there is no temperature rise in the Middle of the Troposphere, there is no Global Warming." 

Moreover, there is a difference between surface temperatures and air temperatures.  None the less, we now direct our attention to surface temperatures in the modern world, being that it can be a health issue, as were the tragic cases in France, during 1976, 2003, & 2019.

The middle of the Earth's Troposphere is approximately 30,000 ft in height, except for the Poles where it would be half as high.

So, what is adding to the heat in cities?

ANS:  The great solar radiation absorber, asphalt.  Or even more specifically, the Heat Island Effect and/or Heat Sink Effect.

Needless to say, the media & the press is heralding July 2022 as the ultimate inferno month of Planet Earth, where smug-faced climate change activists whose predictions failed for 34 years came on camera and say I told you so, even though there were much longer droughts and much hotter days in decades and centuries past.  

In fact, the start of 2022 came with record cold which kept its visitations even into March of 2022, concerning the Southeast of the United States.  Moreover, the Southern Hemisphere experienced record cold duration and cold temperatures during the exact same time the media was neon-lighting the July heatwave in France.

So, keep in mind that 1936 had the hottest Summer, and according to NASA, 1934 was the worst drought in 1,000 years.   The highest temperature ever recorded on Planet Earth was so recorded in 1913, and the longest heat wave of consecutive 90+F days transpired in New York City in 1953, for 12 consecutive days.  

These heat events all transpired before co2 level reached above 313 ppm.  That was 105 ppm lower than today.   In fact, the second most severe heat wave & drought was in 1540, in Europe.  Meanwhile the Great Drought of the American West occurred between 1276 and 1299 C.E, when co2 levels were as low as they were during the Roman Empire years.  Thus, co2 is not lighter fluid.  Nor is it a Roman Candle.

None the less, the climate change racketeers will always claim that the hottest and worst weather had transpired last month --- and we're all gonna die in the next 5 or 10 years.  This is the Five & Dime Doom Store Script, and it has been ongoing since June 1988.  It's beyond tiring to hear this, due to the repetitive failed doomsday predictions of the past 34 years which keep being repredicted, with the designated dates of doom being pushed back to the next 34 years.

It's definitively true that the predictions of doom never came true in any aspect.  After all:  {1} the Maldives are very much above water with financially fit Arabians enjoying the premises.  {2} No coastal city has gone underwater.  {3} Your shoes are still dry after walking throughout Lower Manhattan, and {4} you still can't go water skiing in the Summertime Arctic Ocean without you crashing into 1.3 million to 1.9 million square miles of ice.

And remember, the Global Warming, Climate Change, End-of-the-World hysteria was ratcheted-upwards only because Joe Biden took up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  It's an advertising gimmick, these days.  And 2021 was a very fanatical year with doomsday prediction after doomsday prediction.

As a note, American sales managers teach their new employees that, when you are trying to make a sale, you are to create a sense of URGENCY in the prospective buyer.  However, American workers who spent decades working outdoors don't buy the Climate Change hysteria.  They are experienced in experiencing all sorts of climatic conditions.  And they realize that climate per se is ......... cyclical.

It even got to the point where the Climate Change Salesmen blamed snow on man-made co2 and Global Warming.  As I previously explained, a water molecule will stay in the atmosphere for approximately NINE days.  Any January snow storm that comes 182 days after a July heatwave is NOT caused by that July heatwave.  And concerning the oceans warming, the majority of ocean water is dark & 39F.  That's all.

It's now the Summer of 2022.  A hundred years prior, reports made it to the news stands that the Arctic was in a meltdown.  The heat of the prior year, 1921, was a contributing factor.  Other dreaded heat years near that time span included 1871, 1878, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1911, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1935, and 1936, as well as 1947, 1988, 1998, 2012, and 2016.   All in all, climate is cyclical.

Include the several long-term droughts in the desert that came to be called the American Southwest.   This includes the present saga of the man-made Lake Mead (near Las Vegas) which is dependent upon the man-made reservoir of Glen Canyon Dam which, in turn, was in a more dire situation than was Lake Mead.  So, it was given priority in water acquisition, by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.  It's name is Lake Powell.

Southern California's Mojave Desert, 2012.   I didn't bring anyone with me into that desert which was 102F at the time.

At this point, let us remember an official statement of the (pre-Biden) United States government: "Drought is a normal climate pattern that has occurred in varying degrees of length, severity, and size throughout history."

The exact same United States government declared that:

"Tree ring archives indicate that agricultural droughts such as those that happened in the United States during the 1930s Dust Bowl era have occurred occasionally over the last 1,000 years, and climate model simulations suggest that droughts that may last several years to even decades OCCUR NATURALLY in the southwestern U.S."    Okay then.  This brings us to France.

The media is obsessed, due to a severe lack of intelligence, with blaming all unwelcome weather events on CO2, while occasionally mentioning "greenhouse gases" in general.   Meanwhile, the same media never explains what constitutes a greenhouse gas, and the same media surely doesn't have the habit of informing its viewers that the #1 greenhouse gas is Water Vapor which constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume ... and which has a zero carbon footprint.

As I have already illustrated elsewhere in the Blue Marble Album, in the July 2022 London hype, as well as in the July 2021 Biden administration's NOAA hype, a lot of falsehoods are flying through the media and the Internet, about July 2020, 2021, and 2022, as well as Greenland snowfall and the ocean sea level reports.

In fact, NOAA has changed historical graphs, to makes the temperatures of the very hot 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s look much cooler and more mild.  This makes that time span's temperatures look colder and much more mild than today's temperatures, and this is outright criminal fraud.   This is why I advise everyone who is honest to gather as many newspaper and magazine articles about the blazing heat of the early 20th Century as possible, to show how the present employees of NOAA are literally fraudsters.  Include the newspapers of the 1870s and 1890s.  The newspapers of old are the original Climate Record, and they will serve as evidence to prove the fraud.

Of course, being that opinion polling showed "climate change" to often be the least concern amongst American voters, the climate change salesmen realized that they were engaged in a losing proposition.  So, they had to take the hottest month of the year and hyper-exaggerate it's thermometer readings and yearly wildfires, to make a sale ... all the while altering the past temperature graphs, to make the past look degrees colder than those heat-stricken days actually were.

The man-made-co2 salesmen repeatedly had to exaggerate July's natural heat to the point of making it sound as if the end of the world were once again five or ten years away, and that only the climate change racketeers can save you.  Well, the media has definitely been serving the climate change salesmen, as if to be their campaign volunteers.  So, go to the old newspaper archives, and make a library of temperature records and weather event reports.  That's how you can save the Truth from being hidden away from mankind for all time.

 Of course, dispel from your mind the belief that an amount of CO2 as small as 420 ppm, could ever drive a climate the size of Earth.  After all, it's Water Vapor that comprises 90% of all greenhouse gases ... by volume.  NASA, itself, publicly stated the "SUNLIGHT DRIVES THE CLIMATE."  NASA did not include co2 as a driver. So, when you encounter a hot environment in the city or in suburbia or on a military base or at a mall parking lot or at a college campus, think the following:

The heat island effect, being heavily assisted by asphalt.  It involves Albedo.  Actually, the heat part involves the lack of Albedo.

Albedo is the scattered (the diffused) reflection of solar radiation (aka sunlight) back into outer-space, after making contact-encounter-incidence with some material object on Earth, and doing so without heating that object beyond the percentage of sunlight absorbed by that object.  To say to say, albedo involves the encountering of a material without conduction occurring in the encountering thereof.  Albedo is like a boomerang effect performed with light --- with solar rays.
Albedo is measured on a scale from 0 -1, where 1 is the reflecting of 100% of the solar radiation back into outer-space.  The only material object on Earth which can make this happen in 100% completeness is a mirror positioned at the correct angle toward the sun.  Thus, whatever be the other materials on Earth, sunlight is partially absorbed by them and partially deflected from them.   However, the one earthly material that absorbs solar radiation (aka sunlight)  most efficiently is ASPHALT.  It absorbs approximately 95% of the solar radiation that makes contact with it.  That heats things up.

Runners-up in the solar radiation absorption contest include, soils, wet sand, dark clay, grasslands, the tundra, and coniferous forests, as well as black acrylic paint which is equal to new asphalt.
This solar radiation absorption will increase surface temperatures  in the cities, at mall parking lots, etc.  Then, when night comes, the heat gets released from the asphalt, etc.  All in all, CO2 has been blamed for causing what is being caused by asphalt and even coniferous forests.

Now, as far as goes Ocean Albedo, it's true that 94% of the sunlight which reaches ocean waves does not rocket back into outer-space, depending on the latitude.  But, the 94% of sunlight does not entirely get absorbed into ocean water.  If it did, there would be much more of an evaporation cycle and much on Earth.
Now, sunlight at the higher latitudes of the Earth make contact with the Earth's surface at different angles than at the lower latitudes.  Higher latitudes have too much solar diffusion and do not capture as much sunlight as do the lower latitudes.   Thus, the lower latitudes develop the hurricanes which perform the task of heat transfer.  
Again, hurricanes are further evidence that the oceans are NOT depositories or vaults for added heat.  In fact, hurricanes can be regarded as substitutes for Albedo that do NOT develop according to sunlight, but rather develop according to the lessening of air pressure.
BTW, the average Albedo for all of Planet Earth is .3 (30%)
Incidentally, there are 332,519,000 cubic miles of ocean water on Planet Earth, and as I long since stated, the majority of ocean water is dark and 39F.  So, don't fall for the phrase, "the oceans are all warming 60% faster than originally thought and we're all gonna die."  That was already disproved.  None the less, the 39F temperature is the case for 9,000 vertical feet of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans ... 7,000 vertical feet for the Southern Ocean ... and 653 feet of the Arctic Ocean.  
In as much, another mechanism of heat transfer happens with ocean water, due to the fact that water interfaces with air.  In brevity, it goes as follows:  Firstly, ocean waves create an interface with the air, due to the constant moving of waves and their mixing with air.  This means that the heat budget of any ocean surface interface is dominated by short wave irradiance, as opposed to there being an even exchange of short wave and long wave radiation.  
Elsewhere on Earth it's a matter of "shortwave in" (from outer-space) and "long-wave" out (from Planet Earth into outer-space.)   
So, an airborne "upwelling" occurs slightly above the oceans, and NOT in the oceans.  This is regarded as Latent Heat.  This process can be regarded as the inversion of heat.  The bottom line is that the oceans are not becoming bathtubs of scalding water, as certain political propagandists are claiming.
Next comes the ocean winds.  It is always the case, everywhere on Earth, that wind is a matter of high pressure air following (gravitating toward) low pressure air.  Low pressure is equated with warmer and more moist air.   Such air rises until it dries and compresses, it then descends toward Earth.  This is known as convection, and there are massive convection cells on Earth.  
This convection caused the existence of the Earth's major deserts being on the 30th parallel of both hemispheres, as well as at the Poles.  Yes, Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth, at 5.5 million square miles.  The Sahara is 3.5 million sq miles.

BTW, it can get really cold in the desert at night, due to "radiational cooling" (which is not to be confused with radiative cooling.)  Radiational cooling occurs when no clouds are present, to keep the heat from rising out of the desert.  In fact, cloudless winter nights are the coldest ones.

And concerning the "rising sea levels," it has been officially reported that the average sea level rise of Planet Earth was 7 to 9 inches since 1880.  That's a 140 year time span.  The yearly sea level rise average that was reported is equal to the thickness of the sides of two American pennies; about 3.5 or 3.6 mm.

Back to Heat Island Effect
An example of how the heat island effect can become effectively deadly was the 2003 heatwave in France.  France?  How ironic!  Oh yes, I forgot.  Climate is cyclical and history repeats itself.  Incidentally, the other modern-era French climate tragedy was the heatwave of 1976.

Concerning the re-visitation of climate tragedy to France in 2022, remember that Global Warming is a habit.  It's an oft repeating pattern.  So think:  2022 minus 2003 = 19 years.  2003 - 1976 = 27 years.  Not a pattern.   Not a habit.  Once-in-twenty-year events are not signs of global warming.  The warming in the middle of the Troposphere is.

There needs to be a cessation of the demonizing of co2.  Asphalt is a different story, even to the point of adopting the slogan, "Keep the co2, but replace the asphalt" (in reasonable time, after a replacement for asphalt has been prepared --- or by perhaps adding an environmentally friendly material that will lighten the color of asphalt and thereby increase asphalt's degree of albedo.)  
However, don't think about adding a dye.  For the record, the early 20th Century research on chemical weapons used the dye industry for their deadly poison inventions.  Miles of molecular agents of that type placed on the major highways of America is social sabotage.  
Whatever be the case, literally keep Bill Gates out of the equation.  The guy wants you to eat mold, instead of consuming common dinner ingredients, such as steak, eggs, veggies, grain products, beets, potatoes, dairy products, protein powder, collagen powder, herbal teas, green tea, black tea, grapes, grape leaves, etc.  That one guy is Creep-out City.
Degrees of Albedo
~Green grass retains more heat than does desert sand.  Grass will absorb 75% of the solar radiation that lands on it, while desert sand will absorb 60%.  And yes, this fact is counter-intuitive, being that you have no problem walking on grass, compared to the burning sensation you get walking on summertime beach sand.  Therefore, green grass albedo is .25, and desert sand albedo is .40.  
So remember ===> Asphalt will retain and detain on the surface of the Earth 20% more heat than will a field of grass ... as in a baseball field.   At night, the heat releases from asphalt.
~The albedo of Arctic Ice and glacial ice in July is about .70.  Ice will absorb 20% to 30% of sunlight, during the six months when the sun never disappears behind Earth's horizon ... in the Arctic, that is.  In March or April, Arctic ice can have an albedo of .85 or so.  So, do not be deceived into thinking that ice reflects back into outer-space 100% of the solar radiation that contacts it.

~In addition, the albedo of white clouds is about .80.  Clouds are not a 100% returner of sunlight, either.  Some heat is still retained.

In addition, an average sized cloud weighs over a million lbs. A floating cloud mass is millions of lbs.  This, too, is counter-intuitive, until you realize that millions of pounds of snow do fall from those clouds during a substantial snowstorm.  In fact, a lot of atmospheric science is counter-intuitive or outright contradictory.   Atmospheric physics can be intricate, requiring equations in its understanding, just like any other science.  It's not as simplex as Al Gore made it out to be, in one of his absolutely worthless videos.

You perhaps have the general idea of albedo, by now.   In as much, a lying propagandist looking for government funding, NGO donations, or the instituting of the carbon tax will say to an audience that CO2 drives the climate.  As was previously mentioned, NASA had a different answer.  NASA claimed in public print that SUNLIGHT drives the Earth's climate.  
Let us repeat.  The pre-Biden NASA managers publicly stated that:
"SUNLIGHT drives the Earth's climate."   Therefore . . .
You don't have to submit to the Climate Change bullies, even those bullies at the UN who don't belong to nations who landed on the Moon, landed on Venus, landed on Mars, landed on an occasional asteroid, sailed to the BOTTOM of the ocean, operate an Antarctic science research station, created long bridges and maintain long tunnels, manage shipping lanes, etc.  The truth is NOT on their side ... not even concerning July 2022.   
They are merely looking for an excuse to obtain sizable amounts of U.S. taxpayer dollars, by creating a sense of guilt in the U.S. taxpayer mind. 
BTW, there were record colds and cold time duration records occurring during the same month of July 2022, even in Australia.   In fact, the start of 2022 was a time span of record-breaking cold.   You and the rest of the public have been getting a very one-sided & skewed version of the climate reports.
© A talented close friend who is known in her trade for her works, in certain parts of the Earth.

August 11, 2022

Michael Mann: Hiding the Decline Since 1999

 And now, a segment of . . . 

Decline Hider & Canadian Court Lawsuit Addict, Michael "Sticks" Mann (insert pre-recorded audience applause here)

Today's episode:

His false claim that he personally was co-winner of some kind of Nobel Prize.  

Simplex Fact:

Michael Mann is NOT recognized as a co-winner or sole-winner of any of the Nobel Prizes.  This was confirmed by the official Nobel Prize Office, itself, in an audio recording. 

Undeniable fact that this is true consists in the observation that Michael Mann was NEVER dominated for a Nobel Prize. Being that he was NEVER on the nomination list, he was NEVER on the sole-winner or co-winner list.  Case Closed.  He's a con artist.

Predominate Issue:

NEITHER he NOR any group affiliated with him have won the Nobel prize in SCIENCE.  Mann is fraudulently passing himself off as the ultimate end-all scientist in his particular field of study which is basically "surface temperatures."

The Great Self-negating Irony to the Decline Hider Guy:
Introducing the Temperature Decline that Michael Mann was hiding, and which was declared to exist in full, by an unanimous field of specialists ... as far .back as 1961.

The Nobel Prize office, itself, was the evidence to disprove one of Michael Mann's audacious lies.  It consists in an audio recording, recorded by a British journalist working for the National Review.  

This recording assures us that Michael Mann is NOT on the list of co-winning or sole-winning Nobel Prize laureates, in either the science prize, the literature prize, or the peace prize.   The evidence (the evidentiary audio) that testifies to Mann being a definitive con artist is linked directly below.  So, you do NOT have to feel that you have to be bullied by the guy, and you do NOT have to submit to him.  

And you surely don't have to submit to the present-day media who happens to be filled with personnel not known for common sense, honesty, reason, diligence, ... or humility ... and definitely not known for good taste in clothing & fashion.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

Audio Proof that Michael Mann's Nobel Prize Claim is a fraudulent misrepresentation (aka lie) 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

At this point, it's also important for you to realize that Al Gore NEVER won the Nobel Prize in SCIENCE.  After all, Al Gore, at best, is a remedial student who went on Conan O'Brien's talk show and confidently stated that the center of Planet Earth is millions of degrees.  Try 9,800F to 10,800F, Al.  If the core of Planet Earth were millions of degrees, vaporization & annihilation would have occurred long ago.

In like fashion, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (aka the IPCC) did NOT win the science prize, either.  The two entities, in a joint awarding, won the Peace Prize, in 2007.  The peace prize is separate from the science prize. 

In addition, Al Gore and the IPCC never won the Nobel Prize in literature, either.  Neither did Michael Mann.  All in all, Michael Mann is the ultimate Climate Denier in having denied the existence of the Medieval Warm Period & the Mini-Ice-Age, not to mention part of the 1940 to 1975 temperature decline, with all of his "math trick" talent.   See: climategate emails.  

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductory narrations.   <=====

Now, concerning the 1950s, '60s, & 70s, the cooling trend had gotten to the point where England's growing season was shortened by two weeks.  No matter what today's lying propagandists publish, it was very cold back then.  In fact, as schoolchildren walking toward our homes, we had to turn around and walk backwards, so that the bitter cold would not directly stream down our shirt/blouse collars.  

It was assumed that Winters were to be bitterly cold, as a rule.  This is why the warming trend of 1983 & 1984 surprised people.  In fact, February 1998 was so nice that it scared people, including radio icon Paul Harvey.  Then, by the time the coldest winter in 40 years arrived (2014), humanity realized that Climate is cyclical.

See:   New York Times, May 21, 1975

Enter Keith Raphael Briffa (1952 - 2017).  He was the quintessential tree ring proxy advocate.  This means that he was an aficionado in Dendroclimatology.  His "reconstruction" of the past 1,000 years turned 600 years is this:

 Briffa (2000) Reconstruction (before fitting to temperature). Left-version from Briffa (2000); right-varying the Tornetrask and Urals versions to newer versions. 

Below: Look at the YELLOW LINE, toward the right side of graph, close to the 0C temperature anomaly X-axis.  If the Briffa reconstruction were not deleted, then Michael Mann could not have drawn a steeply upward sloping line to represent drastic warming ... or drastic end-of-cooling.  

Now, the Y-axis scale is not remarkable.  It actually deals with small increases or decrease in the temperature anomaly (aka temp changes.)  Using smaller increments exaggerates the slope of a graph and serves more to deceive people than to enlighten them.

Look at the Briffa Reconstruction again, in a more clear view.  It's based on tree ring density only.  The Briffa line is green and it starts at the Year 1400 or so.  

As far as goes Mann, he has two lines on that graph.  The thinner line is dark blue and it doesn't begin until 1580-1600.  That was ever-so-coincidentally after the great heatwave & drought of 1540.  None the less, that thinner dark blue line only involves temperatures from Latitude 30N to 70N.

The other line of Mann, the black one, involves all Northern Hemispheric temps from 1000 C.E to 2000 C.E.  That dark blue 30N-70N line is the one able to hide the decline.

The red line is Keith's version of temperature for the past 600 years.  The slope of the temperature decline was very pronounced.  So, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change simply cut off the decline.  Then came Michael Mann and his bag of tricks. The disappearing act ensued.

The MBH Hockey Stick Graph--- was never test driven or tested for cracks.  (M=Mann, B=Bradley, H=Hughes)

Michael Mann, Decline Hider Extraordinaire, never revealed the data sets that he used to justify the drawing of his asininely ridiculous hockey stick climate graph that denied the Medieval Warm Period and the very well chronicled Mini Ice Age.  

The irony to that graph was that it was a straight declining line for 1,000 years, by a half degree, as if Climate were in a perpetually stagnate coffin, except for handful of upticks.  One uptick was during the Wolf Minimum.  Oops.  

The Wolf Minimum came in 1280 and preceded the Great Plague of 1348.  The Great Plague is often regarded as the start of the Mini Ice Age.  Actually, 1280 C.E. can be regarded as the start of the half-a-millennium of Ice Dominance.  None the less, there were still occasional warm Summers and hot days throughout that time, one example being the June 28, 1778 Battle of Monmouth which involved 25,000 troops.  That was a huge number for the American Revolutionary War.  The June 1778 battle ended with the British withdrawing its troops at night.incidentally.

 None the less, the Briffa reconstruction had temperature that were higher at the start of the 20th century.  Thus, the real decline was a sharp downward slope. Mann decided to make the slop much more gradual.  So,  This meant that, according to Michael Mann, there are no natural mechanisms to create weather variations on an upward temperature trend more than half a degree.  This would subsequently mean that Planet Earth was headed in a straight-line crash course toward an irreversible Ice Age, in 3,000 to 4,000 years, with no vibrancy in between.  

According to Mann's graph, the Earth was saved from the eventual Ice Age by a mere 317 ppm of CO2 (in 1960), followed by not-so-high 325 ppm of CO2 (in 1970) and then a mediocre 338 ppm of the same CO2 (in 1980), and then a modest 354 ppm (in 1990).  

Well, there were a number of climate change scenarios in the past 4,000 years, when there were no combustible engines or coal power plants.  In some cases, there weren't even chariots.  Michael Mann's graph is an insult to human intelligence.  Well, all of Michael Mann is an insult to human intelligence ... not merely his hockey stick graph.  

The 2nd most asinine thing Michael Mann ever said in front of a camera.  

Michael Mann was asked how much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere.  Mann confidently said, "Half the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in ten years," ... in order to prevent a 1.5C catastrophic temperature rise.  Stop there.  That spoken line shows that Mann either knows nothing about the new findings in atmospheric physics or he is just not thinking when he talks.

Proxy history showed that not even a 2C rise is catastrophic, but rather, a 2C rise accompanied the rise of the great & historic Roman Empire ... of my ancestors ... well, half my ancestors, being that I'm one-half Greco-Roman-Jew and one-half Heinz 57.

For the record, it was scientifically & professionally surmised, via Mediterranean proxy material, that the Roman Warm Period was TWO degrees CELSIUS warmer than it is today, and my ancestors' fellow Romans fared very well during that time, even during the hot hot African enterprises, as well as during Roman excursions into historic Greece.   

Plus, the temperature rise helped the Romans finally conquer the hard hitting Gaul army of Chieftain Vercingetorix, in an eight year-long war, in a land known as present-day France.  Thus, a 1.5C rise tin surface temperature is NOT anywhere near catastrophic.  

For the record, the Gauls used to terrorize Italy ... demand tribute, take Italian gold, etc.  So, Julius decided to stop the terror attacks and bring back to Italy the Roman gold that had Vercingetorix's fingerprints on it.

None the less, here is the supreme asininity of that one Michael Mann assertion, concerning deleting half the CO2 from the atmosphere:

{1} Half of today's level of co2 = 210 parts per million (ppm).  That constitutes 50 ppm LESS THAN during cave-man days.  That constitutes 73 ppm LESS THAN the start of the 19th Century, aka the Napoleonic Era.  Both time periods occurred when the human population was much smaller than today.

See for yourself:  ***>  Atmospheric CO2 graph, starting at 1800  <***

{2a}  Today's population is 7.9 BILLION in human beings, meaning that much more crop harvesting is needed today than during the Napoleonic War Years when the world population was approximately 1 billion.  Thus, much more CO2 is needed today, and coincidentally enough, the atmosphere is presently providing the extra needed amount of CO2 for our era.  

{2b} CO2 is the KEY to PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  When CO2 goes below 150 ppm, all photosynthesis halts.  Life on Earth soon follows suit.  Dropping the CO2 count to 210 ppm is irresponsible.

{2c} NASA has already reported on the added greening of the Arctic Circle during the Summer months.  Extra CO2 increases photosynthesis throughout the Earth.  In as much, IF you want to "go green," the first thing that you have to do is INCREASE THE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 LEVEL.  Growers do this to their greenhouses, as a rule.

See:  NASA's Satellite Technology shows the greening of the Earth 

          NASA reports a greener Earth of recent

           CO2 levels making Earth Greener

            Added co2 and added plant growth demonstration

The asininity of Michael Mann and his fellow racketeer, Al Gore, is that they are doing the opposite of what it takes to "go green."  This anti-co2 mindset is the Supreme Asininity of the climate doomsayers.

In as much, pursuant to the NY Times vs Sullivan case law authority, I, a private citizen, state my opinion of public figure, Michael Mann:  

Michael Mann is a contrived fad.  He's an artificially propped-up mouthpiece, presented as the wisdom of the ages. 

Mann is only famous, because of the hockey stick graph.  Yet,  he never showed the public the data sets upon which his neon-lighted hockey stick climate graph came to be.   He could have made up that graph as much as some people made-up record breaking high temperatures in those parts of Africa which had NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.

Thus, the one hockey stick graph which made Mann a contrived news show icon has never been tested for cracks.  It has never been test-driven.  Would you buy a car you never test-drove?  Of course not.  So, we the People of the United States do NOT buy Michael Mann's untested climate change hockey stick graph.  

This is especially true for those of us who worked outdoors, year after year, and decade after decade.  This is because we are experienced enough to know that ====> Climate is cyclical.

Plus, Michael Mann has a very financial conflict of interest in the promotion of his hockey stick graph which omits the historically supported Mini-Ice-Age which included:

{1} the great frosts, great floods, crop failures & mass starvation often mentioned in the Bristol Chronicles, as well as the Sporer Minimum which has now been concluded to have actually existed from the starting point of 1460 C.E.

{2} The irony & counter-intuitive hot year of 1540, followed by the cold account of 1640, showing that Mann's virtual straight lined graph needed more spikes in it, to reflect historic climate reality.

{3} The North American drought year of 1580, showing more of the need of upward spikes in the Mann Hockey Stick graph.

{4} The Grindelwald Fluctuation of 1560 - 1630, which even included out-of-season snowfalls.

{5} The well-known Maunder Minimum which included warm Summers, in addition to ice-ridden Winters.

{6} The Dalton Minimum of 1790 - 1830 which included the 1816 Summer That Never Was.

All in all, the "Mann, Bradley, & Hughes" graph is typically Orwellian, in that it rewrites history. 

Why don't the newscasters ask Michael Mann how much personal money he personally made since the publishing of his hockey stick graph?  Why doesn't Michael Mann simply come out and let us Americans know how much currency was transacted into his financial portfolio ... especially how many taxpayer dollars went into his personal pockets?

None the less, for the past 4,000 years, climate change has literally been occurring every 124 to 600 years.  Climate is a long-term roller coaster ride.   Climate is cyclical.

Ah, yes.  Michael Mann.  Hiding the Decline Since 1999.

Michael Mann proved himself to be utterly heartless, if not an indifferent psychopath, against an elderly retired Air Force pilot, on account of the pilot saying that, even though Michael Mann was teaching at Penn State, he should have been at the State pen (penitentiary).  One sentence was spoken, and a ridiculous amount of Canadian civil lawsuit attorney fees ensued.

The retired and elderly pilot who earned a doctorate degree let me know how much suffering Mann put him through, and he informed me that he intended to let the world know about those sufferings after the lawsuit ended.  Well, the lawsuit ended.  I don't know what happened.  There was no communication between me and the Canadian gentleman since I left Chicago, in 2019.

For now, I'll keep silent, out of civility.  If the gentleman does pass into eternity any time soon, I'll be the one letting you know about the suffering caused by Michael Mann.   Michael Mann is hatefully ruthless, for starters.  He also thinks that you are completely stupid and gullible.

And remember, pursuant to NY Times vs Sullivan, a private citizen may publicly state his opinion of a public figure, in the United States.  I'll be politely reserved for now.  I only stated half of my opinion thus far.

It suffices to state that some people in this world are really sick jokes, and for long periods of relative time, it appears that they will get away with every wrong they have ever performed.  But, appearances are not all what they appear to be.  History repeats itself.  

Do the math on this one ... on the person causing schoolchildren dread, causing gasoline prices to skyrocket as an advisor to the Dementia president, and causing an elderly air force pilot the loss of life savings and the gain of accompanying dread.  Justice, in the end, prevails.

For now, allies, be like a charming Latin gentleman, even if you hate us Latins to the marrow of our beings.  Do NOT write to Michael Mann.  Only address his superiors and the Court of Public Opinion, as well as a RICO court.  Do NOT walk up to Michael Mann in a restaurant and tell him that he's not welcome.  Let him have a relaxing time.  Do NOT picket in front of his house, office, etc.  Be as charming as a Ricardo Montalban.  Charm doesn't hurt anyone.   Meanwhile, simply boycott Michael Mann.

The goal is to see to it that humanity clearly sees that Michael Mann and the less than brilliant Al Gore has been lying, in sleight-of-hand deceit, all along.  In order to achieve this goal, it is NOT necessary to harass anyone in a restaurant or picket in front of his domicile.  People like Michael Mann are necessary to avoid, because he's a liar who will claim that you threatened him, if you get anywhere close to him ... or he will tell some lie about you.  So, stay away from Hockey Sticks Mann.  In fact, boycott Mann.


                  Private US Citizen #40,801,958.

August 10, 2022

The record high temperature of 64.9F occurred 1,840 away from the South Pole and 206 miles outside the Antarctic Circle.

Photo by Marissa Goerke, Jan 6, 2021.  Palmer Station, Anvers Island, (aka Antwerp Island.)
The never-ending climate doomsday deceit: Subject, Antarctica.

 It was reported that Antarctica reached a record high 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the Southern Hemisphere's Summer of 2017.  The brashly done report made it appear that a countdown toward a melt down had started within the Antarctic Circle. This would logically result in a crisis stage sea level rise occurring in the near future.

  Then, three years later, in the Summer of 2020, the same location recorded a "record high 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit."  Upon this news, the prognosticators & commentators came out like a deliberated jury who just convicted a defendant of a felony.  It sounded as if all of mankind had to surrender all their lives and money to the Climate Change people, in order to be saved from drowning.  However, a super huge piece of information was completely omitted.  That information was that:

The place where those temperatures occurred was located 1,840 miles away from the South Pole, at a research station that was located 206 miles OUTSIDE of the Antarctic Circle.  In fact, it was located 700 miles from southern tips of Argentina and Chile.   It's called the Esperanza Base, and it's located near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Record cold appeared thereafter, and even CNN reported it

Then came a balancing-out event.  In the following year, the Year 2021, the entire Antarctic continent endured the coldest Winter in recorded history.  This record-breaking Winter technically NEGATED all Global Warming claims for that year, as much as did "the Global Warming Pause" for the years spanning from 1999 until the beginning of 2016.    

Likewise, the temperature "decline" that spanned from circa 1940 to circa 1975 negated any thoughts of Global Warming in the history books.  So notable was the Global Cooling of the 1960s and 1970s that scientists from the USSR and USA banded together to study and resolve the increase of cold and Arctic ice, at a time not so distant from today.

However, the 1920s and 1930s were the times when droughts and high temperatures, as well as wildfire frequency, were at their undeniable heights ... in as far as concerns honest people who do not alter the climate record.   The 1870s and 1890s were heated decades too.  The decades of the ultimate catastrophes were the 1870s and the 1930s.

The Comparable 1,840 mile zone in the Northern Hemisphere

Reykjavik Iceland is 1,787 miles from the North Pole.  Well, in 1939 it reached 86.9 degrees Fahrenheit in Reykjavik.  And of course, there was no 23 foot sea level rise that ensued.  In addition, Reykjavik reached 85F in August of 2021 as well as 85F in June of 1974, 84F in July of 1991, and 83F in June 1988.  In comparison, Esperanza Base could only get to 64.9F.  Why not 74.9F or 84.9F, like Reykjavik?

Incidentally, the year of the highest concentration of Arctic ice was 1979.   Moreover, there were years in the 1970s and even the 1960s when Arctic Ice was low ... for those particular years.  So, there is not a set course of ice coming and going, as Al Gore wants to deceive you into believing.  In fact . . .

... there is pertinence to the fact that de facto cult leader, Al Gore, amassed $280 - $330 million personal dollars into his personal financial portfolio, while sounding the "Global Warming" alarm ... which was changed to the "Climate Change" alarm ... on account of the fact that there was a cessation in Global Warming ... starting in 1999.  

You should understand this accumulation of climate alarmist financial wealth is another sign that this Global Warming Alarm was nothing more than the Global Warming Swindle.   The American schoolchild and the enrolled high school student are expected to be the accommodating dupes who will help the man-made co2 activists get even richer ... richer with US taxpayer debt which will be heaped upon the very schoolchildren conscripted into the service of Al Gore's and Michael Mann's financial portfolios.

You should understand Gore and his "associates" to be engaged in a racket, as in RICO laws and RICO indictments thereof.  You should also understand the False Claims Act, as it refers to whistleblowers who witness fraudulent climate claims that result in the payment of large sums of US taxpayer dollars to the fraudsters.  

However, as far as goes the fanatical high schoolers and even more fanatical college undergrads who do not have the wisdom that comes with decades of experience in working outdoors, you need to understand the power of indoctrination.  There was, of course, the example of the  Hitler Youth whose efforts lead them to the point of watching Germany turn into a scaled version of the craters of the moon.

Perhaps now would be an opportune time to view the 2009 Climategate Emails.

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductions   <=====

The lesson herein is:  Legitimate facts can easily be presented with disproportional perception and twisted into a lie. That's called "False Light" in American law.

map of Antarctica 

Dec 28, 1958.  South Pole Station.  Photo by US Navy and donated by Charlotte Koch.

August 9, 2022

Climate Discourse 11: The law of pressure gradient forcing, where turbulent storms are less common during warming phases of the Earth

Springtime in Milwaukee along Lake Michigan, 2019.  Now, where's the Global Warming in this picture?

Quick Note, for anyone wanting to finally learn the simple basics of atmospheric science, so as to help you realize how much of a con game has been played upon the American taxpayer in the 16 years since we were all told that {1} the Summertime Arctic would be all water, {2} the Maldives would be underwater, and {3} lower Manhattan be a place where humanity would have to wade through water:

Firstly, the surprising positive outcome of a hurricane is that, for a two or three week period after a hurricane, phytoplankton growth occurs.  More specifically, hurricanes trigger the upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich lower water into the ocean surface.   Next:

Baroclinic Instability.  Very simply, "baro" means pressure and "clinic" refers to "cline."  In turn, "cline" refers to grade - to grading, as in pressure gradient. 

As far as concerns Baroclinic Instability, it deals with a non-equilibrium - an intersecting line - an inequality of movement between Density and Pressure.  It is literally a sheet - a connected line - a quasi "layer" of density (called an isopycnal) not traveling parallel to (not traveling in synch with) a sheet of pressure - a connected line of pressure.  

Baroclinic Instability actually prevents Gravity from collapsing Earth's atmosphere.  In like manner, Gravity prevents Baroclinic Instability from pushing the atmosphere into outerspace.

None the less,  baroclinic instability also causes "eddys" to form in the ocean.  An eddy is a swirling current of water that aligns the oceans like gears, especially near the shoreline.  One more thing:  Baroclinic Instability causes the formation of tropical storms which sometimes turn into hurricanes.

Now, a Barotropic state is one where Pressure and Density do not intersect.  It's mostly a parallel movement.  So, it would make things seems always stable.  However, there does exist Barotropic Instability which happens when a segment (a chord within) the horizontal eddy changes its speed compared to the rest of the eddy.  Sometimes the entire direction of the swirl, aka vorticity, shifts.  It's known as horizontal wind shear.

Now, Al Gore and his financially-endowed companions stated that an increase of atmospheric co2 will cause a yearly increase of hurricanes.  He and his like-minded individuals are stated that hurricanes in general will be more intense.  The opposite of his predictions came true.  

Firstly, hurricanes did not become more rapid.  And secondly, the United States had twelve consecutive years of no MAJOR hurricane (category 3, 4, or 5) making landfall on any American shoreline.  The tie span went from Wilma (2005) to Harvey (2017).  In addition, they still has never been the equivalent of a Category 6 Hurricane.

One more thing:  Hurricanes are incapable of crossing over the Equator.  A Northern Hemispheric hurricane will rotate counterclockwise, and visa-versa for a Southern Hemispheric hurricane, aka cyclone.

Hopefully, this dash of knowledge helped at least a slight amount.  If not, look up baroclinic vs barotropic instability which will involve vertical shear vs horizontal shear.  In fact, if you do want to learn atmospheric science, aka weather theory, acquire a private pilot training Weather Theory textbook.  

Then find a website that explains Eckman Transport (where the layers of ocean in the N Hemisphere each turn a few degrees to the right, with each successive layer, in a cork screw fashion.  Next learn about upwelling & downwelling.

Let's proceed to the 2016 Democratic National Convention where the public was told a really hug lie that is still being told today.

During the 2016 Democratic Party presidential convention, Sigourney Weaver stated, as the narrator of a film presentation, that mankind never saw such disastrous weather events as it did in the 21st Century.  However, weather events were far worse or far more frequent in the 1930s, 1920s, 1890s, 1870s, 1650s, 1600s, 536, etc.  After all, it was during the centuries said to be mild in climate by climate doomsayers when massive sea storms wreaked havoc on entire naval fleets.   

See:  Sigourney Weaver's really really REALLY big lie told at 2016 Dem. National Convention

Learning of the Grindelwald Fluctuation (in Switzerland) alone would have been enough to awaken one to the reality of the true existence of the Mini Ice Age.  In fact, the Dust Bowl Years were not centuries prior to Sigourney's birth.  It was mentioned in classrooms in 1960s & 1970s.  Yet, Sigourney became the ultimate climate denier in having denied massive weather disasters throughout the past thousand years.

There was a super huge irony to this.  She's known as a SCIENCE FICTION actress, in the COMEDY sector of science fiction film making.  That particular political convention night turned out to be nothing more than another science fiction performance.   All in all, the lessons at hand go as follows ===>

   1}  Nuclear Winter is far worse than Global Warming could ever be.

 2} There is a difference between a drought (temporary) and a desert (permanent). 

3} There is also a difference between Crisis Flooding and a yearly Monsoon Season.

Next comes the Al Gore & John Kerry list of weather disasters which both non-scientist politician claims are caused by increased levels of co2 in the atmosphere.  Some of those disasters require high pressure systems, while other disastrous weather events require low pressure ones.  So, which one is it, Al Gore & John Kerry followers?  Does added co2 trigger low pressure disasters such as hurricanes or does it trigger high pressure ones such as droughts? 

Actually, according to mainstream atmospheric science (aka textbook material), the cooling of the atmosphere causes the major weather disasters, due to something called, "Pressure Gradient Forcing."

The law of pressure gradient forcing is elementary and it goes as follows ===>  The smaller the numerical temperature difference between the Poles and the Equator, the LESS is the atmospheric TURBULENCE that occurs.  Such an atmospheric turbulence is a hurricane, where the atmosphere is evening-out the heat distribution of the Earth, by sending northward the excess heat in the Tropics.  

4b2} During Global Warming phases, there is less "equalizing heat" to transfer northward.  So, during true Global Warming phases, such as during the Copper Age Warm Period, the Minoan Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, & the Medieval Warm Period, atmospheric disturbances are less frequent.  

4b3} Likewise, if there is a greater difference in temperature between the Poles and the Equator, as there is during any Global Cooling phase, there is more of an imbalance of heat, and that amount of extra heat gets transferred northward ... or even southward until meeting the 50th Parallel South, which is called the Roaring 50s, at its seas.    This transfer of heat is a balancing act. 

Incidentally, northern hemispheric hurricanes spin counterclockwise, and southern hemispheric hurricanes (aka typhoons) rotate clockwise.  Hurricanes are incapable of crossing over the Equator.

Moreover, low pressure systems in the Northern Hemisphere rotate counterclockwise, while high pressure systems throughout that same hemisphere rotate clockwise.  Welcome to a Round Earth that spins at a 23.5 degree tilt, at 1,037 mph around its equator. 

All in all, disastrous weather events abound during Global Cooling phases, including wintertime.  After all, it's only during the wintertime when the Polar Jet Stream meanders so wildly at times.  And it does NOT do so, on account of increased co2 levels, as Bill Nye fraudulently claimed.  It does so, on account of Pressure Gradient Forcing.   All in all, introduce yourself to Heat Transfer science.

Lying Wolf in Shepherd's Clothing

Concerning Bill Nye in all of his passive arrogance, watch him (in the video linked directly below here) belittle an MIT professor, as if the professor were an incoherent lunatic.  This resulted in the public seeing that Nye actually knew nothing about atmospheric physics.  Concerning this, Nye disrespectfully said that the professor's assertions were recognized by 1 in 100,000 scientists.  Well, even if it were true that 97% of the scientists agreed on the co2 climate theory, (It was proven false) 97% translates into 32 to 1, and not 100,000 to 1.  Liars exaggerate.

Moreover, the MIT professor stated that what he mentioned was "textbook material," and if the "Union of Concerned Scientists" were correct in their claims, then all of the schools (colleges) should be closed-down.  The professor was conveying the common understanding of Atmospheric Physics; not Bill Nye.

See ::: Nye being corrected by MIT atmospheric physics professor

Speaking of deception, the Climategate emails revealed that many temperature reports of the African Continent were made-up.  In fact, record heat was reported in African places where there were absolutely NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.

Now watch (in the video linked below) how Bill Nye's Union of "Concerned" Scientists get caught making notably erroneous doomsday assertions which means that those scientists are either deliberate frauds or pathetically incompetent buffoons.  Being that fund-raising was involved, one can suspect deliberate fraud as the motivating factor in the invalid doomsday assertions made by those people.

And remember, as was stated and verified elsewhere in the Blue Marbel Album, the average sea level rise for the past 25 years has been 2.8 inches.  And the US government authorities additionally stated in 2020 that the world's average sea level rise has been 8 to 9 inches since 1880.  That's 8 to 9 inches in the past 140 years.  That's it.  With this type of information at your availability, you realize how intense and vague are the U.N. speeches of doom.

And concerning the claim that the oceans are warming, I showed you previously that the majoritty of ocean water is exactly 39F.  That's a vertical distance of cold 9,000+ feet downward in the Atlantic, INdian, and Pacific Oceans, as well as 7,000+ downward in the Southern Ocean, not to mention the 638 downward feet in the Arctic Ocean which is only 39F continuously.  

University scientists and deans are merely trying to make a sell, in their harrowing climate doom assertions.  Funding is what they need, and all funding today is based on them toting the Al Gore party line that demonizes co2 to a ridiculous degree.

   See ::: Sea Level Fraud at the Union of Concerned Scientists

The majority proportion of water in the oceans (expect for the shallow Arctic Ocean) exists at 39 degrees Fahrenheit; as cold as a refrigerator.  This involves 9,000+ vertical feet of the Indian, Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, and 7,000+ continuous feet of the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean.

August 8, 2022

Climate-Discourse-10: Adiabatic Warming & Down-sloping Winds, the cause of desert conditions in California, for starters.

The Methane Scare is the Most Absurd of the Doomsday Claims

Methane only exists in the Earth's Troposphere at 1.886 parts per million.  Therefore, methane is NOT a factor in Global Warming in any capacity, even though a methane molecule has 28 times more IR heat retaining capacity than does a co2 molecule.  There is simply not enough methane in the atmosphere for you to worry.

New Mexico mountain top, 2012.  The winds did stay on one side of the mountain range.

a} That which is called the result of "global warming" is actually the result of Adiabatic Heating which occurs on the the Leeward Side of mountain ranges; mostly the east side.   This is because, as clouds rise up the Western side (aka the Windward Side) of a mountain range, they release moisture during the ascent.  This is known as the process of Orographic Lifting.  This lifting of a cloud mass accompanies the release of rain as the clouds' ascent continues.  By the time the same air mass reaches the top, all that is left is a cold & dry parcel of air which descends the mountain range, thereby creating deserts.   There is the matter of heating which occurs during the air parcel's descent.

b} The dry air parcels which descend mountain tops are called :::  ~Foehn Winds,  ~Chinook Winds,  ~Santa Ana Winds,  &  ~Down-sloping Winds.   As a dry air parcel descends a mountaintop, it encounters higher & heavier pressured air which easily exists at the surface of the Earth.  As a result, the down-sloping air compresses and shrinks in size.  This causes the molecules within it to collide and vibrate more aggressively, resulting in a sudden rise in temperature. 

c1a} Proof that this dryness is the result of Adiabatic Warming, and NOT co2-driven Global Warming, exists in the fact that, when you are out West, you notice that the clouds in the sky never cross over the mountain tops.  The clouds stay on one side.  

 c1b} Incidentally, I'm the son of a native Wyoming gal.  In fact, I have literally been at the southernmost tip of the Rocky Mountains, in New Mexico.  I witnessed it.  I was there.   

At this point it would suffice to state that the vast majority of Climate Change activists need to do something called, "go outside," and not merely to the park.  People who worked in the outdoors hour after hour and year after year have a more clear understanding of weather behavior, simply by means of decades of experience.   Back to the matter hand:

c2} Examples of deserts created by Adiabatic Heating  :::  The Red Desert of Wyoming is in the center south of the State.   Plus, the center of Oregon has a desert located east of the Cascades and south of the Blue Mountains.  The Leeward Side of California is desert land extraordinaire, and it was that condition long before 21st Century co2 levels increased.  Etc go the examples.  

c3} Plus, the super large deserts of the Earth are all on the 30th parallel (north & south) wherever the desert was not the result of Leeward Adiabatic Warming.  30th Parallel deserts were caused by very large "convection cells."

Example  ===>  The Sahara Desert is the size of the USA, and 6,000 years ago the Sahara was a lush forest/jungle, with cave wall drawings that looked like the ones in France.   This time span is known as the African Humid Period.  There were no gasoline engines to turn the Sahara into a desert.  It was a major convection cell at the 30th Parallel that caused it.  The super large convection cell still exists.  It's presently called the Hadley Cell of the Northern Hemisphere.

When viewing Globes or spherical maps of the Earth, do not forget the 23.5 degree tilt (aka obliquity) of Planet Earth.