April 19, 2016

Stats: 1 in 25 priests vs. 1 in 1,095 teachers ... out of bounds.

The latest trick of the more unconscionable members of the hierarchy is to make the
sexual abuse of minors look like a common occurrence in the general population at
large.  However, the records show that such abuse is distinctive to the Vatican II era
church and pockets of the priesthood in the 1950s.  That is to say, it's distinctive of the
Hijacked and Sodomized Catholic Church which still needs a major house cleaning to
be performed within it.  The con game consists in claiming that persons of all industries,
all professions, and all walks of life sexually abuse youth with a frequency no less than
that of Catholic priests of recent decades.

Timothy Dolan of New York went as far as claiming that teachers molest youths ten
times more than do priests.  In fact, he stated that parents molest their own children
more than priests do.  This pair of statements is completely invalid, because there are
excessively more teachers and parents in existence than there are priests.  It's the per
capita percentage that determines which sector of society is the one most dominant in
scarring children and adolescents.  So keep in mind that it was discovered that the rate
of NYC school teacher abuse of various degrees of severity of it  was 1 in 1,095, in
2010.  The rate of abuse committed by priests, between 1950 and 2002 was 1 in 25.

There are, at present, approximately 41,500 Catholic priests in active ministry in the
United States.  In contrast, there are 1,729,000 kindergarten and elementary school
teachers in the U.S.  There are 2,388,500 American teachers when you add middle
school, and there are 3,476,200 school teachers in the U.S. when you add second-
ary school teachers.  In light of this, keep in mind that secondary school is attended
by youth mostly under the age of 18.  Now, compare the number 2,388,500 to the
number 41,500.  In fact, look at the stats again:

 K-8 School Teachers   2,388,500   Do you see the sleight of hand deception?
Active Catholic Priests      41,500    Is your intelligence insulted yet?

K-12 School Teachers  3,476,200   Do you see the blatant disparity?
Active Catholic Priests      41,500   Do you see how Dolan thinks you're an idiot?

Now for the Unconscionable Manipulator, Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Wuerl was recently a guest writer for the Washington Post.  In his article, he stated
that 65,964 youths across America were sexually abused in 2009.  He then stated
that this was a sobering number, making himself look like a caring man.  Wuerl also
made it look as if there were a pandemic of sexual abuse transpiring throughout the
United States, as if every walk of life were regularly engaging in the sexual abuse of
youth.  Wuerl made it look as if sexual crimes of  priests were not disproportionate
to those of the rest of the population.

Of course, Wuerl failed to delineate the types of sexual abuse and the age group dis-
tribution thereof, as well as the demography of sexual abusers..  Nor did Wuerl state
ratios and percentages.  This means that Wuerl is either a lazy journalist or a deliber-
ate deceiver who wants the facts hidden from you.    Very simply, Wuerl failed to
state that there were 65,964 youths reported as having been sexually abused in a
nation of 74,500,000 youths under the age of 18.

This means that 0.000885 of the youths of America were reported as having been
sexually abused during the Year 2009.   This translates into 1 out of every 1,129
youths.  This also translates into an approximate .09% of the minors in a nation the
size of a continent..  Now, this is NOT 9% of the youth.  Nor is this even .9% of the
youth.  Rather, it's  .09%.   "Point zero nine percent."   Observe:
Total U.S. population of youths between 0 -17 years of age ..... 74,500,000
     Youths reported as having been sexually abused in 2009 ............ 65,964
        Youths NOT reported as having been sexually abused ..... 74,434,036

Visualize this once again

NOT reported as having been sexually abused ... 74,434,036
         reported as having been sexually abused .......... 65,964

Finding a sex abuse victim is like finding a needle in a bail of hay, as opposed find-
ing it in an entire haystack.  Wuerl made it look as if there were a young sex abuse
victim on every block in every town in America.  Predators are much easier to en-
counter, being that they will hunt for youth, by targeting the places that the young
frequent, such as CATHOLIC CHURCHES.  In as much, Wuerl exaggerated, in
using an unconscionable diversionary tactic.


In his article, Donald Wuerl gave tips on what to do.  However, all the tips were
garden variety and common knowledge.   He contributed nothing new.  This is an-
other indication that his intention was to create a diversionary tactic and not to give
humanity rarely known expert knowledge. 

Proof that This Was a Deliberate Diversionary Tactic

The article made the deceptive archbishop of Washington look like a caring man
who stepped up to the plate to offer expertise on the subject, even though he gave
only common knowledge in his tips.  Wuerl's deliberate deception is proven in the
fact that he neglected to mention the number of neglected youths ... of those left to
experience hunger pangs and loneliness on a regular basis.  So, why did Wuerl men-
tion sex abuse casualties and not the casualties of neglect?  Some neglect cases end-
ed up as fatalities.   These cases are heart rending, yet Wuerl seems to care not.

The probable answer as to why Wuerl kept silent about the other forms of abuse
is that disclosing their numbers will make sexual abuse look like much less of an
occurrence.   In the process, Wuerl's diversionary tactic will have less impact when
people realize that the sexual abuse of children is not the pandemic Wuerl made it
out to be.   In as much, here are the 2009 stats on the other forms of child abuse:

Neglect  ...................................    543,035    Wuerl was silent about this statistic.
Physical Abuse  .......................   123,599     Wuerl ignored this painful one, too.
Other Abuse  ............................     66,487     Wuerl never defined what this is.
Sexual Abuse  ..........................     65,964     00.09% of total youth in America.
Psychological Maltreatment  ...     52,532     This is shear terror to any youth.
Medical Neglect .......................    16,837     This is much like physical abuse.

Wuerl also IGNORED the millions of youths locked in sweatshop labor, slave field
work, and even military service throughout the world.  This number is the highest of
all forms of abuse.

In his relatively recent Washington Post article, Cardinal Donald Wuerl's apparent
objective, so it seems, was to use the Washington Post as a dupe, in order to divert
attention away from the inordinately high number of molester priests, and to make it
look as if  "everyone's doing it," when it comes to the sexual abuse of minors.  Well,
everybody's not doing it.  Firstly, it's an unnatural act not common to humanity.  In
order to do such a thing, a person has to already be perverted in his senses and in-
clinations.  Therefore, it isn't a common occurrence for the young to be molested,
as Wuerl was making it out to be.

There was one more thing that the article had the effect of doing.   It served as a di-
version to the adult homosexual activity between seminarians, lay religious known as
brothers, priests, and bishops, as was indicated in the church-approved Marian ap-
parition of Quito, Ecuador.  The article also diverted attention away from the semi-
narians who were sexually harassed and even assaulted. 

Another sign That He Was Deliberately Performing a Diversionary Tactic

The first paragraph of Wuerl's article comprises three sentences and one introduc-
tory heading.  Yet, Wuerl obsessively posted the same one web link three times in
that one small paragraph.   The redundancy was a blatant give-away, revealing an
individual who wants you to go to that particular site only.   The problem with the
web link which Wuerl provided is that it takes you to the main page, and not to
the exact page were one can view the number 65,964.   Therefore, in his article,
Wuerl puts the reader on a wild goose chase. 

A Manipulation and then a Blatant Folly in the Same Paragraph

Cardinal Wuerl stated that many parents were clueless that their children are even
at risk in their own neighborhoods.   Well, according to the true statistics, it isn't
probable that children are regularly in danger in their neighborhoods.  Therefore,
Wuerl is marketing fear, thereby diverting attention away from molester priests.
However, it is true that parents and legal guardians are sometimes the assailants.
Wuerl's article never admits this.   Thus, Wuerl presented a propaganda article
and not an informative one. 

An Additional Propagandist's Lie Told about Wuerl

It was falsely stated at another site that Wuerl had a strong sexual abuse policy for
25 years.   Firstly, there was Donald Wuerl's triple cover-up of Wolk, Pucci, and
Zula.   There was the re-admittance into the ministry of John Hoehl, and then there
was the musical chairs cover-up played with Edward Huff, between St. Louis and
Pittsburgh.  There was also the accusations against a Father Donald Sotak who re-
mained in Wuerl's good graces, while his credible accuser was harrassed out of
diocesan ministry.  Plus, there was the first allegation against a Fr. John Wellinger
which, according to electronic communications shown by its recipient, fell on deaf

Even at the start of the Year 2002, Wuerl had "several" priests in active ministry who
had credible allegations of sexual abuse attached to them.  He gave those priests free
rein until the media exploded with news of the many cover-ups of Catholic bishops.

Even before the Year 2002, there was the Torquato Retaliation that Wuerl ratified,
concerning a former personal secretary who spent years not keeping his hands to
himself.   This isn't all there is to mention, such as the fact that, in 2002, a Petition
for a Writ of Certiorari was filed at the United States Supreme against Wuerl's
Pittsburgh diocese.

The Other Deception in Guest Writer Wuerl's Article

The other deception in the article was Donald Wuerl's photograph.  The angle of
the shot was a steep incline.  This means that it looked as if a photographer of aver-
age height photographed a 6'2" person.   Thus, in his disingenuous sleight of hand
article, Wuerl was trying to make himself look like a giant among men, even in pho-
tograph form.   In tiny Donald Wuerl's case this is an habitual lie, being that he has
obsessively made himself look much taller in his photos than he is in real life.

Now remember, when Wuerl fraudulently makes himself look much taller than he
is, he is trying to intimidate you into never questioning his public sins of negligence,
his policies, and his documented cover-ups.  For the record, Donald Wuerl is a
very tiny statured 5'4."   In fact, the Washington Post described him as a slight
man.   According to multiple yet specific sources, describing Wuerl as a  "man"
would constitute an exaggeration, if and only if those sources were truthful ones.
None the less, Wuerl was the long-term personal secretary of the notorious John
Cardinal Wright.

A long distance runner and former football player once called Wuerl scrawny, in a
voice of shear disappointment, being that he was deceived into assuming that Don-
ald Wuerl was of a stature and athletic ability of a champion.  The long distance
runner was surprised to see how scrawny did describe Wuerl.

In Wuerl's younger days, he literally looked like a clone of  Peter Pan.  More speci-
fically, he looked like the 1962 Jack Frost puppet doll that Domino Sugar would
send to children, in exchange for a couple dollars and a couple box tops.  So, if
you need help in remembering how short and frail Wuerl has been throughout the
decades, remember the phrase, Scrawny Donny, without advertising it.  Just keep
it to yourself, so as to employ a degree of class and discretion.

It gets to be an annoyance to repeatedly see Wuerl continue to disseminate the hoax
about his height, in making himself  look much taller than he is.  This includes him
not objecting to Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Ann Rodgers lying about his height
and physical stature in print, and in him not objecting to a pagan astrology site who
also stated that he was much taller than he is.  

The height hoax of Wuerl is a sign of long-term vice and vanity.  It's also the sign of
a bishop who wants to intimidate you, in making himself look 6 to 10 inches taller
than he is.  This blatant vice shows extreme immaturity.  Such a person is not fit to
be a bishop.

Keep in mind that it is easy to use an incomplete set of numerical facts to deceive the
public, such as in the sex abuse scandal.  The unconscionable archbishops of today's
church need to realize that there will always be multiple members of the public who
will catch their deceptions, turning such con games into bad public relations incidents.

Wuerl, in his relatively recent article, was basically doing what Joseph McCarthy did
in the 1950s.   Things became so ridiculous during the McCarthy era that a snide slo-
gan developed which stated:   "A communist under every bed and in every govern-
ment office."  Donald Wuerl and Tim Dolan were trying to deceive you into think-
ing that a molester of youth was in every classroom and on every street corner.

The distrust extended toward priests came from the fact that the sexually abusive
ones broke their vows of chastity in the most violent of ways, and then smugly got
away with their crimes a lot of the times, due to bishops without consciences.  How
many priests went through the ordination process while having zero intent to honor
their vows?   Such a thing constitutes fraud.

Back to the Audacious Archbishop Dolan and His Claim

In the Year 2008, there were 35.7 million households that had children living in them
under the age of 18.   Therefore, as an approximation, 74.5 million youths live in one
of 35.7 million homes.  There are approximately 53.5 million youth under 14 years
of age estimated to be living in approximately 27.7 million households.   Therefore,
at least 27.7 million American adults are in close proximity to youths under the age
of 14, serving in the capacity of parent or guardian.  At this point compare the ratio
of teachers, parents, and guardians to Catholic priests.    In light of the fact that some
of these teachers are also parents, we subtract the number of teachers, for the sake
of obtaining a general ball park figure.

Parents or Guardians of Children under 14:  at least 27,700,000
MINUS K-8 School Teachers as of 2008:                   2,388,500
                                                   TOTAL:  at least     25,312,500
                   Active Catholic Priests today:                       41,500

  Parents or Guardians of Children under 18 at least 35,700,000
MINUS K-12 School Teachers as of 2008:                   3,476,200
                                                     TOTAL:  at least     32,233,800

In approximate figures, there were at least 32 million people in close proximity
to youths under 18 years of age, on a daily basis.  Now, in the Year 2009, approxi-
mately 66,000 youths were reported as having been sexually abused.  This means
that, at the very most, 1 in 484 teachers, parents, and legal guardians were
reported as having sexually abused youths under the age of 18, in the Year 2009.
However, a number of households have both parents in them, making the actual
probability of teacher/parent sexual abuse much lower, such as 1 in 600 or 750.

In contrast, the unsubstantiated & uncertified John Jay report set forth statistics
that amount to 1 in 25 priests having sexually abused youths from 1950 to 2002.
This concerns the United States only.  Of course, in stating that the John Jay report
was uncertified as to its data's accuracy, there was conjecture that some of the re-
ported abusers were not counted, meaning that the true ratio might be 1 in 24 or
even more concentrated.   At the least, we have a ballpark figure, even if the bish-
ops were dishonest in supplying the statistical data.

Now, if all of the 66,000 minors were hypothetically abused by teachers only, then
the hypothetical ratio of sexually abusive teachers, alone, would have been 1 in 52.
HOWEVER, according to 2010 statistics, the rate of sexual abuse amongst New
York City School District teachers was 1 in 1,095.  This included cases of verbal
abuse only and cases involving a teacher and a student over the age of consent.

Of course, the sexual abusers of minors include persons other than teachers, parents,
and guardians.  None the less, the unconscionable members of today's hierarchy are
attempting to hypnotize you into thinking that the widespread sexual abuse commit-
ted by priests is of a frequency no different than other segment of society.   They're
attempting to hypnotize you into believing that the rate of abusive clergy members
is within the acceptable range of conduct.   The answer to this is that one young
sexual abuse casualty is unacceptable.  One adult casualty is equally unacceptable.

In the deceivers Dolan and Wuerl we once again see the truth in St John Chrysostom
stating that the Road to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.  This includes 5'4" ef-
feminate bishops known for retaliatory conduct and who obsessively spent decades
deceiving people into thinking that they are tall, intimidating, and aesthetic Rocks of

Incidentally, it was revealed by a Pittsburgh diocesan proof reader that the most fre-
quent complaint spoken by Pittsburgh diocesan priests against Wuerl, was,  "Why 
did he get to be a bishop, and not any one of us?"   The answer is that none of
you other priests were the personal secretary of the notorious John Cardinal Wright.

Wuerl rose through the ranks during the era of the Sodomite clergy.  Now, not every-
thing confided to writers and journalists is revealed to the public.  Sometimes, the on-
ly things that the public gets are hints.  Take it from there.



April 13, 2016

The Affordable Care Act turns windfall profits into policyholder rebates and reduces payments to hospitals that have excessive patient readmissions.

The Republican Party's ruling class has repeatedly shown that its motives, in what-
ever bill it proposes, are nothing more than selfishness squared and cubed.  As an
example, there are U.S. House members who treated the food stamp program with
contempt, while hypocritically receiving farm subsidies to the tune of $1.6 million,
$3.48 million, and other large sums of taxpayer dollars.  Ted Cruz is on a Goldman/
Sachs' plan, and it has been projected that 1.04 million Texans will go without med -
ical insurance, due to Texas state leaders' refusal to expand medicaid.  Yet, Cruz ob-
sesses himself with keeping away from millions throughout America something
that he has in the deluxe version.

Incidentally, it was reported that Texas' refusal to expand medicaid will cause it to
forego $79 billion in federal funding.  Moreover, a Texas state rep was caught lying,
when he said that Texans would pay $9 billion tax dollars to the working poor of
other states.


Republican senators grand stand against the poor whom Reaganomics and its Trade
Balance Deficit has caused to exist in numbers too high for nature.  Approximately
5 million jobs and 60,000 manufacturing establishing employing 25 or more work-
ers was estimated as having been lost to sweatshop merchandise importation.  In like
fashion, the same Republicans made the Affordable Care Act look like the end of the
civilized world.  Then there is the matter of the FoxNews campfire stories about death

The Republican objection to the ACA would plausibly have something to do with
the fact that the ACA prevents windfall profits from being enjoyed by insurance
companies.  But, it only does so, on a percentage basis of gross income.  It's not
a fixed dollar amount to which there are held.  Thus, no communist regime of
Kenya-born moslems are stealing from them.  Insurance companies can still
make a lot of profit through the Affordable Care Act, being that they can make
a lot of gross income.  The Affordable Care Act is bringing business their way.
It's not taking it away from them.  In fact, there is projected to be an increase
in new health care jobs.

The Windfall Profit Countermeasure

The ACA imposes upon a the insurance providers of small groups and private
individuals  a 80% 'medical loss ratio."  This means that, if an insurance company
spends less than 80% of its proceeds on policyholder benefits, the excess dollars
must be returned to the policyholders.  This pertains to claims paid-out and pre-
ventive maintenance allotments appropriated to the policyholders.  In addition,
providers of large organizations have a minimum 85% "medical loss ratio to up-

Due to the law of elasticity, the insurance companies can make far more gross
income than before the ACA was enacted, despite the lower premiums to be
charged.  This is because the lower premiums will be multiplied many times
more, with the added business to come   In as much, 20% of a higher gross in-
come can be a greater gain than during the days when the premiums were too
high for millions to afford.

So, why would the Republicans object to the ACA,  unless they feared losing
popularity?  After all, 38 million people who were uninsured will soon be in-
sured ... minus those who opt out and pay the nominal fine for doing so.  In
the process, human suffering might be diminished in large volume in the near
future, and this is a stark contrast to the Republicans who caused tremendous
pain and loss, in several ways, including the Bush Recession, the S&L Crisis
of old, the torment to asthmatics, due to the Republican contempt for seeing
to the safety of chemicals in daily products, etc.  The Republicans are nothing
more than hatred personified, hidden behind a very fake 'pro-life' mask.  They
are the life takers, not life givers.

The Republicans then play the fear game of stating that America is headed down
the road of socialist medicine, while simultaneously claiming that socialized med-
icine brought the end of civilization in all nations where it's practiced.  Well, my
closest friend of the past decade has been an Australian who benefited well from
the Australian social medicine system.  I was surprised and impressed to learn of
the Aussie system.

The readmission penalty exacted upon hospitals, for 
excessive amounts of ineffective medical treatment.

As a part of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals were subject to a penalty for inef-
fective medical treatment, when such ineffective treatment resulted in an insured
patient being readmitted into the hospital within 30 days after discharge.  On the
average, this happens approximately 2 million times yearly, costing Medicare an
added $17.5 billion.

Technically speaking, the law is called Readmissions Reduction Program and the
penalty, as the title indicates, is simply as reduction in payments to those hospitals
who have excessive hospital readmissions.  This includes the acute care Inpatient
Prospective Payment System.  The highest  penalty is a 1% reduction in payment,
for all claims, for an entire year, for 2013.  The penalty will be 2% in 2014.  Thus
far, 307 hospitals will be exacted the maximum payment reduction.  In fact, 2,217
hospitals, in all, were assessed as having had excessive readmissions.


My closest friend of the past ten years is an Australian Outback Gal who even con-
fided to me her medical costs in the Aussie system.  My reflex action was to say,
"Wow, Australians really take care of their own."  Meanwhile, American Repub-
licans take care of themselves and treat all others as the enemy.  Compared to
Australia, the America medical system has been Oliver Twist portions.

So, why do the Republicans oppose the Affordable Care Act?  This is a mystery
in that they don't explain the clauses in the Affordable Care Act to which they
object and which actually exists ... unlike the death panel campfire story.  Why
did they spend 42 occasions attempting to rescind the ACA, instead of simply
amending specific features of it?

Clauses which involve a person's conscience should be the order of the day, con-
cerning any act.  But, marketing fear, in calling all of Obamacare  evil is a con
game.  So, why do the rurals of America believe FoxNews and Rush "the drop
out drug addict and Viagra smuggler" Limbaugh.  Could they not find more ac-
complished and dignified people to follow?

Regarding even the premise of the Affordable Care Act as evil is the act of
screaming fire in a crowded theater.  When it comes to the marrow of the hu-
man conscience, the Republicans always fail, and it would be because they
don't try to procure a person's right of conscinece ... they only grand stand
for votes.  Their objective is getting more money into the hands of the hold-
ers of the wealth who keep the wealth for themselves.

The fact that they don't try is beyond blatant.  A person of true conscience is one
who will risk losing everything, in order to do what's right and to not do what's
wrong.  The Republicans in power are too pampered.  Think:  People suffered
brutally in the 1940's, in order to not contribute to Hitler's regime.  Sir Thomas
More suffered the ultimate loss, for the sake of his conscience.

The fact that the Republicans won't risk their own well-being and status for what
is right is the proof that they are hypocrites who only give lip-service.  They have
no ideals.  Meanwhile, people in America endured the hunger pangs that they did
not.  Add to this the budget-induced shivering, due to inadequate heating that some
'in the north had to endure.

People as merciless and disrespectful as the Republican congressional members
are are nothing more than imposters ... frauds ... hypocrites.   They didn't end any-
one's pain.  They only increased it, while increasing the pleasure and arrogance
of those who already had more than enough money in their possession.  These
"job creators" sent money overseas, to tax havens and to the sweatshop account-
ing offices of China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.



April 12, 2016

The Nature of Politics, in a line itemized summary

They overthrew the monarchs and replaced them with politicians who 
brought us worse wars, chattel slavery, John Calhoun, the Trail of Tears,
Teapot Dome, Tammany Hall, politicians bribed by Al Capone, Watergate, 
Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Jim Crow, Goldman 
Sachs, gasoline price gouging, medical price gouging, Goldman bankruptcy-capacity 
military spending, the Lockheed Bribery Scandal, water supplies drowning in endocrine 
disruptor chemicals, a massive American trade balance deficit, lying propaganda, etc.

The lesson is that you can implement the best form of government in your 
estimation, but if you have unconscionable manipulators running it, then you have 
an evil government.  It's the people in government that count; not the form of government.
1a] Politics is a tug of war where manipulation and
      compromise hold opposite ends of the same rope.

  2] The common man possesses something known as common sense.  This means
       that he should be granted easy access to common law courts, as well as class-
       ical chancellery offices without the exorbitantly high attorney fees of this era.
       In fact, the America Organization of States' 1948 Universal Declaration of Hu-
       man Rights needs to be enforced.

 3a] Where there is the presence of organized crime, there
        are police officers and government officials on the take.

 3b] The system of local police breeds corruption and abuse.  Their arrogance comes
        from believing that they have immunity.  Firstly, it's known as qualified immun-
        ity, and no such immunity exists in the presence of malice.

   4] Deregulation is lawlessness and lawlessness is anarchy.  Republicans are nothing 
       more than self-seeking anarchists, being that they are obsessed with deregulation.

  5] Campaign mud slinging is White Trash Politics.

6a]  If the French are such gutless cowards who instantaneously surrender to an
       invading army, then how do you explain: 1] Charles Martel, 2] Charlemagne,
       3] the Norman Conquest, 4] the French victory over the Vikings during the
       Siege of Paris,  5] Saint Joan of Arc,  6] Simon of Montfort,  7] Simon V of
       Montfort,  8] King Louis XIV,  9] Napoleon's army,  10] the French Empire,
      11] the Comte de Rochambeau,  12] the Marquis de Lafayette,  13] the Battle
      of the Somme,  14] the Battle of the Marne,  15] the French Underground,
      16] the French Exocet Missile?   Remember that France was the third high-
      est military spender in the Year 2010.

7b] When referring to the French as cowardly sissies, keep in mind that some of
       the northwestern French are the descendants of Danish Vikings.  As a gener-
       al rule, French towns ending in "x" were once Viking settlements.  It's foolish
       to call Viking descendants a bunch sissies.

7c]  The animosity between the French and British was explained to me by a na-
        tive of England in the following way: "The French look down on everyone,
        and the English don't like being looked down upon."

  8] Donating to a political campaign is no different than bribing a politician,
       when the candidate knows that you made the donation.

  9] The most asinine campaign maneuver is that of a candidate giving voters a card
       which states only the candidate's name, without mention of the candidate's pol-
       itical stance, telling the voter to vote for the candidate.  This leaves a voter en-
       tirely clueless as to the politician's stance on the issues.  When you say, "Vote
       for Joe American Shmoe," you have to give cause why people should vote
       for him.

10a]  A person who states that monarchy is intrinsically evil is a paranoid in-breeder
        at heart.  He doesn't believe that God has the power to make anyone good.

10b]  This paranoiac inbreeding mentality includes persons who have stated that the
         papacy is intrinsically evil.  Such defamatory people include the preachers who
         see themselves in competition for tax-free collection basket money.  This speak-
         ing ill of the Catholic Church becomes a business venture, in the quest to get as
         many Catholics as possible to leave the Catholic Church and put money into the
         preachers' tax-free collection baskets.  Yee haw there, Reverend Jim Bob.

10c]  Popes come and go.  Some were holy.  Some were heart touching.  Some were
        negligent.  Some caused the Catholic world grief.  No individual pope defines
        the papacy of the past 2,000 years.

11]   If America remained a colony of England, slavery
        would have been made illegal decades prior, in 1834.

12]   Why exchange one tyrant located 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants located
        one mile away?  Republics, as opposed to merely Republicans, have provid-
        ed humanity with unconscionable politicians such as George "WMD" Bush,
        Dick "the Waterboarder" Cheney, Richard "Watergate" Nixon, Mitt "Factory 
        Gate Padlock" Romney, John "Shackle them" Calhoun, NAFTA Newt Gingrich,
        Jefferson "Confederacy" Davis, George Segregation Wallace, those on the pay-
        roll of Al "Buy a Judge"Capone, Ronald "Triple the National Debt" Reagan,
        and Joe "there's a commy under your bed" McCarthy.   Add to this Jim Crow
        laws, the klan, Teapot Dome,
        Gerrymandering, the Wickersham Commission, Tammany Hall, the Lockheed
        Bribery Scandals, The Knapp Commission, MK-Ultra, and much more.

        In fact, George Washington proved his dictatorial prowess in the Whiskey Re-
        bellion that never was, along with him having his own soldiers shot to death at
        various firing squads.  In addition, the American South became a chattel slave
        dictatorship, despite it claiming itself to be the Land of Liberty.  This was ac-
        companied by a slave owner saying, "Give me liberty or give mes, death."  To
        him, liberty was the ability to keep people enslaved.  Patrick Henry, hypocrite
        extraordinaire, was a slave owner.

       The lesson learned from the many American outrages throughout the centuries
        is that it isn't the form of government that matters.  It's the type of people in
        government that does. The kings were overthrown and replaced with multiple
        tyrants.  Thus, effacing monarchy cured nothing.  What is required in govern-
        ment is that it be run by persons with consciences.  Today, an honest politician
        is an oxymoron.

13]  The Duke of Wellington was not named Wellington.  He was Arthur Wellesley.
       In fact, he was the prime minister of England when slavery was made illegal
       and Catholicism was once again made legal for the first time in 1834.

14] Abraham Lincoln's fatal error was that of not prosecuting Jefferson Davis.  If he
      would have hung Davis from the gallows, he would not have been assassinated.
      No one would have had the audacity to have even tried.

15] Mao Tse Tung's writings have ZERO social value.

16] Prince Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a borish windbag.

17] An activist Republican is someone who doesn't want to pay his workers and who
      doesn't want to pay his taxes, all the while whining and complaining as a martyr 
      if he doesn't own all the money in the world.

18]  An activist Democrat is someone who wants to have sex, drugs, and rock & roll,
       as well as an abortion after having messed up having sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

19] A non-activist Republican is either someone who thinks that the Republican party
      platform was brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses or someone who would
      like to belong to a country club without partaking in right wing fanaticism.  They
      are two types of people.

20]  A non-activist Democrat is someone who doesn't want to have to live out of trash

21]  The Eternal God does not recognize State's Rights; only human rights.  Instead,
       God follows the rule of a leader's accountability.  It's based on the premise that
       the more given to you results in the more being expected from you.  At this point
       in time, Remember Nuremberg, because history repeats itself.  In fact, always re-
       member Nuremberg.  Today's politicians obviously do not do so.  In fact, send
       them a history book about the French Revolution and the European revolutions
       of 1848 as soon as you can.  If they don't learn from history, they will be repeat-
       ing it very soon.  Qaddafi already did.

April 9, 2016

Tax Avoidance Corporations

An outline of Tax Avoidance Corporations, some of whom received rebates,
is posted at the very bottom of this article.  First comes a response to the at-
tack of operatives known as the 53%.  Technically speaking, they turned in-
to magicians who quickly did a disappearing act shortly after they appeared.
The 47% of Americans who were free of income tax liability were entirely
misrepresented by the 53 Percent Movement founder in a very false light. 
Know this, there are multitudes of the 47% who worked harder than Rom-
ney, coming home exhausted after their work.  There were even more of the
same 47% who suffered far more than Romney, in enduring severe medical
conditions.  While the Romney tape was aired on one TV show, another one
mentioned how he made a $14 million in 2001 while being unemployed.

To start, the 47% refers to households, as opposed to individuals.  Many of the
47% pay a number of taxes.  This includes property taxes, sales tax, per capita
taxes, gasoline taxes, the Medicare tax, FICA, vehicle registration tax, and the
payroll tax.  In fact, 28.3% of the citizens who didn't pay any federal income
tax payed the payroll tax.  Moreover, 10.3% the disrespected 47% comprised
retired households.

The truth is that only 18.1% of households payed neither payroll nor income tax,
and these are mostly the elderly and disabled.  Meanwhile 6.9% of the 47% do
work, but make less than $20,000 annually, meaning that they qualify for deduc-
tions and the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Add to the list of people Romney re-
garded as not worth his concern the combat troops in Afghanistan.  They do
NOT pay income taxes, either.





                 There are major corporations that paid no income taxes

Twenty-six corporations were cited as having payed more to their CEOs than to the




                        In his quest to be captain of the American ship, 
                        Romney's message is:  Every man for himself.

Romney resolved to ignore 47 to 49 percent of America's citizens, at least for the
election.  If you construe his grammar literally, it means he completely disowns &
ignores 47% of the United States.  None the less, in response to Romney saying
that 47% are dependent on the government, as if the lobbyist-infested corporate
world doesn't, the following applies:

            Corporate executives are dependent on the government, to allow
            them to make the types of profits they have been making, all the
            while having the luxury of overseas tax shelters.  This sometimes
            requires the Congress to make sure that injustice will reign.  There
            are corporations who have depended on corporate welfare, also.
            This included the $700 billion+ Bust Bailout Dollars.

           If Romney states that all Americans are to be on their own, then
           who needs a president?   ... or a congress? ...  or law?  Let's turn
           America into the Wild West and see how long the 1% last.

           Rommey said that 47% of America think that they are entitled to all
           types of hand-outs, despite the fact that 28.3% + 6.9% of them work.
           Meanwhile 10.3% are retired.  According to Romney's logic, 85 year
           old citizens are leeches.  Making windfall profits on 75 and 85 cent
           an hour labor makes a CEO the ultimate leech . . . a leech who sucks
           the blood of workers.  Plus, charging unjustly high prices makes one
           as much of a leech . .  . a leech of the common citizen.  Romney has
           a way of making a person feel very very very alone. 

          Corporate management logically caused today's rate of  unemployment,
           being management stopped hiring in the quantities needed ... Workers
           did NOT lay themselves off.  Nor did they padlock their own factories.

           Yet corporate surrogates blame unemployment upon the unemployed.

          Inordinately low foreign labor merchandising robbed Americans of their
          jobs and it robbed potential American entrepreneurs of their chance to
          have a competitive businesses, being that a business comprising $15 an
          hour employees can't compete with businesses that have 85 cent an hour
          employees with zero benefits.  How many shares of sweatshop corporate
          stock does Romney hold?  And he has the audacity to call others leeches.

            When Romney states "Free Trade," he means free of law and order;
            Free of the civil rights requirement to pay a livable wage - free of reg-
            ulation.  In as much, there is nothing free about profiteering from trade
            that involves slave labor.  What Romney calls Free Trade is Slave La-
            bor Merchandise Trade.

           Compliments of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, here is the list of
           ten of the most proliferate corporate income tax avoiders, quoted from:


1) Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009.  Exxon not only paid no federal
     income taxes, it actually received a $156 million rebate from the IRS, according
     to its SEC filings.  (Source:  Exxon Mobil's 2009 shareholder report filed with
     the SEC.)

2)  Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, al-
      though it made $4.4 billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal
      Reserve & the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion.  (Source Forbes.
      com, Pro Publica and Treasury.)

3) Over the past five years, while General Electric made $26 billion in profits in the
    United States, it received a $4.1 billion refund from the IRS.  (Source: Citizens
     for Tax Justice and The New York Times.   Note despite rumors to the con-
     trary, the Times has stood by its story.)

4) Chevron received a $19 million refund from the IRS last year after it made $10 bil-
     lion in profits in 2009.  (Source: See 2009 Chevron annual report here.  Note 15,
     on page FS-46 of this report shows a U.S. federal income tax liability of $128 mil-
     lion, but that it was able to defer $147 million for a U.S. federal income tax liability
     of $-19 million)

5) Boeing, which received a $30 billion contract from the Pentagon to build 179 air-
    borne tankers, got a $124 million refund from the IRS last year.  (Source: Paul
    Buchheit, professor, DePaul University, and Citizens for Tax Justice.)

6) Valero Energy, the 25th largest company in America with $68 billion in sales last
     year, received a $157 million tax refund check from the IRS and, over the past
     three years, it received a $134 million tax break from the oil and gas manufactur-
     ing tax deduction.  (Source: the company's 2009 annual report, pg. 112.)

7) Goldman Sachs in 2008 only paid 1.1 percent of its income in taxes, even though 
     it earned a profit of $2.3 billion and received almost $800 billion from the Federal
     Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department.  (Source: Bloomberg News, Pro Publica,
     Treasury Department.)

8)  Citigroup last year made more than $4 billion in profits but paid no federal income
      taxes.  It received a $2.5 trillion bailout from the Federal Reserve and U.S. Trea-
      sury.  (Source:  Paul Buchheit, professor, DePaul Univ., ProPublica, Treasury

9) Conoco Phillips, the fifth largest oil company in the United States, made $16 billion
     profits from 2006 through 2009, but received $451 million in tax breaks through
     the oil and gas manufacturing deduction.  (Sources: The deduction can be found
     on the company's 2010 SEC 10-K report to shareholders on 2009 finances, pg.

10)  Over the past five years, Carnival Cruise Lines made more than $11 billion in
        profits, but its federal income tax rate during those years was just 1.1 percent.
        (Source:  The New York Times)

After viewing all that you have viewed at this site, from trade balance deficit stats to
military spending stats to corporate welfare stats to national debt stats, do you real-
ize that the conservative wing of America is a collective and perpetual liar as much
as it is a collective plague of locusts eating up our land?  Incidentally, in the texts of
Machiavelli, conservative meant miser.  Today, in light of sweatshop profiteering
and corporate tax breaks, conservative now means thief ... and liar.  The video evi-
dence shows the Romney was already poised to abandon half of America.  Romney
has a way of making a person feel very very very alone.

April 8, 2016

McDonald's' income gap: 550 yrs of a worker's wage = 1 yr of the CEO's salary

For WalMart, it's 986 yrs.  For Wendy's, it's 1,038 yrs.
Corporate welfare then sets-in.  The federal taxpayer
pays the rest of the workers' wages that the corporate
execs refused to let them be paid.  This is done via
foodstamps, etc.  People such as Mitt 'Gate Padlock'
Romney and the Walton heirs are the same types as
those who profited from Chattel Slavery, until the
American Civil War, when the South was torched
by northern soldiers who could only take so much
of the insults hurled at them by southern women.

In the process, rail lines were literally mangled with extreme prejudice by
Yankees who would rather have been home, not having to endure the loss
of many relatives, friends, neighbors, and countrymen on the battlefields
of the white supremacist South.

None the less, historians surmised that the North originally fought the first
civil "with one hand behind its back."  Then, when the north stopped mean-
dering and sent to the various Michigan units to the 'Johnny Reb' South,
with Thompson Repeating Rile in hand, the Confederacy's end was at
hand; pun intended.  The North showed humanity how supreme the
white Southerner was not.

Those who profited from African slave labor were called Men of Leisure at
the time.  Such a title was indicative of the Southern laziness which still is
being witnessed in the 21th Century south.  Of course, these well-dressed
globular clusters of inhumanity were undercutting northern prices, via the
slave economy of the South ... by an economy whose profits came from the
whip of the task master.

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt 'Factory Gate Padlock'
Romney also fit the description of the Man of Leisure who profited off of
slave labor. Thus, he is  a leech, to be counted amongst those who literally
qualify for a future visit to some sort of international criminal court of law,
pursuant to the sixth criminal count of the historic Nuremberg Trials, name-
ly slave labor.  So, what predictable ploy did Romney do, to divert attention
away from the way he partially amassed a fortune ... which consisted in keep-
ing for himself wage backpay due to underpaid workers?

ANS:  He blamed everything on the economic victims of Reaganomics
           whom he called the 47%, entirely lying in the process, statistically

The Year 2011 was the Occupy Wall Street year, and even though the move-
ment lacked central leadership, the true reason why it ended up going into the
dormant phase was because of the 2012 elections.  No one wanted to start a
third party and split the Democratic Party Tricket, costing Barack Obama a
significant loss of needed votes,

The OWS movement needed polished, and it needed a circuitry of interacting
leadership, but it was not without foundation.  Thus, there needed to have been
a counter-weight against the worldwide OWS movement, lest the unjustly en-
riched of America see the beginning of their political end.  Thus came Romney
with his "47% diatribe," spoken in a poorly secured confidentiality to those who
too were profiting from today's economic injustices.  Thus came the very short-
lived 53% that was even supported by working-poor Southerners who belonged
to the 47% and thought that they were part of the 53%.

The  transient faction of 2011, headed by a fat Southern lawyer whose obesity
showed all the signs of typical Southern laziness, painted 47% of Americans as
leeches living off of the 53% of the nation.  He failed to mention that these 47%

-fully disabled workers, such as those who developed Reactive Airways
   Dysfunction Syndrome and Small Airways Disease at the TWC site.
-full time cancer patients and others with non-occupational illness.
-full time workers who get income tax refunds and/or credits.
-full time soldiers in the Afghan Theater of Operation.
-full time college students, tech school students, etc.
-fully retired individuals and the aged in general.
-wealthy people who 'gamed the system.'
-minors and very young children.

The obese Southern lawyer also failed to mention that this 47% of American
citizens pay all sorts of taxes, including:

 -federal payroll tax,   -sales tax,   -excise tax,   -per capita tax,   -gasoline tax,
-property tax,   -entertainment tax simply when buying prepared food in cer-
tain resort/retirement areas,   -capital gains tax,   -fishing & hunting licenses, 
-various user fees,   -hotel/motel tax,    etc,    etc,    etc.

The hypocrisy of this obese individual who carries all the trappings of physical
laziness is that he was a member of the Georgia Bar Association.  In as much,
there are few greater leeches than attorneys who charge $275 to $375 an hour
for work that has the prowess of an undergrad book report.

Now, I've authored a humble share of Fed District Court, Fed Circuit Court,
and US Supreme Court briefs in the previous decade.  I don't see very much
of a difference between writing a court brief and writing a government report;
or a corporate assessment ...  or even a college term paper.  So, how do lawyers
justify charging exorbitantly higher fees than others?

There are people in need of legal assistance who cannot afford the exorbitantly
high fees charged at present.  In as much, overcharging is theft.  None the less,
the obese lawyer who founded the movement which faded as soon as it started
showed himself to have been yet another Southern shyster.

Incidentally, the Earned Income Tax Credit became fully operable during the
Reagan years, being that American checks and balances exist, and the balance
at the time was Tip O'Neill.

Without the Worker, No City Can Be Built.  This is stated in the Bible.

At this point, keep in mind one undeniable fact:  If there were no workers, there
would be no wealthy people.  Without the worker, no city gets built.  Nothing
gets manufactured.  Cities turn into chaos.  Thus, without the worker, there
would exist no billionaire claiming ownership over that which the worker
built.  The actual leeches are price gougers who underpay their workers, in-
cluding those workers in Bangladesh who are no longer with us.  The Cay-
man Island Kid, Mitt Romney, is the unconscionable leech.

Romney's flaming hypocrisy consisted in the following:   He said that 47% of
America believed that government owed them a living.  HOWEVER, he failed
to mention the many corporate subsidies that exist, as well as corporate lobby-
ists who go to the government, in order to have the US Congress pass laws
which will make them richer than they are.  They believe that government
owes them.

Meanwhile, their workers do the work which makes them rich.  These rich
folk plow no land.  They manufacture zero.   They deliver no raw materials.
They build no roadways.  They mine nothing.  Their workers do it for them.
At the least, they could make sure that the workers will be able to continue
to show up for work, and not have to struggle to pay bills.
The majority needs far more than a trickle of the money supply.
There are no greater leeches than the corporate CEOs who have been thriving on
30, 75,  85, and 93 cent-an-hour foreign sweatshop labor since 1986, and especi-
ally since NAFTA was enacted.  These are the thieves who caused the imbalance
which will lead to further imbalance.  The average Standard & Poor 500 CEO
made approximately 275 times more than did the average American worker, in
the Year 2010.  The update for 2011 was 288 times more.  For 2012, the report
has been that American CEO's made 380 times more than the average America
worker.  The 2013 report was that the average CEO made 354 times more than
the average employee.  JC Penney's CEO was reported as having made 1, 795
times more.  In fact,



The income disparity has become so unjust that the typical McDonald's em-
ployee would have to work 550 years, in order to make the same amount of
income that the Micky D CEO made in merely one year.  A Walmart 'crew
member' would have to work 986 years, in order to make what the WalMart
CEO made in only one year.  For, Wendy's, it's 1,038 years.


The same type of CEO made 4,200 to 4,800 times more than did the average
Chinese worker, in the Year 2010, according to statistics gathered from the
following sources:


The 53  Percenters said that the Occupy Wall Street crew needed to do no more
than go out and get jobs.  Well, where were they to look, when the unemployment
rate was over 9%?   Should they have applied for work at a sweatshop in Bangla-
desh?  That's where their jobs were sent.  Perhaps the OWS protesters should have
worked on Confederate plantations, as slaves,for the Daughters of the Confederacy. 

April 6, 2016

Conflict of Interest and Underhanded Deceit in the US House of Representatives.

Concerning farm subsidies, the bottom line (the thesis statement as to their existence)
is this:  Farm subsidies were intended to prevent price hikes and wild fluctuations in
food prices.   If farm subsidies do not achieve this goal, they are unjust.  These sub-
sidies were not designed to make a few farmers wealthy, at the expense of everyone
else.  Yet, a Tennessee congressional representative was vying for this to happen.
Subsidies ended up lining his own pockets, to the tune of $3.48 million.  Of course,
he pushed for a reduction in food stamp allotments, where money kept away from
those in need would go into his bank account.

The following was written before the Farm Bill was rejected by Republican and Demo-
crat alike.  The farm bill's demise is pivotal in what will form in the future.  This is be-
cause it was proven that there still are legislators in the United States who either have
consciences or who are tuned in to their constituents' emotional reactions.  Supporting
this bill was political suicide.  Yet, those who pushed for it actually thought that they
were about to perform a coup d'etat against every norm possessed by civilized society.
They have been doing everything possible to turn 21st Century America into 18th Cen-
tury France, shortly before the revolution which gave rise to Napoleon Bonaparte.

In re:  The news report of the U.S. congressman from Tennessee who finagled his way
into the Agricultural Committee, despite the conflict of interest involved, and ever so
coincidentally enriched himself to with the very subsidies that right wing conservative
Republicans condemn as socialism.   The same congressman, Stephen Fincher, abused
the Bible, in taking out of context a solitary sentence, in order to justify lowering food-
stamp allotments by $20,000,000,000 over a three year period.  The report is that he
acquired $3.48 million in taxpayer-funded farm subsidies, from 1999 to 2012.   As a
pertinent note, 40% of all food stamp recipients are children. 


In fact, the same Stephen Fincher found his way into the United States House Financial
Services Committee that oversees banks.  Well, Stephen Fincher is under investigation
for an alleged banking scandal.  It has to do with a $250,000 donation to his campaign
by a bank & trust where his father is on the board of directors and where the chairman
was already a benefactor to Fincher's campaign.   Fincher has a way of finding his way
into money channels.


Fincher was also named one of the most corrupt members of the U.S. Congress in 2011,
by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.



This is the same Stephen Fincher who used merely one sentence in the New Testament,
taking it entirely out of context, in order to justify reducing food stamp allotments in this
day of high food prices.  When he did this he did something UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
He gave the impression that he was establishing a religion.  The truth is that he is mere-
ly a con artist using Christianity to deceive the gullible of the South into thinking that
he (Stephen Fincher) is the voice of God.  He is NOT.  He doesn't even look or sound
much like a man.

The following is a qualifying statement, concerning the congressman's use of merely
one sentence from the New Testament, to justify depriving the millions of children
living in poverty, the many elderly living in the same, and the painfully disabled of
America, in painfully reducing food stamp allotments.

The verse that Fincher read was, "He who doesn't work doesn't eat."  The conclusion
is that, according to Fincher, the following applies:  Three year old children living in
poverty must work or starve.  The elderly living in poverty must go back to work or
starve.  Those too disabled to work must work, thereby negating the government in-
surance program called Social Security which comes to the rescue of the disabled.
Five year old children living in poverty must work too, if you interpret the one New
Testament sentence used by Stephen Fincher the way in which he did.  Well, the con-
text of that one sentence goes as follows:

During the time of Saint Paul, a newly converted Greek community assumed that the
Second Coming of Christ would soon occur.  So, they stopped working on anything
earthly, because they figured that it would be "all that work for nothing."  So, Paul
had to correct them, and in doing so he set forth the rule that any one in the Thesso-
lonian Christian community who didn't want to work didn't get to eat.

Now, let us go to the Acts of the Apostles.  There is mention of charity being given
as a matter of course, thereby making charity is the Christian way.  Those in need of
food received it without having to specifically work for it.  This would include the
infirm, as well as whosoever else received Christian charity in deed.   Observe:

 Starting at Acts Ch. 4 vrs 32:  The community of believers was of one heart and 
mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they held 
everything in common.  With great power the apostles bore witness to the Resur-
rection of the Lord Jesus, and great favor was accorded to them all.    There was 
no needy person among them, because those who owned property or houses would 
sell those things and then take the proceeds of the sale and put it at the feet of the 
apostles.  They (the proceeds of the sales ) were distributed to each one according 
to his/her need.

This was known in the early Christian Community as the Daily Distribution, and it
resulted in the original apostles ordaining an order of men dedicated to that which
is called Distributive Justice and other ministerial duties of the true church.  The or-
dained order dedicated to this purpose is called the diaconate, as in diakonos.  The
individuals who belong to the order are known as deacons, and they are not to be 
confused with Protestant sects which broke away from original Christianity, stole 
its Bible and stole its nomenclature.   

Protestant deacons are a separate entity, not  affiliated with the order that links itself 
to the apostles.  In fact, Protestantism is a complete break-away from the Christianity 
of the Apostles.  After all, in heavily Protestantized sectors of this earth, a person as 
poor as Christ didn't get charity. Such a person got arrested for vagrancy ... arrested 
for being poor.  All in all, Tennessee congressman Stephen Fincher is clueless as to 
what true Christianity involves.  Thus, it was an outrage for him to claim that reduc-
ing needed food stamp allotments is the Christian thing to do.

Another passage in the New Testament which shows that Stephen Fincher has no-
thing to do with the Will of God and true Christianity goes as follows:

The Gospel of Matthew, Ch. 25 vrs 41 and further:   Then he (the King of Heaven)
will say to those on his left,   ‘Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire
prepared for the devil and his angels.  For I was hungry and you gave me no food.   
I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, a stranger and you gave me no welcome, 
naked and you gave me no clothing, ill and in prison, and you did not care for me.’ 

The Gospel of Matthew, Ch. 25 vrs 44 and further:  Then they will answer and say, 
‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or ill or in
 prison, and not minister to your needs?’   He will answer them, ‘Amen, I say to 
you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.’ And 
these will go off to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” 

In as much, Fincher is violating a basic precept of Christianity, all the while acting 
as if he is a true Christian.  He is a fraud when it comes to Christianity.  In as much,
do not confuse a religious man with a religious hypocrite.   Fincher attempted to de-
ceive people into thinking that the Almighty God said that you have to reduce food 
stamp supplementation, while Fincher personally benefits from farm subsidy pay-

Even when it comes to the physically and mentally able, if the Republican congress-
ional members, since NAFTA Newt Gingrich's days of Speaker of the House, did not 
allow the egress of jobs from America into sweatshop & slave labor nations which
caused an outrageously high US Trade Balance Deficit, then many Americans would 
not need food stamp supplementation.  It's not the fault of the unemployed.   It's the 
fault of people like Stephen 'the Taxpayer Leech' Fincher who now wants to deprive 
gate padlocked workers, children, elderly people, and the disabled of even more of
the little they get in life ... while Fincher rings-up on his personal cash register tax-
payer-funded subsidies.

Concerning mention of authentic Christianity, you need to realize that the religion 
of the stereotypical "Bible Belt" has nothing to do with original Christianity.  In
fact, it is merely another one of the numerous Protestant sects, all of which reject-
ed essential elements of original Christianity, except for the Bible which they claim 
can be interpreted by any one of them.  

Protestantism simply tried to redefine Christianity.  Therefore, it rejects Christianity
and all of its laws of charity, as well as laws of justice.  This means that there are
people today who hated Christianity, when the truth is that the hate Protestantism.

The members of the Southern Baptist world only recently starting calling themselves 
Christian.  In doing so, they claim that they are the authentic Christians.  Well, it was
a short period ago when they called themselves Born-again Christians, thereby denot-
ing separation from original Christianity.  There was even a time when this sect called
itself Anabaptist.  

The bottom line is that the doctrine and moral code of these people is so remote from 
original Christianity that it is merely a grotesque caricature of Christianity.  Now, the
Bible itself states that "a tree is known  by its fruits."  It also states, "A good tree can
not bear bad fruit, and the bad tree cannot bear good fruits."  In as much, review the 
fruits of the Southern Baptist world.  In doing  so, you will realize that it was never

Christian in any capacity.  Rather, it's anti-Christian in deed.  I'll be polite and not 
enumerate the fruits of the Southern Baptist world here.

Incidentally, the Bible expressly states that not everything is in the Bible.  Therefore,
the Bible Belt world simply regards the Bible as an idol, as well as an excuse for that
world of hatred to not listen to the teachings of anyone outside of the Southern Bap-
tist, isolationist South whose people were talking about secession from the Union as
recently as the Year 2012.  The phrase, "They are still fighting the war down there"
still applies.  They don't have any interest in the north of the United States until it
comes time to take northern taxpayer dollars.

Stephen Fincher had the asinine audacity of quoting one sentence in the Bible, as if 
he were the ultimate expert on Christianity, in order to do something condemned in 
the Bible.  Stephen Fincher was NOT the one elected pope last March.  He should 
quit acting as if he were, because he makes Christianity look like hatred in essence.

You need to understand that evil people masquerade as holy people, in order to de-
ceive you into advancing their self-seeking agendas.  Evil people masqueraded as 
Christians throughout the centuries.  People equated the evils of these imposters 
with Christianity, causing the same people to hate Christianity.  Cromwell was on-
ly one example in the series of farcical people how masqueraded as Christians.

Your mind needs to process the reality of imposters hiding behind masks.  Such 
is the case with right winged flag wavers, especially those of the South.  To think, 
these are the people who proudly displayed the Confederate flag, even as recent-
ly as the 21st Century.  Yet, they ... the descendants who were willing to kill, in-
stead of preserve the union act as if the stars and stripes that their ancestors at-
tempted to destroy is the most important thing on earth ... next to their repeated
misinterpretations of the Bible.  The flag waving motiff is merely a diversionary

The bottom line is that Southern Baptist Protestantism was long ago condemned 
by those who succeed from the original form of Christianity.  Therefore, the evils 
of the Stephen Fincher types are not the Christian way.  So, don't hold Stephen 
Fincher as a model of Christianity, and don't measure Christianity according to 

 More on Stephen Fincher's ploy:


April 4, 2016

Petroleum Products: Rose 300% in 2013: Was #1 US Export in 2012: Yet, US Trade Balance Deficit remains massive.

In the winter of 2011/12, it came as a surprise
to learn that the United States became a NET
EXPORTER of petroleum products for the
first time since 1949.  This included the ex-
portation of diesel and jet fuels, as well as
petrol additives.  More important was the
news that America's demand for oil was
at its lowest since 1997.  American oil de-
mand shifted from 96 million barrels per
day in 2007 to 88 million daily barrels at
the end of 2011.

The bottom line is that the gasoline and
diesel price hike of the Winter of 2012
had nothing to do with supply & demand
factors.  Do not let yourself be deceived.
Greed is an addiction for unconscionable
folk in modern Corporate America.

Yet, the bottom line to a corporate exec is the price of his company's stock, per share.
Such corporate executives proved that they are willing to sell out America for the sake
of obtaining a stock's desired price.

In 2012, the price of gasoline and the price of diesel were at their highest ever for any
month of February, as oil was over $100 per barrel.  One of the assumed co-suspects
of the 2012 price hike was that which caused the 2008 fuel price hikes:  Oil Futures
Speculation.  However, there were two other co-suspects to the high pricing, for 2012.

Another suspect in the American fuel price hike was the exporter.  Petroleum products
were being shipped to the highest bidders, and the highest bidders were not Americans.
In fact, the United States exported more petroleum products last year than at any other
time in its history.  In fact, total exports for the first half of 2012 rose 7%, compared to
exports for the first half of 2011.  This means that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were
lying to America.

 Stated for the record, America's top five exports for 2011 were as follows:

1. Fuel:  $73.4 billion
2. Aircraft:  $70.8 billion
3. Motor Vehicles$39.6 billion
4. Vacuum Tubes:    $37.1 billion
5. Telecommunications Equipment:  $33.2 billion

The trend continued in the following year:


Of course, even in 2012, America still suffers from a chronic Trade Balance Deficit, to
the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year, largely due to sweatshop and slave
labor product importation.

Incidentally, the third co-suspect in the gasoline price hike of 2012 was the false rum-
or about Iranian oil exports being cut off from Iran's customers.  Refer to:  Oil & Gas
Journal, International Petroleum News and Technology:  MARKET WATCH: False 
tale of Iran cutting exports lifts oil prices.  It is found at


In Review

In case you've missed the point, there was NOT any shortage of petroleum products in
the States.  Rather, there was decreased American demand, coupled with an increase
in American production.  This means that the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel should
have dropped throughout the United States.  However, the opposite has occurred.

As a statistical average, 117 million GALLONS of fuel and other petrol products were
exported from the United States per DAY, in the Year 2011.  For the first ten months
of 2011, the U.S. exported 848 million barrels of petrol products, at an total price tag
of $73.4 billion.  The bottom line is that the sky wasn't falling in America, as FoxNews
made it seem to be, as far back as 2008.  Rather, Chicken Little, it has been raining
petrol here.

At this point, we all need to be familiarized with oil futures speculation.  The follow-
ing article was written so that even a junior high school student could understand it.


Then, at the very very very least, gloss over the following texts of mainstream news
media quality and professional journal quality:

USA Today:  In a first, gas and other fuels are top U.S. export

The Wall Street Journal:  U.S. Nears Milestone: Net Fuel Exporter

USA Today, Money:  Oil boomlet sweeps U.S. as exports and production rise

Bloomberg:  Rising Gas Prices: Not Demand Driven

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Don't blame oil companies for skyrocketing gas prices, blame speculators

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein:  America’s top export in 2011 was . . . fuel?

CNN Money:   Gasoline: The new big U.S. export

Econbrowser: U.S. net exports of petroleum products

Anchorage Daily News:  Fuel top US export for first time in 60 years

Americans Gaining Energy Independence With U.S. as Top Producer

The much more technical Futuresmag.com:  The crude business of crude oil 

Stacy Curtin of the Daily Ticker, through Yahoo Finance:
What Energy Problem? U.S. Oil Exports Are on the Rise