April 24, 2024

The "Antarctic" record high of 64.9F occurred on a peninsula 1,840 miles away from the South Pole and 206 miles outside the Antarctic Circle.

Photo by Marissa Goerke, Jan 6, 2021.  Palmer Station, Anvers Island, (aka Antwerp Island.)
The never-ending climate doomsday deceit: Subject, Antarctica.

 It was reported that Antarctica reached a record high 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the Southern Hemisphere's Summer of 2017.  The brashly done report made it appear that a countdown toward a melt down had started within the Antarctic Circle. This would logically result in a crisis stage sea level rise occurring in the near future.

  Then, three years later, in the Summer of 2020, the same location recorded a "record high 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit."  Upon this news, the prognosticators & commentators came out like a deliberated jury who just convicted a defendant of a felony.  It sounded as if all of mankind had to surrender all their lives and money to the Climate Change people, in order to be saved from drowning.  However, a super huge piece of information was completely omitted.  That information was that:

The place where those temperatures occurred was located 1,840 miles away from the South Pole, at a research station that was located 206 miles OUTSIDE of the Antarctic Circle.  In fact, it was located 700 miles from southern tips of Argentina and Chile.   It's called the Esperanza Base, and it's located near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Record cold appeared thereafter, and even CNN reported it

Then came a balancing-out event.  In the following year, the Year 2021, the entire Antarctic continent endured the coldest Winter in recorded history.  This record-breaking Winter technically NEGATED all Global Warming claims for that year, as much as did "the Global Warming Pause" for the years spanning from 1999 until the beginning of 2016.    

Likewise, the temperature "decline" that spanned from circa 1940 to circa 1975 negated any thoughts of Global Warming in the history books.  So notable was the Global Cooling of the 1960s and 1970s that scientists from the USSR and USA banded together to study and resolve the increase of cold and Arctic ice, at a time not so distant from today.

However, the 1920s and 1930s were the times when droughts and high temperatures, as well as wildfire frequency, were at their undeniable heights ... in as far as concerns honest people who do not alter the climate record.   The 1870s and 1890s were heated decades too.  The decades of the ultimate catastrophes were the 1870s and the 1930s.

The Comparable 1,840 mile zone in the Northern Hemisphere

Reykjavik Iceland is 1,787 miles from the North Pole.  Well, in 1939 it reached 86.9 degrees Fahrenheit in Reykjavik.  And of course, there was no 23 foot sea level rise that ensued.  In addition, Reykjavik reached 85F in August of 2021 as well as 85F in June of 1974, 84F in July of 1991, and 83F in June 1988.  In comparison, Esperanza Base could only get to 64.9F.  Why not 74.9F or 84.9F, like Reykjavik?

Incidentally, the year of the highest concentration of Arctic ice was 1979.   Moreover, there were years in the 1970s and even the 1960s when Arctic Ice was low ... for those particular years.  So, there is not a set course of ice coming and going, as Al Gore wants to deceive you into believing.  In fact . . .

... there is pertinence to the fact that de facto cult leader, Al Gore, amassed $280 - $330 million personal dollars into his personal financial portfolio, while sounding the "Global Warming" alarm ... which was changed to the "Climate Change" alarm ... on account of the fact that there was a cessation in Global Warming ... starting in 1999.  

You should understand this accumulation of climate alarmist financial wealth is another sign that this Global Warming Alarm was nothing more than the Global Warming Swindle.   The American schoolchild and the enrolled high school student are expected to be the accommodating dupes who will help the man-made co2 activists get even richer ... richer with US taxpayer debt which will be heaped upon the very schoolchildren conscripted into the service of Al Gore's and Michael Mann's financial portfolios.

You should understand Gore and his "associates" to be engaged in a racket, as in RICO laws and RICO indictments thereof.  You should also understand the False Claims Act, as it refers to whistleblowers who witness fraudulent climate claims that result in the payment of large sums of US taxpayer dollars to the fraudsters.  

However, as far as goes the fanatical high schoolers and even more fanatical college undergrads who do not have the wisdom that comes with decades of experience in working outdoors, you need to understand the power of indoctrination.  There was, of course, the example of the  Hitler Youth whose efforts lead them to the point of watching Germany turn into a scaled version of the craters of the moon.

Perhaps now would be an opportune time to view the 2009 Climategate Emails.

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductions   <=====

The lesson herein is:  Legitimate facts can easily be presented with disproportional perception and twisted into a lie. That's called "False Light" in American law.

map of Antarctica 

Dec 28, 1958.  South Pole Station.  Photo by US Navy and donated by Charlotte Koch.

April 23, 2024

Antarctica 2021: Coldest 6 months. 6 months later: Lowest Ice Extent. 6 months more later: Healthy monthly ice gain, after lowest ice reading.

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The news of it was liberating, because it was the opposite of the 30 year long encroaching doom predictions of ~ non-scientist Al Gore, ~ Michael "Hockey Sticks" Mann who should know better, and ~the Jim Hansen whose June 1988 senate pre-hearing antics were revealed by former Senator Wirth.  

The unexpected news came three years after most of the pending doom predictions were supposed to have come to pass.  In fact, the news came one year after the glaciers at Glacier National Park were supposed to have melted away.   

The news of this event made its way to the tunnel-visioned CNN.  At present, the news of it is being smothered by other climate-related coverage.  Newer news reports have reported conditions opposite of what happened for a six month period in 2021:

                     ***   Antarctica had its COLDEST winter on record.   *** 

Antarctic winters are six months long.  Therefore, Antarctica had its coldest six month period in known history.  More concisely . . .

At the Amundsen-Scott Station, the 2021 April to September temperatures averaged MINUS 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  That amounts to 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit LOWER than the station's 30 year average.

Now, with all the climate disaster propaganda being constantly released, did you assume that the Global Warming profiteers would sit idly and re-assess their belief system, upon hearing that Antarctica's coldest winter had just transpired?  ANS:  Of course not.  They went into hyper-drive, ramping-up the Global Warming, man-made-co2, burning-of-fossil-fuel, cap-and-tax, carbon-tax propaganda in geometric progressions.  And there were outrageous sleight-of-hand deceptions amidst actual news events.

The message always was that the world was going to soon end, if you did not shell out hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars and corporate donation dollars to them --- to the Climate Change People.  

There were outrageously high amounts of taxpayer dollars that were already appropriated during the final two years of the Obama administration.  The money was appropriated in the form of  "Climate Change Adaptation" & "Climate Change Research."

But, the Year 2022 was the year of far more tax dollar appropriations.  The tax dollars are simply added sums to the already overwhelming National Debt.  

The outrage is that, instead of spending time and money on life-giving CO2, efforts should have been made in remedying the ills caused by synthetic chemicals and their inundation into every realm of life.  And of course, these synthetic chemicals includes those "Forever Chemicals" such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (aka PFAS,) for starters, followed by many more of the synthetic realm.

BTW, the weather in 2022 wasn't that much different than the climate conditions in very hot and very dry 2012.  I went on a 12,000 mile road trip in the Summer of 2012.  I am well familiar with that type of heated landscape.  I was in the Mojave Desert at 102F.  I was in Oklahoma, when it was 106F.  I remember Arkansas at 104F, and it wasn't all that bad. 

In fact, I remember crossing over the Mississippi River, en route to Vicksburg Mississippi, in late August.  The river's width thinned-out considerably.  That's what alarmed me.  That's when I thought, "yikes."  But, the Mississippi River did get replenished.

I am also familiar with the Winter of 2014 --- the coldest winter in 40 years.  As I recently stated, climate is a cyclical roller coaster ride.  So, spend your money on countering PFAS chemicals, not on life-giving co2.  To combat CO2 is to combat life itself.

Climate Man say, "We're all gonna dry-up soon."  No, wait . . .
Climate Man say, "We're all gonna drown, when the salty seas rise over the piers."

The illustrations directly below concern the sea ice extent surrounding Antarctica in June and July of this year ... 2022.  The red fluorescent circle around the Antarctica ice extent is the average (actually the "median") amount of ice which is usually present there in June and then in July.  

While looking at it, the ice extent looks boringly average ... typical.  No big loss of ice through the years.  No big deal.  In fact, look at the numbers at the horizontal bottom of each illustration:

Total extent for June 2022 was 12.1 MILLION square kilometers (which is 4.67 MILLION  square miles.) 

Total ice extent for July 2022 was 14.9 million sq km (which is 5.75 million square miles of ice extent there.)

This means that, in 30 days, Antarctica gained 2,800,000 square kilometers of ice.  That amounts to 1,080,000 square miles of added ice extent, in one month's time.  That amounts to 36,000 sq miles of added ice per day ... added by nature.  This equal 93,333 square kilometers of new ice per day, added naturally.

In all that gain, the news simply stated that the July 2022 Antarctic sea ice extent was the lowest since 1979, for any month of July.  Incidentally, 1979 was the year of the highest Arctic sea ice extent.  

In having the Sea Ice Extent starting date the same as the year with the highest volume of sea ice, it guarantees that every year to follow will have a lower ice content number than the "benchmark year."  That is deception in action, being that the unfamiliar person will instantly assume that 1979 was an average ice year, instead of the year with the most ice on record.


Previously, in late February 2022, the report was that Antarctica had it lowest ice extent in ultra-modern history, meaning "since 1979." It was exactly like the report of July of that year.  At the least, the Space Magazine author who did quote the U.S. National Snow & Ice Data Center in an article, stated that:

"However, the amount of Antarctic sea ice varies considerably each year and climate change is not necessarily to blame." ...

... "The shrinking is likely natural, and partly due to strong winds pushing some sea ice farther north into warmer waters, Nature reported.  I think much, if not all, of the event can be ascribed to natural variability," said Walt Meier, a senior research scientist at the NSIDC.  NSIDC stands for National Snow & Ice Date Center.   Furthermore . . .

 "Antarctic sea ice varies considerably from year to year, and the NSIDC has not found a statistically significant trend in one direction or another using satellite data. This year was the lowest minimum sea-ice extent on record, but the highest minimum sea-ice extent was recorded in 2015." 

Of course, a Climate Con Artist will present this 2022 event in a false light, and then apply intimidation tactics, telling you that it's your fault for burning fossil fuels, and you have to pay the carbon tax, to make up for your sins..  When you don't buy what the guy is asserting, you end up intimidating the climate con artist.

Driving on an amount of ice as large as the July 2022 ICE GAIN is equivalent to driving from Washington D.C. to the outskirts of Miami Florida --- (the square root of 1.08 million miles is 1,039.  Miami to D.C. is 1,050 miles.)  Yet, July 2022 is supposed to have been the least amount of July sea ice extent in modern record-keeping.

All in all, that's a lot of ice accumulation.  Yet, it resulted in the lowest ice extent number on the chart, as far as concerns the month of July.  The remedy is to compare the more recent years, as you search for a trend or the absence of a trend.  Study wind conditions, air masses, the jet stream, air pressure, Etc.  Things are never what they seem to be to an inexperienced novice.

In addition, check for the writers'/speakers' financial interest in the matter upon which he/she speaks.  If the person making the report stands to gain (or has already been payed) tremendous amounts of taxpayer dollars, in a climate-related government contract, then he/she has a conflict of interest and cannot be brought into the conversation.

The lesson:  Don't let yourself be deceived by your failure to recognize proportionality.  Such proportionality is translated into numbers, charts, tables, and graphs.  A person can take numbers and twist them in such away that he makes a doomsday scenario.  If someone is looking for sensationalism and ratings, doomsday will be described, and this is irresponsible to do. 

July 2022 is supposed to be the month of the least sea ice extent for any July month.  It does NOT look much different than any other Winter month.  It still had a lot of ice.  The red line, of course, is the median amount of sea ice extent for July ... the typical amount ... the expected amount.

June 2022:  Antarctic sea ice extent was 12.1 million sq km.  That's 4.67 million square miles.  July 2022:  The ice extent expanded to 14.9 sq km, aka 5.75 million sq miles.  That was an INCREASE of 1.08 million sq miles, aka 2.8 million sq km, between June and July.  That's an increase of 36,000 sq miles of new ice per day (93,333 sq km per day.)  So, where's the End of the World in all that ice accumulation?

Comparison: June 2021: 13.5 million sq km (5.21 million sq miles.)
                      July 2021: 16.4 million sq km (6.33 million sq miles.)
                         30 day ice extent increase = 1,120,000 sq miles;
                        an increase of 37,333 sq miles of new ice per day.
The June to July ice gain for 2021 (when there was a record cold winter) is virtually the same for 2022 (when the July ice extent was the lowest since modernized record keeping began in 1979.)  It was 36,000 sq miles of new ice per day vs 37,333 sq miles of new ice per day.  The Year 2020 wasn't too far behind, at 32,333 sq miles of new ice per day.   It was not all that different.  The lesson:  Con artists use numbers to scare you.   

June 2020: 13.2 million sq km (5.09 million sq miles)
July 2020:  15.7 million sq km (6.06 million sq miles)
                               That was a 30 day increase of  970,000 square miles.                                 That was an average of 32,333 square miles per day of new ice.

April 22, 2024

March 18th Antarctic plateau temperature rise: Warm Australian winds. Not caused by co2, as is evidenced by high (sunlight reflective) snow albedo.

NASA photo of none other than Antarctica
Let's take a few moments and look at the March 18, 2022 media reports on the Antarctic Plateau temperature rise, as was reported by the French and Italian scientists at the Concordia Dome C Research Station.  The temperature reading was conveyed as "provisional."  That denotes conditional ... contingent ... yet to be confirmed ... definitely not final.  

The report was that the Antarctic Plateau (located 10,607 feet above sea level) reached an extremely unique high of 11.3 degrees Fahrenheit (It should have been marked at 10.76F, by the way) and MINUS 11.8 Celsius. 

The average temperatures of the Concordia Dome C region for that day are -62F for a high and -75F for the low temp.  In addition, March 18 is the coldest day of the month for that area, statistically speaking.  THUS, it was a temperature anomaly wave, as opposed to a heat wave that occurred for about five days there.  Yet, it involved big numbers, relatively speaking.

This March 18 temperature did get news coverage, but it would have been an insult to even the average intelligence to have blamed the temperature on co2.  This is because the Antarctic Plateau is shear white, and the Albedo of ice/snow is 85, meaning that 85% of all the sun rays which hit a sheet of snow/ice reflect back into outer-space.  That means that . . .

. . . there simply isn't the presence of infrared light at the Antarctic Plateau to affect or effect temperature there.  

Now remember, greenhouse gases have no power in the absence of infrared light.  Therefore, greenhouse gases are instantly ruled-out as a cause of anything decisive where there is there is the whiteness of a snow-scape or an ice-scape.  

As was proven via the many heatwaves & droughts of centuries past (when co2 levels were 108 to 138 ppm LOWER than today), CO2 is NOT the driver of climate in any capacity.  Rather, CO2 is the driver of PHOTOSYNTHESIS, and without photosynthesis, life on Earth eventually ceases.  To kill off co2 is kill off mankind.  This explains why pro-abortion activists are obsessed with the Al Gore "Climate Change" doctrine.  They hate humanity and want to kill it off, as much as possible.

They claim that mankind is killing Planet Earth.  But, the statistics are that Planet Earth has been killing humanity very successfully throughout the centuries, via:

{1} hurricanes, {2} tornadoes, {3} droughts, heatwaves & crop failure, {4} plagues, {5} tsunamis, {6} volcanoes, {7} cold spells, {8} lightning strikes, {9} wild animal attacks, {10} shark attacks, {11} blizzards, {12} avalanches, {13} allergic reactions, {14} poison mushrooms, {15} poison plants. {16} heavy metal contamination, {17} forest fires, {18} floods, {19} pestilence, and {20} EARTHquakes.

It's a mystery that any human is still alive on Earth.

Now, the co2 levels of 2021 were the same as 2022, and 2021 is when Antarctica had its coldest winter on record ... in all of known history.  Thus, if you have two drastically different types of climate while having the same one co2 level, then co2 did not cause the drastically different climate events which occurred in less than 8 months' time.  The case is closed on this.  However, the students of the American public school system, having been as brainwashed as any students of centuries past, will hold on to that belief.  This includes the stubbornness and insistence of Hitler's Youths.

The higher than usual temperature of March 18 on the Concordia Plateau was said to have been caused by warm Southeastern Australian winds and "an atmospheric river." That phrase is new to me, UNLESS it's meant to describe the reality that the air above oceans is LATENT HEAT.  But, apparently, it didn't mean that.

None the less, a review of the Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization is essential for all beginners-novices.  Therefore, the following will help, after the following quick intro:

Q:  What is heat?  ANS #1:  It's energy.  ANS #2: It's transferable energy.  ANS #3:  It's transferable energy in motion.  More Specifically:  It's transferable kinetic energy.

Q2:  How does it transfer?  ANS: Via convection or conduction or thermal radiation (which involves electromagnetic radiation.) 

In as much, hot air rises.  Cool air descends.  Low pressure rises.  High pressure descends.  Plus, wherever you have cold air, you have dry air.  For now, that which matters is the Latent Heat of Vaporization (aka Enthalpy)  There also exists Latent Heat of Fusion.

See:  Latent Heat Tutorial

Also see:  Additional Latent Heat Tutorial for beginners

Now, an atmospheric river is described as something that carries a tremendous amount of water.  Well, it was NOT humid in Concordia on March 18.  

I simply assumed that the Australian winds rode the Latent Heat altitude above the Southern Ocean and then traveled inland for 680 miles, up the incline that leads to the Antarctic Plateau.  

Maybe the winds were of the Chinook variety ... the Foehn variety ... the Santa Ana variety ... downsloping.  However, downsloping winds compress as they rapidly heat.  The Concordia Plateau was low pressure city.  Yet, there was a climb up an incline that was the height of a mountain.  This translates into Adiabatic Heating and Orographic rain.  Such a thing is usually followed by instant heating of compressed wind going down a mountain.  

The difference with March 18, 2022 was that the wind was NOT traveling downhill in a compressed state.  It was crossing a plateau at low pressure.  But, it was exceptionally hotter than expected, even though it still remained well below freezing temperatures.

After all, if it were a matter of orographic rainfall following the path of the 10,607 foot  incline, the report would have mentioned at least a token amount of rain.  Did it?  I didn't see any rain report.  Well, it should have rained in the desert called Antarctica, being that, when air rises, precipitation falls.

If orographic rain were involved, then this was a typical adiabatic heating event, and there had to have been an actual atmospheric river floating across Antarctica.  Yet, it was such a rare event for a typical action to have caused the rarity.  None the less, the Global Warming Lobbyists made a spectacle out of this event.

The most important factor is that co2 did NOT cause this, evidenced by snow's high albedo and therefore it's high reflectivity of sunlight back into outer-space.  Period. 

Latent Heat

Concerning the oceans emitting latent heat, this phenomenon is what happens when "super-cooled" water has it's temperature raised to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the temperature rises to the usual freezing point, heat is released.

Incidentally, super cooled water is that which remains liquid even though it's below 32F.  As the super cooled temperature rises, calories of heat are released into the air above the ocean surface.  Did anything like this happen between Australia and Antarctica on March 18, 2022?

One question at this point:  Why is super cooled water still liquid when below 32F?  ANS:  That water has not yet released its calories.


Anyway, a recessed front was present in Antarctica on March 18, and such a thing enables a wind to insert itself.  It is similar to those openings in enemy formations that Alexander the Great always searched to find and penetrate.

The temperature anomaly lasted until the 21st of March.  Yes, -22F was a heat anomaly.

BTW, Antarctica has dark desert land which can allow sunlight free-rein.  But, Antarctica is 5.5 million square millions and mostly white.  Albedo prevails there.

None the less, the "apparent" ... the "seeming" ... record high temperature of March 18 was amended on a couple record-keeping data sheets.  The MINUS 11.8 degree Celsius number was changed to MINUS 17.7C in one data set, and MINUS 20C on another set.

This translates into -4 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit which doesn't look as apocalyptic as originally reported. 

Below is an illustration of the Australian wind (green colored border) inserting itself into an Antarctic front (blue) on March 18, 2022.  It arrived at a low-pressured 850 hector-pascals.  This would translate into 12.32 psi --- aka 25.1 inches of mercury, in terms of air pressure, and it was following the Coriolis Effect for a low pressure system in the Southern Hemisphere.  (Incidentally, standard surface air pressure throughout the Earth is 14.7 psi.)  

The Vostok Station got similar temperatures at the same time.  Incidentally, Vostok means "East"in Russian.  Vostok is 350 miles from Concordia.  It's close to the distance between Pittsburgh and the New Jersey border.  In mid-March 2022, they shared similar temperatures, 350 miles apart.

Speaking of Jersey, while the media endlessly harped on heat waves and decreasing water levels, the Jersey shoreline water was exceptionally chilly.  And why?  

ANS:  Because of Upwelling ... because of water rising through the Pycnocline layer of the ocean, making its way to the surface.  It brings with it rich nutrients for the ocean dwellers.  

The average temps for Jersey ocean water, for August, is around 70 - 75 degrees, and it has made it to 79F.  This August, it was found to be 58F and similar temps.

This is pertinent, in light of the Resplendy-Keeling paper of recent years, where it was claimed that the ocean is heating 60% faster than assumed.  Well, the paper had mathematical errors in it that invalidated it.   

At Jersey this Summer, that Resplendy paper was doubly invalidated, being that the upwelling water is soooooo cold.  I stated previously that the majority of ocean water is dark and 39 degrees Fahrenheit.  Well, the Jersey shoreline concurs.  It was Brrrr City there.

Jersey ocean water 12 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit colder this summer

Back to the Concordia Station

The bottom line is that co2, n2o, & methane (ch4) had NOTHING to do with the March 18, 19, 20, 21 temperature rise which still stayed mostly 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit under the melting point.

Moreover, Antarctic March is equivalent to Northern Hemispheric September when there are temporary returns of Summer temps.  Take note of the change of ... the adjusting of ... the amending of ... the March 18, 2022 temperature.

 ~  ~  ~

Below:  Take note of the barometer reading for March 18.  It's 28.5 Hg.  That translates into 965 millibars.  That's a category 2 hurricane pressure.  None the less, an anabatic wind is dependent upon solar irradiance, instead of pressure... so say the writers of the textbooks.  That's the opposite of a katabatic wind which is a Chinook Wind and a Foehn Wind and a down-sloping wind.

The low humidity makes things believable enough in this case.

Looks like the end of the world has been postponed.  The world needs consolation more than theatrics & hype.  Easily bored people need theatrics and hype.  Easily bored people are boring people.  So, they market hype, instead of hope.

Boring people are void of true intrigue, such as how things work in nature.  Closed minds learn nothing, especially those in brainwashing chambers (called classrooms) where they repeatedly heard, "co2", "greenhouse gases," and "the burning of fossil fuels."


The media simply wants to see people hyped-up ... as in sensationalism ... as in running wild in the streets, setting fires.  This is done in search of higher ratings.  That wild-in-the-streets pyromania has been done before.  Nothing new or intriguing there.  Try to solve some of life's mysteries, instead of ending life.  Intrigue is built into the human system.

April 21, 2024

The Poles and Greenland

Schoolchildren of America, you do not have to fear that which Albert Gore predicted 16 years ago and which never materialized even slightly, other than an occasional heat wave in a world which has had multiple heat waves throughout its recorded history, along with droughts, famines, and floods.  And of course, this is the atmospheric equivalent to Lions and Tigers and Bears.  On my!   

Below is a graph that serves as a supplement to the Old World Drought Atlas.  That map covers the late Medieval Era.  That era is actually the Renaissance.  The graph below shows that there was a severe drought transpiring in Central Europe when Augustinian friar, Father Martin Luther, submitted his 95 Theses for public discourse.  The drought was pronounced east of Austria, however.

In addition, there was a European drought of note in 1506-07, as well as in the 1470s & 1480s.  In fact, 1616 & 1741 were historic drought years for Europe, as were the years 1893 & 1921.  History has droughts all over the place, from time to time, taking turns with floods, pestilence, major land storms, humid heat waves, dry heat waves, ice stacking, cold spells, snow storms, sea storms, and even algae blooms in what is modern Florida, etc.  

Tornadoes are a bit different, being that the first one ever reported in England was in 1091, and that is relatively late.  Yet, ancient Greece has writings on the occasional presence of tornadoes in the Mediterranean.  All in all, David Attenborough and Michael Mann lied when they said on different occasions that the weather of the past 1,000 years was stable & mild until the invention of the gasoline engine.  Turbulence is an integral part of weather history, even 200, 400, and 600 years before the invention of the diesel engine, the lawn mower engine, the rocket engine, etc.

Now, PDSI means Palmer Drought Severity Index.  The JJA means June-July-August.

This mostly refers to Hungary, Slovenia, etc.  It is simply a small puzzle piece showing the larger picture.  The larger picture is that the weather was NOT mild & stable for a thousand years, until the Industrial Revolution.  Michael Mann & David Attenborough are liars.

Plus, you do NOT need to fear the doom-ridden 1988 predictions of the former director of NASA's NYC branch, Jim Hansen, in his 35 year old predictions which never came true, at all.  After all, the Maldives did NOT go underwater, lower Manhattan did not go underwater, and the Arctic's closest event to an ice-free August was in 2012, when 1.32 MILLION square miles of ice remained on top of the Arctic Ocean during the hottest time of the year.  

Covering the perimeter of that distance of ice was equivalent to flying 1,148 east to west and then 1,148 miles north to south.  That's close to flying from Boston to Milwaukee, and then from Milwaukee to Houston, followed by flying from Houston to Miami, and then going from Miami back up to Boston again.  That sheet of Arctic ice was 6 times LARGER than the size of France, and it was the lowest amount of Summertime Arctic ice in modern history.  Yet, it was a lot of remaining ice.

BTW, if the Arctic Ocean ever becomes ice-free, there will be no rise in sea level.  It will be the same effect as the ice cubes in your glass of cola melting on a Summer day.  Cola does NOT flow over the top of your glass, after the ice in it melts.  

Actually, there will be a slight decrease in sea level, if the Arctic Ocean entirely melts.  This is the same phenomenon as was seen by those of us who worked on ranches, in rain-water-supplied complexes, and on farms.  When it snows, the troughs' water & snow levels increase in height.  Then, when the snow melts, the water level of the troughs and containers drops significantly.  There will be no flooding from the Arctic Ocean part of the Arctic Region, if the Arctic Ocean entirely becomes ice-free.  

In 1907, morning heat was much like that of the Summer of 2023.  Yet, the co2 count was very low in 1907.  None the less, in the Arctic Circl, at 8 am, it was 70 degrees FAHRENHEIT.  This is one of numerous proofs that the co2 count does NOT effect outdoor, atmospheric temps on such a grand scale.  It also shows that co2 does NOT drive the climate.  NASA has long since said that "the SUN drives the climate."
BTW, the Arctic is the second largest desert range on Earth, meaning very little rain and/or snow.  Atacoma in Chile is the second driest desert on Earth, with the McMurdo Valley of Antarctica being the driest.    Greenland is a part of the second largest desert on Earth.  Plus, it has 35 mountain tops higher than 5,000 feet, and two higher than 10,000.  That  amounts to 10C & 20C colder than ground level.Plus, the are coastlines there that have no ice sheet.  This translates into no ice melting and instantly draining into the Arctic Ocean.

Plus, there is a large canyon with v-shaped walls in the center of Greenland.  This means its walls were shaped by water and not ice.  This additionally means that Greenland was once ice-free.  

Now, global warming and global cooling are uniform throughout the circumference of the Earth, especially in the middle of the Troposphere.  The difference in temperature occurs at the elevation phase, from sea level to the Tropopause, with temps decreasing with elevation.  

CO2 levels are uniform throughout the atmosphere.  In as much, if Greenland is warming faster that it has in the past 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 11,000 years, or even 130,000 years, then every place on Earth would be experiencing the exact same rate of temperature increase, concerning elevation above sea level.  It's obvious that this is not happening, especially with intervals of record cold that occasionally appear.  And as far as goes heat waves, this site repeatedly showed those era.  

In quick review, heat wave years ... while co2 levels were still quite low ... included 1871, 1878, 1895 & 96, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1910 & 11, 1913, 1921 & 22, 1934, 1936, and 1958.  The csme the decline that Michael Mann hid from his ridiculously fraudulent hockey stick graph, by means of a "math trick."  This was mentioned in the 2009 Climategate Emails.

The temperature decline did occur from 1940 to 1979.  After all, a few of the most historic WWII battles occurred in torturously cold weather.  I can testify from personal experience that the 1960s were brutally cold during winter, also.  The middle 1970s to 1979 were just plain cold ... cooler than desired ... throughout the time span.  Sometimes it was all too cold.  I was there.  I felt it.  You activist youth ... You Generation Y, Millenials ... who act like you know everything, when you hardly know anything, were NOT there to know what it felt like.  Case Closed.  

BTW, you Gen Y's do come off as idiots.  But, it's not  because you don't have the correct facts.  It's because you refuse to search for the answer and to first weigh the facts.  You arrogantly act as if you know everything and that debate is forbidden.  

However, it's the great minds who question.  It's the great minds who allow questions, along with Point & Counterpoint debates.  You and your generation were taught to be censoring Nazi Gestapo agents & propaganda peddlars.  You were taught to be Pompous Little Twits, with very little minds ... and even littler tolerance.  

There is nothing liberal about you.  You are self-seeking misers, dedicated to instant gratification ... and dominance over others.  The concept of teamwork doesn't exist with you, until it comes time to do physical violence to others ... or to statues ... or to churches, etc.


That which matters is surface mass balance.  There were recent occasions of notable increase.  But, the trend over the years was a decrease of surface mass balance.  HOWEVER, the notable thing about this is that, while the Arctic was losing ice mass, Antarctica was gaining it.  This is called "an inverse relationship."  What mechanism was causing this?  

None the less, if the Arctic Ocean were to completely melt instantly, the result would be a "0" inch rise in sea level.  I've already addressed Greenland, in several climate discourses.  There's a search box to the righthand corner of this website.

Antarctica was gaining while the Arctic was losing . . . ice.  Yet, Antarctica is arrayed with volcanoes which are very effective ice-melting-machines.  The bottom line is that reducing all consideration of climate & weather to live-giving-co2 ... while accusing the photosynthesis activator the angel of death ... is the act of being an easily deceived & asinine buffoon.  I thought that you were better than that, dear average American.

April 20, 2024

From the Ghost of Glaciers Past: Glacier melting also occurred when atmospheric co2 was much lower; 70, 86, 95, 117, and 120 years ago.

The regrowth of the Jakobshavn Glacier made national news.  Yet, scientists are always making climate out to be a horror story, so as to get funding.  They're the dorks, the dweebs, the nerd-boys, & the wedgie boys you thought were so weird in high school.  Well, they're still weird, and thoroughly vicious, in hyper-exaggerating everything, causing severe anxiety.

Report from the Ghost of Glaciers Past

This post is for all of you who have read or heard that the world is undergoing "unprecedented" glacier melt and the subsequent End of the World.  The reality is that all weather events and melting scenarios happened before --- long before --- over and over again --- and sometimes in greater intensity --- when atmospheric co2 was very low, such as during the early 20th Century's 297 to 312 ppm.  In comparison, 2022's atmospheric co2 count has been 417 ppm.  Glacier melt made the papers, back in the early 20th Century, when the co2 count was much lower than today.  Therefore, it's not unprecedented.  Go look it up, yourself. 

The photocopies of twelve archived newspaper articles of varying length are located below, for evidentiary support purposes.  Their datelines are  1902,  1903,  1905,  1907,  1910,  1912,  1927,  1934,  1936,  1939,  1950, and 1952.  Their topics are Melting Glaciers, Shrinking Glaciers, and Vanishing Glaciers.  It has been the same old story, all along, within intervals of time, being that Climate is Cyclical.

Now, there's a lot on this subject to convey.   The point at present is to show you that this phenomenon occurred WHILE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 WAS LOW --- from 297 to 312 ppm. 

 Below:  Braidwood Dispatch & Mining Journal, New South Wales; Weds, Sept 28, 1910, pg 4.

NOW REMEMBER:  This was when the co2 level was much LOWER than today.
The co2 count in 1927 was 306 ppm.  Today it's 417 ppm. 

This was published 72 years ago, when the co2 level was 312 ppm.

Above: Prediction that the SVARTISEN GLACIER of Norway would be gone by the Year 2000.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Below:  Today, in 2022, the Svartisen Glacier is the 2ND LARGEST in Norway, at 142 sq miles in size.  It certainly did NOT disappear by the Year 2000, as was predicted by experts of the era, and as was reported by AAP-Reuters.

This is only a small part of the glacier which did NOT vanish in the Year 2000.

Below is a super important lesson in how fast glaciers form.  In 1916, there was no glacier there, in Mounta Danello, Italy.  Rather, there were 15 Austrian soldiers there.  Twenty years later, a glacier melts and reveals the soldiers' remains.  It didn't even take twenty years for the glacier to form.  Thus, glacier size is quite flexible over relatively short periods of time.  Glaciers can form quite rapidly.

Below:  A receding glacier in 1912, when co2 was at 301 ppm.  It was receding a mile a year.  Thus, we have yet more evidence that the 2020s are not unprecedented or unique, in any capacity at all, whatsoever, in the least.  Even the lying scientists and lying media members of today is nothing new.  It's all the same old same old.  Greed.  And the American taxpayer gets to be the swindled sucker.

Below: Newspaper report of  January 14, 1939, when the co2 count was 311.  That's 106 ppm LOWER than today.  Yet, it states that "geologists all over the world" were puzzled by the continuous retreat of ice glaciers.  That worldwide glacier retreat occurred 83 years ago.  Thus, any glacier retreat reported today, tomorrow, or next year is NOT something unprecedented.  It's the same old same old.  So, don't let Michael Mann's false science provoke you into suicide ... or even clinical depression.  

BTW, Michael Mann was NEVER nominated as "co-winner" of any type of Nobel Prize, and therefore, he NEVER was co-awarded (or exclusively awarded) any Nobel Prize in anything.  Democracy Now lied on air.  Michael Mann's lawyer lied on paper, and Michael Mann repeatedly lied, period.  In fact, Michael Mann simply lies, per se.  In as much, the weather and/or climate was NOT mild throughout the 1,000 years preceding the Industrial Age.  

If the atmospheric co2 level gets cut in half, as Michael Mann said it should be, then the co2 level will be very near the level where photosynthesis stops occurring.  Australia is resilient, and NOT dying, as Michael Mann said.  

Plus, Mann did NOT submit to Dr. Tim Ball the data set for Mann's ridiculous hockey-stick temperature graph, as Mann promised a Canadian court he would do.   And Mann did hide the 1960s & '70s temperature decline of Briffa's much more honest temperature graph.   And all that Tim Ball wanted was for Mann to show his methodology, in arriving at the hockey-stick graph which omitted the existence of the Medieval Warm Period and Renaissance-era & Baroque-era Little Ice Age. 

One more thing: Michael Mann is not going to get China to cease its extensive coal plant construction projects.  And concerning India, in the Years 2021 & 2022, it commissioned EIGHT coal plants with 4.49 GW (gigawatt) capacity.  Plus, 39 coal plants are under construction there --- in India..  What is Michael Mann and John Kerry and Bill Nye and Al Gore doing about it?  

Coal releases mercury.  Mercury is obviously not good for health.  Sulfur Dioxide gets released during coal-burning.  Not good, either.  Fly-ash too, as well as certain nitrogen oxides, emit from coal when coal is being burnt.   So, instead of suing Tim Ball, Rand Simberg, and Mark Steyn, Mann should have been reaching out to India and China.  


Mann's purported "expert witnesses" were declared invalid by a DC court judge, incidentally.  They were officially declared NOT experts in the lawsuit which has been dragging-on for years.  The reason is that they did NOT show the methodology that resulted in their conclusions.  And of course, they claim that the Little Ice Age & Medieval Warm Period were only local events, and not worldwide.  They showed zero methodology for their conclusions which are contrary to chronicles, ledgers, journals, and strontium isotope analysis.


Go through newspaper archives, and you will see that Mann, Al Gore, PBS, & taxpayer-money-grabbing scientists have been lying to you, in a "false light," sleight-of-hand fashion.  They have been omitting lots of facts.

Below:  Swiss glaciers shrinking in 1907, when co2 was 299 ppm; 118 ppm LOWER than today.

Below:  In 1905, Swiss glaciers were known to be shrinking.  Yet, the article had a global reach to it.  It mentioned "the fact seems to be that glaciers all over the world are shrinking," even though the co2 count was only 298 ppm; 119 ppm LOWER than today.

Below:  This article mentions that Swiss glaciers were shrinking since 1922.  And of course, I called 1922 "the Year of the Great Meltdown."  None the less, did you ever hear about the 36 year glacier cycle by which a glacier waxes and wanes, like the phases of the moon?  Well, it's mentioned here:

This article was truncated ... cut ... for the sake of space.
Below:  As far back as in 1902, people were noticing the gradual shrinking of the Alpine glaciers, to the demise of the tourist industry there.  That's 120 years ago.  So, this phenomenon is NOT new.  It's apparently cyclical, because, during that general time span, glaciers were mentioned as having a waxing and a waning to them, a lot like the phases of the moon.  

All in all, glacier melt is NOT a new 2022-only phenomenon, or even a 21st-Century-only problem.  It was happening as far back as the beginning of the prior century, and one can logically deduce that glacier melt was rampant during the [1] Medieval Warm Period, [2] Roman Warm Period, and  [3] Minoan Warm Period, as well as the Eemian Warm Period (when seas level was 8 to 12 to 16 feet higher than today.) 

The media was completely wrong about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, and it was wrong about several other things, including climate doom predictions.  The media is not the Eternal God.  It has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, time after time.  It's an industry run by people looking for ratings and profit ... or sizable Congressional (Public TV) funding.   Let's be really honest here:  Truth & Justice is NOT the American Way, Superman.

In 1902, the co2 level was 296 and a half ppm, 120+ ppm LOWER than today.

  Below:  At the very least, look at "July 27, 1903."  Then look at, "MELTING GLACIERS."  This is a report that the famous Jakobshavn Glacier of Greenland was receding --- 119 years ago, when co2 was 297 ppm.  Well, in the vicinity of 2016 to 2019, the same glacier was reported as having had three consecutive years of ice gain.  Climate is cyclical, much like the phases of the moon.  It waxes and it wanes.

70 years ago, when co2 was 312 parts per million, 115 ppm lower than today.

All twelve of these samples should help you realize that you have been told a long line of lies about climate history and the present climate.  Look through newspaper and magazine archives, yourself.  The recent claim of a "climate crisis" has all been a con game, played by the media, fund-raising scientists, money-grabbing politicians who want re-elected, ex-politicians who want a second or third home. The doomsayers all have a financial conflict of interest.  Thus, they are NOT unbiased.  You don't have to submit to Mind Dictators.  Go and be free.


The Ghost of Glaciers Past

April 19, 2024

Ocean Temperatures

The True Textbook-Defined Signature of Global Warming 

 If there is no temperature rise in the middle of the Troposphere, then there is no global warming.  There was no Tropospheric temperature rise between 1999 and 2016.  This was called the Hiatus (the resting --- the "Global Warming Pause").  

Then certain scientists schemed to find a way to claim that there was no hiatus between 1999-2016, as if scientists didn't get smart until 2017.  They literally claimed that there was accumulated heat hiding in the oceans.   Stop here.   Penalty Flag Time.   Insult to the Intelligence.  Let's go through the steps that will dispel the deception:

Let's begin with the thesis statement that appears at the bottom of this discourse.  As to the assertion of scientists in need of Congressional funding & Al Gore's approval, in their claim that there is heat from the burning of fossil fuels hidden in the oceans in mass quantities (or even in little quantities):

"That is super easy to prove as a total falsehood via ===>

1 - the oceans' Latent Heat of Vaporization Mechanism, followed by advection (wind transferring the heat horizontally, as opposed to vertically as happens in convection)

2- the 7,000-to-9,000 foot deep Aphotic Zone in every ocean (other than the Arctic and its 653 foot zone), along with the half-mile deep Dysphotic Zone in every ocean.

3- the absence of finding any pronounced, Godzilla-sized, ocean surface temperature "anomalies" that go beyond one season in time --- or even five days,

4- and tourists flocking to the oceans every Summer for the sake of the cool ocean breezes, along with tourists going on Love Boat type ocean cruises.  Not very many customer complaints there.  Simply ask the cruise-line operators.

There is a fifth observation:  It's the coastline real estate industry.  People are still buying shoreline property.  They have no buyer's remorse in any mass scale.  

The oceans are supposed to be relentlessly heating and the sea level is supposed to be elevating to a catastrophic height.  But, the real estate industry that deals in shorelines and oceanside residences have been doing robust business for decades.  The residents should have noticed something wrong by now, causing them to leave for inland property.  Seaside property has been a sign of prestige for decades.

The four predominate features can be called the Four Horsemen of Reality, assuring the reasonable person that there was no "carbon foot-printed Global Warming" filling any of the oceans during the Global Warming Hiatus of 1999 to 2016.  There simply was a stop in the increase of global atmospheric temperatures during that time span.   And there was fraud being committed by the people associated with the East Anglia office.  Yes, a roomful of scientists & politicians can easily be (or become) a den of thieves.

Seasons, Mathematics, and suspect data tampering

Now, a year might have a hot Summer, but not below-average Winter temps, meaning that four seasons might statistically balance each other.  Just because you have a hot Summer, it doesn't indicate temperature in the Mid-Troposphere.

Then comes sleight-of-hand reporting, instead the straight forward type.  A report might start with the end of Winter, claiming Winter to have ended higher than normal.  The average reader would assume that the entire Winter was higher than normal, when the fact in one specific case was that the rest of the Winter season made all of Winter colder than the year previous.  

All in all, there is this intolerable pea-and-shell game with the truth.  Government employees want to make the climate look in peril, so that their departments will get more Congressional funding.  In as much . . .

The only people who should be allowed to participate in a climate debate are those paid zero dollars and zero cents in any activities related to climate.  An individual highly paid by "carbon credit" commissions or government funding money has a conflict of interest that morally disqualifies him/her from the conversation.  Such an individual cannot be enabled to insert manipulative propaganda under the guise of scientific fact.  

Some of that manipulative propaganda involved "misplacing" data numbers and "graph shifting."  Thus, if you make money claiming that human activity causes catastrophic climate change, you're disqualified.  If you make money claiming that human activity does not do such a thing, then you too are disqualified.  

For the record, as of the time of this writing, September 25, 2022, I was never paid a penny for anything concerning this subject, this topic, this issue.  All of these 24 or 25 or 26 written climate discourses thus far have been one public service, done entirely for free.  I don't even get advertising fee commissions, at present ... and in the past.

Let us begin with the atmospheric science aspect of this issue: 

The United States National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration recognizes that ===>  

>Functionally Effective Sunlight does NOT penetrate the oceans any deeper than 656 feet.   This layer of ocean water is known as the Euphotic Zone.  From the 656 foot point downward, photosynthesis is impossible.  So, throughout an added depth of 2,624 feet (which is directly below the Euphotic Zone), the descending sunlight becomes increasingly darker.  The twilight layer of an ocean is the Dysphotic Zone, and its lowest depth is about a half mile from the ocean surface.   This means that a vast liquid area gets colder and colder as depth/descent continues. No Global Warming there.

>Below the Dysphotic Zone line there is no light at all, and this super deep chamber of ocean is called the Aphotic Zone.  It begins at the 3,280 feet mark below the ocean surface.  The Aphotic Zone is marked by darkness and 39F of cold, until one reaches the bottom of the ocean where "hot spot" volcanoes, aka hydrothermal vents, are the sum total of the ocean floors' heating system.  

The ocean floors are chemosynthesis country, where life abounds all-around these vents, with none of the organisms living on photosynthesis.  At the ocean floors, there still is darkness.

Remember, remember, remember:  CO2 has no heating power in the dark of the ocean, and it has insignificantly feeble power in the Dysphotic Zone of every ocean, proven by the coldness there.  Even at that, co2's heating power (which is a very minor role for the Earth's atmosphere) consists in "retaining" ("capturing") infrared light. As a solid and as a liquid, CO2 itself is actually used in the commercial world as a . . . refrigerant.  Welcome to the world of irony.

The questions that remain of heat in the oceans, which is not spreading into the more spacious cold areas of the oceans, are for exploratory research groups.  The questions would involve learning if there is any other feature from sunlight that would contribute to providing heat to the oceans.  

This would include Coronal Mass Ejections and the by-products of the solar wind, as in Alfven Waves and other cosmic undulations.  There is also the Chromosphere and Photosphere, in addition to the Sun's Corona.

Researching the Earth's Mantle wouldn't hurt, either.  None the less, it was completely fraudulent to have claimed that 70% of "man-made, fossil-fuel" heat was/is "soaked-up" by the oceans.  The vast cold of the oceans prove otherwise.  Time has illustrated that an office filled with scientists and politicians is often nothing more than a den of thieves ... and deliberate liars.

>Moreover, at the depth of 660 feet, directly below the Euphotic Zone, the ocean's Temperature drastically decreases, to approximately 55 degrees F (13C).  This spot in each ocean is called the Thermocline, and when traveling past this depth, the temperature decreases to approximately 39 degrees F (4C). 

This 39F is the temperature of the rest of each ocean ... throughout the descent to the ocean floors.  Incidentally, the ocean floor hydrovents exist where the tectonic plates of two continents are spreading apart, usually.  Their behavior is tamed, because of the massive weight of a massive ocean basin above.

Concerning the oceans' hydrostatic pressure, for every 33 feet of descent, the pressure increases by one Atmosphere.  One atmosphere is equal to 1,013 millibars.  This is 14.69 psi (pounds per square inch), and that's the standard atmospheric air pressure of the surface of the Earth, at sea level.

Sunlight's Shallow Reach

Then there is the matter of sunlight upon the ocean surfaces.  Not very much of it bounces off of the ocean surfaces and rockets back into outer-space.  It's the opposite of sunlight hitting snowscapes.  None the less, the existence of Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization is the heating system provided by the ocean, at its general surface area.  This mechanism very effectively rids the ocean's first layer of overly-accumulated heat.

Remember, sunlight does not rocket through any ocean, as it slowly degrades in intensity, until it reaches the 656 foot depth of any ocean.  That's not very much space for oceans that are 10,000+, 12,000+, and 13,000 feet in average depth.  And it's not very much at all, for the ocean trenches that dip to 28,000 and 35,000 foot depths.  Thus, it is a falsehood to claim that oceans are anywhere close to being the vast heat depositories that the European Union claimed.  

The surmise is that, when ocean temperatures do rise, they only slowly rise as a result of heat from the ocean floor ... from hydrothermal vents "aka hot spots" which can reach 700F.  This includes, as a source, the Earth's mantle seeping through tectonic plates that are in the slow process of sliding apart from each other.  

Everyone's Similar Personal Experience 

The author of this Blue Marble Album lived at the Atlantic Ocean's shoreline for the majority of 10 consecutive years.  There's one experience with the Summertime ocean that he noticed and took for granted.  It's the reason why so many people vacation at the ocean.  Very simply, it's the cool breezes coming from oceans during daylight that make oceans a preferred vacation destination.  It's like a really big fan operating in the distance.  It's quit nice, actually.

Likewise, the winds from the Atlantic during Wintertime were irritatingly chilly.   No bargain there.

The fact that so many people vacation at the ocean is evidence that the oceans weren't heating-up as apocalyptically as advertised.  The ocean was perceived as being a relief from the heat, by aspiring vacationers.

Concerning the author of this Blue Marble Album, every summer day at that particular Atlantic Shoreline was between 93F and 97F, with the temperature never reaching 100F and not very often being warmer than inland towns which did regularly reach and exceed 100F.  

Ten consecutive years of experience can assure you that there was no true increase in ocean temperatures being felt by any tourist or resident.  The temperature increases were only in the tampered government paperwork ... as in the "homogenized" temperature graphs of the NOAA.  That is to say that there was only an increase of ocean temperatures on paper, by those who made their money claiming that such temperature increases existed ... and claiming so, for an increase of taxpayer dollar allocations to the scientists' aforesaid department. 

Do you remember when the Pentagon officially stated that the Arctic Ocean stood a good chance of entirely melting at the end of each Summer, followed by the Russia Navy sailing through the Arctic, into Novia Scotia and New England, thereby invading and conquering America?  

Well, its managers wrote it, in the hopes to inspire the US Congress to give the US military increased government funding.  You see, after the Cold War, the US Congress decreased the military budget, and the Obama administration was portrayed as a peacetime presidency that was going to undo the Bush/Cheney war machine.  So, the US military decided to ... to ... to lie to the American taxpayers they swore to defend ... and to reach into the American taxpayers' pockets more deeply. 


Concerning the rise in heat from the ocean floor, there is a line in each ocean called the Pycnocline.  It's like a gate that's not always locked.

               |               Ocean depths                        |constant 39F in Aphotic Zone|

Atlantic  |  avg ~12,881 ft \ deepest ~28,232 ft  \ Aphotic Zone depth ~ 9,601 ft

Pacific    | avg ~13,215 ft \ deepest  ~35,840 ft   \ Aphotic Zone depth ~ 9,915 ft

India       | avg ~13,002 ft \ deepest ~23,812 ft  \ Aphotic Zone depth ~ 9,702 ft

Arctic     | avg ~  3,953 ft \ deepest ~17,881 ft  \ Aphotic Zone depth ~    653 ft

Southern | avg ~10,728 ft \ deepest~ 25,383 ft  \ Aphotic Zone depth ~ 7,428 ft

Now, there was the matter of the 2018 "Resplendy-Keeling Paper," authored by Ralph Keeling's team and not by the Dr Charles Keeling of the 1950s.  It was actually called, the Resplandy Research Group Paper.  None the less, the 2018 paper claimed that oceans heated 60% more rapidly than previously realized.  The paper's subject matter was regarded as "startling," and the media heralded it as the smoking gun which absolutely proved the existence of a "climate crisis."  

Within two weeks of time, a mathematically inclined gentleman associated with a Georgia Tech atmospheric science professor discovered decisive mathematical errors in the Ocean Warming Paper.  This discovery negated the entire conclusion of the paper.  A Nicholas Lewis found the errors.  

In sequence, one of the 2018 paper's co-authors publicly admitted the errors, as did the prestigious publisher of the paper.  However, any retractions from the rest of the American media could not be located. 

None the less, at the outset of the study, it was obvious that the paper's thesis statement was a falsehood.  This is because it contradicted a well known scientific fact involving Seas Breezes and Land Breezes.  

Very simply, a change of temperature at any of the oceans is much more slowly accomplished than is the change of temperature at any land surface.  And being that there was no long-term (or even short-term) 60% rate increase in non-polar land surface temperatures anywhere, there surely would not be this phenomenon at the oceans.  Thus, the Keeling Paper (aka the Resplandy Paper) was guaranteed to be marked with error.

Moreover, the invalidated "peer reviewed" paper was contrary to the mechanism of the Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization which is explained in an introductory fashion below.  It involves atmospheric Heat Transfer.

Firstly, take a quick look at ::: Team Keeling & Publisher admit to decisive mathematical errors in doomsday paper

See also ::: Widely Reported & Alarming Ocean Warming Study is Wrong

This too :::   Media Gave Blanket Coverage to Flawed Climate Paper 

Mathematician's Statement :::  Major Problem with Ocean Heat Uptake Paper 

The general rule is that ======> Planet Earth and its oceans are designed to proliferate the TRANSFER OF HEAT; and not to hoard heat. 

In addition:  No sunlight = No Infrared Light = No co2 absorbing infrared heat which would only have ended up in the middle latitudes via the Latent Heat of Vaporization Mechanism, anyway.

illustration of how far light travels in the ocean.

The reality is that the oceans are NOT vaults of co2-captured-heat or any other kind of heat coming from the atmosphere.  The oceans are liquid spring boards that create LATENT HEAT that turns into a vapor, while simultaneously rising out of the oceans, getting caught in a wind, and then traveling to the colder latitudes of Planet Earth, thereby accomplishing its mission of Heat Transfer.

The Latent Heat Mechanism of oceans" tropic & sub-tropic zones involves the RELEASE of heat ... not the absorption of it.   Obama was such a liar, in using the oceans as an excuse for the evident cessation of Atmospheric Global Warming,  and there surely was not any "ocean global warming."  Yet, President Goldman-Sachs Obama, the Drone Strike President, had to designate the key to all life-giving photosynthesis as a pollutant --- as an unwelcome nuisance instead of as the proliferation of life on Earth.

Obama owns a mansion at the Atlantic Coastline, within walking distance of the shoreline, three feet above sea level.  This is his message to the world that he did not believe in the assertion that catastrophic sea level rise was soon to prevail.  Yet, he preached this assertion as the decisive issue on Earth.

What Obama needed to acknowledge was that Nuclear Winter is far worse than Global Warming ever could be.

The Equilibrium Reflex of the Atmosphere

Remember, the atmosphere is always trying to achieve equilibrium, and that is what often causes turbulence and epic weather events to occur.  The attempt to balance-out the Earth's weather conditions, counter-intuitively enough, caused epic & tragic weather events.

The atmosphere of a planet, if it has one, is its gaseous envelope surrounding the planet.  The only part of the vast oceans of Earth which is part of the atmosphere is none other than . . . the latent heat which generates from it via vaporization. 

The oceans were being used as an excuse for the failure of the predictions of Jim Hansen, Michael Mann, Al Gore, John Kerry, and others who want the world to believe that a molecular compound that inhabits less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere can control the other 99.95% of the same atmosphere, and then cause the world to heat itself into annihilation.  You've got to be kidding. 

The depth of the Aphotic Zone in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans is 9,000+ feet.  The depth of the Southern Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 7,400 feet.  And finally, the depth of the Arctic Ocean's Aphotic Zone is 653 feet.  None of that part of the oceans is hoarding any increase in atmospheric heat, and that happens to be a massive amount of cubic area.  The oceans are not big tea pots.  They are only able to absorb and transport throughout its water basins the heat that comes from the Earth's mantle, via sliding tectonic plates.  

Incidentally, recent scientific discoveries concluded that the heat which ended the Major Ice Age, aka the last Glacial Maximum, came from the bottom of the oceans and eventually made its way into the Earth's Atmosphere.  The length of time that it took for this allocation of heat to occur was said ... by the research crew ... to have taken 1,300 years of rising ... from the oceans.

Concerning this, a pertinent rule goes as follows: 

Firstly, before the Public School System stopped teaching students how to think with numbers & sequential logic, it was commonly known that it takes 100 calories to elevate the temperature of 1 gram of water from its freezing point to its boiling point.  

~Well, it takes 533 or so calories (2230-2235 joules) to turn a gram of water at 100 degrees Celsius to a gram of vapor at 100 degrees Celsius. It takes much more energy to vaporize something than to melt it.  That's the essence of Latent Heat, and that seems very logical in a science that often seems very counter-intuitive. 

The Number 1 implication of this scientific axiom is that the oceans do NOT have the surplus of caloric energy needed to be hoarding the insane amount of heat that the Barrack Obamas of this world, the Resplendys of this world, the Bill Nyes of this world, and the Keelings of this world claimed that it was hoarding.   The Global Warming Pause of 1999 to 2016 was 100% real ... 100%  true ... 100% authentic.  Period.  

Incidentally, it takes 80 calories of latent heat dispersion to turn a solid like ice into a liquid like water . . . per gram, of course.

There is also the matter of Latent Heat of Condensation:  That's the released heat that turns vapor into liquid ... as when atmospheric water vapor becomes morning dew.  On land, water vapor is affected by lowered nighttime temperatures, resulting in dew being seen in the morning.

Latent heat is released heat that does NOT change the temperature of the material involved.  The released heat only changes the STATE (aka the PHASE) of the material/substance involved.  When measuring condensation, it's basically the Latent Heat of Vaporization with a negative sign placed in front of the number.  Vaporization and condensation have an inverse relationship, as do two things known as:

Sublimation and Deposition.

Sublimation is when a solid turns into a gas without first becoming a liquid.  Deposition is when a gas becomes a solid without first becoming a liquid.  So stated for the record.  For a solid such as ice to turn into vapor, without first turning into liquid, 720 calories is required ... per gram.  Sunlight can provide this. 

Incidentally, Latent Heat activity achieves the objective of loosening molecular bonds within a substance/material, thereby widening inter-molecular space within.  After all, a solid is tight, and a gas is loose

In as much, you studying "the latent heat of the vaporization of water" (for starters) will take you out of the dark.  

The following educational video might help:  Latent Heat Tutorial

This educational video might seem more clear to you:  FuseSchool: Specific Latent Heat

The bottom line is that there is a difference between the Heat of Vaporization and Temperature per se (Sensible Heat).  The heat of vaporization has a mission of turning water into a vapor which will end up in the colder latitudes of Planet Earth.  This is the foundation of the Transfer of Heat throughout the spherical Earth.

Temperature-Per-Se (sensible heat), on the other hand, is mostly understood as a steady state routine, especially as it applies to ocean water, being that land temperatures change more rapidly than any ocean water does.   

Q: And why does ocean water temperature change more slowly?

ANS 1:  Air is more flexible than water.

ANS 2:  The pressure remains predominately unchanged in its predictable rate of increase and decrease with ocean water level; much like the adiabatic rate with air temperature.  Water pressure only changes by the change of location downward or upward. Air pressure changes come to you.  This includes the arrival of hurricanes.  Air pressure can become intensely turbulent ... not by the increase in pressure, but by the decreasing of it.  Deadly hurricanes are low pressure systems.

Both water and air pressure follow the rule of the Coriolis Effect, however.  Concerning water, it's called Eckman Transport, and it travels downward in the ocean like an angular spiral staircase.

BTW, there is a difference between steam and boiling water. The only similarity between the two is that neither one is occurring at the oceans' surfaces, as John Kerry & Barrack Obama would want you to believe.

The Heat of vaporization sounds more active and energetic. In contrast, temperature per se (Sensible Heat) preserves something.  Meanwhile, the heat of vaporization changes something.  Thus, a steady state temperature of the ocean is the science of statics, while the heat of vaporization is the science of dynamics. 

Q: Now, why are ocean vapors instinctively traveling to the temperate zones, above the Tropics?  

ANS:  In both Hemispheres, from the Latitude 40 degrees to the Pole, more heat exits Planet Earth's atmosphere into outer-space than enters the Earth's atmosphere from the same outer-space . . . 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Ocean vapor travel is the natural attempt to equalize the Earth's atmospheric temperature throughout the planet.  It prevents a snowball Earth.

The hue of the coldest January in 40 years, by Patrick Anthony Pontillo

In Review:

If the aforementioned zipped over your head and you failed to understand the point made, take note of the following: 

During the Obama Years, there was the Global Warming Pause ... the Hiatus.  Well, pro-Al Gore scientists ... in search of lucrative government funding ... used the oceans as an excuse for the Global Atmospheric Temperature Pause.  Those scientists claimed that Planet Earth was still heating-up in an unending progression of time, and that the increase of heat was being absorbed by the oceans.  That is super easy to prove as a total falsehood via 

1 - the oceans' Latent Heat of Vaporization Mechanism which mostly is the driver in changing phases of substances from liquid to vapor, when it comes to the oceans. 

2- the vast Aphotic Zones in every ocean, 

3- the absence of finding any pronounced, Godzilla-sized, ocean surface temperature "anomalies" that go beyond one season in time,

4- and tourists flocking to the oceans every Summer, along with tourists going on ocean cruises, as in Love Boat type scenarios.  Not very many customer complaints are there.  Simply ask the cruise-line operators.

The four features assured the reasonable person that there was no "carbon foot-printed Global Warming" filling any of the oceans during the Global Warming Hiatus of 1999 to 2016.  There simply was a stop in the increase of global atmospheric temperatures during that time span.   And there was fraud being committed by the people associated with the East Anglia office.  Yes, a roomful of scientists can easily be (or become) a den of thieves --- as in Theft of Deception, especially when they alter the 1990s graphs to make the early 1920s look like the coldest years of the century, when the truth is that 1921 was the year of the great meltdown ... or else "melt pulse."  And 1922 was Heat Wave City, also.  1923 was no cool-down either.

The cessation in atmospheric temperature rise is the reason why the East Anglia scientists and pro-Al Gore people changed the name of "Global Warming" to "Climate Change."  The fact that the title, Global Warming, was changed to, Climate Change, is evidence that the scientists knew that there was NO GLOBAL WARMING from 1999 to 2016.  Such persons are known as frauds, and anyone who accepts money based on a fraud is known as a thief.  There are remedies in civilization for theft, especially Grand Larceny.  Do the math herein.

Now, various agencies claim that the oceans have great capacities to hold heat, especially "man-made" industrial heat.  This makes it sound as if the heat remains in the oceans for decades.  Well, whatever heat does find its way to the ocean surface quickly gets jetted out into the air via the Latent Heat of Vaporization Mechanism.  

Thus, if the oceans were holding tremendous amounts of man-made heat, then we all would have noticed it in atmospheric temperature "anomaly" rises that remained constant, and not merely being something seasonal --- such as Summertime.  Record cold weather was repeatedly being experienced, from Australia to Niagara Falls, and from Brazil to Nova Scotia, as of recent.

Look at it this was:  Simply because a cop wears a badge, it doesn't mean that he is a just & honest man, especially as was the case in the American Segregation South, in 20th Century South Africa, in Nazi Germany, in Latin American dictatorships, in Leopold's Belgian colonies, in the Court of Oyer (Salem witch trials), and in the good old USSR.  Likewise, simply because a guy is wearing a lab coat, it doesn't make him honest, especially when he is in dire need of Congressional funding, or NGO donations, or even grass-roots donations.  

People have lied to gain power and money, whether they succeeded in their attempts or not.  Look at Peter the Great's sister, for example ... and thousands of other people.  Sometimes the lying occurred with a badge or a lab coat or a crown.  Scientists need to be vetted and audited.

All in all, other things trigger hurricanes ... not the molecular compound which inhabits less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's Atmosphere and which has a night-light's radiative forcing of 3.7 watts per meter squared.  CO2 does NOT drive the other 99.95% of Planet Earth's atmosphere.  

Now, if you insist that greenhouse gases trigger turbulent weather, then you must concede that the only greenhouse gas that has any power do to such a thing is WATER VAPOR only.   CO2 is NOT the Big Bad Wolf.  It's Plant Nectar ... plant food ... plant fertilizer.  CO2 is Pygmalion giving life to a sculpture, on a molecular scale.

None the less, the answer to Barrack Obama, as he sits in his oceanside mansion, is this:  

If the oceans were hoarding the heat that was absent from the atmosphere during the 1999 to 2016 era, then there was no Heat Transfer occurring throughout Planet Earth, being that the oceans were sitting on the heat.  If there had been no Heat Transfer occurring between 1999 and 2016, then the Great Lakes would have been turned into glaciers ... for starters.  

Then there would have been the matter of Lake Champlain, the Hudson Bay, the Boston River, the Allegheny River, the Ohio River, the Missouri River, the Snake River, the Colorado River, as well as Niagara Falls.   In general, it would have been Ice Cube City.  Therefore Barrack, you are a liar.  Typical for a politician sitting in a seaside mansion.