February 27, 2024

Zombie Joe Biden, Liar Extraordinaire & ALLEGED Long-term Snake on the Take

The "Zombie Outbreak" will expectedly occur on Wed, Nov 6, 2024.  The "zombies" will first seek to kill or badly hurt everyone wearing a red MAGA cap.  It  used to be called, "being a sore loser."  Today, such vandalism, arson, and murder is called "saving democracy."  However, it's no more than the raising of an army of brainwashed Manchurian Candidates.
Of course, as a registered Democrat, I am expected to defend Joe Biden, in light of recent disclosures concerning his acquisition & retention of classified documents, as well as his feeble incapacities, from A to Z.   This includes his inability to pronounce every word in a spoken sentence ... literally.

Well, okay then.  Here we go:

How dare you Republicans tell everyone that Biden is mentally incompetent & unable to stand trial!!!!  He's demented, you say?   Oh yah???   Well, I'll show you.  

Joe Biden's memory is fine.  He has no diminished mental capacity, at all.  Just ask Francois Mitterrand.  He'll tell you.  After all, Biden said that he talked with Francois shortly after the 2021 inauguration.  And Mitterrand is very easy to locate, too.  He has been at his family's tomb, in Jarnac, France, since January 1996.  He has been there for the past 27 years, only due to cancer.  Other than that, Francois Mitterrand is doing just fine.  (Note:  For those in the American public school system who are being dumbed-down to the point of Functional Imbecility, the aforementioned is called Sarcasm ... Satire ... Snideness.  Got it?)

Now, if you won't believe Mitterrand, then you can ask Helmut Kohl.  He'll tell you that Biden is solid at the helm.  After all, Joe said that he was talking with Helmut as recently as 2021.  And Helmut has only been dead for 6 and 1/2 years.  He died in 2017, four years before the most recent time Biden claimed to have spoken with him.  

                      Hey, what can I say?    Joe Biden sees dead people.    I'll bet you can't do that.

Now, if you still refuse to believe that Zombie Joe Biden is fully functional in mental prowess, then simply ask the president of Mexico with whom Biden claimed to have spoken in February 2024, about opening up the Egyptian border.  The president of Mexico will tell you that Zombie Joe is mature & focused, with absolutely no signs of dementia.  Oh wait.  I forgot.  It's a sin to tell a lie ... or two ... or two hundred.  Never mind.

Now from Reality Check Central  

Firstly, Joe Biden had TWO brain surgeries in 1988, and he never did have a stellar intellect.  In fact, he graduated toward the bottom of his law school class, to the tune of 75th out of 86 grads.  

In every speech that Biden gives, his goal is to get re-elected.  He is  not there to comfort you ... not to inform you ... not to encourage you ... not there to update you ... not to instruct you.  He only wants your vote.  So, he tells the world how evil his sole election opponent is.   He then employs intimidation tactics which look like a comedy farce, as in an ornery old hair sniffer screaming and acting all so Mr. Tough Guy.

Then, when Biden gets caught doing something blatantly wrong, he simply says, "That's a damn lie."    This is followed by MSNBC & CNN covering for him, insulting our collective intelligence all the more.  Yet, the cover-up job didn't go as expected.  Not everyone was deceived.  After all, the January 2024 Prime Time CABLE ratings showed that FoxNews had twice as many viewers as did MSNBC, and FoxNews had three times more viewers than did CNN.  That's embarrassing.

None the less, the Biden Factor is the same as the Feinstein Factor.  And for those not current on American politics, Feinstein was known to have had memory issues and mental acuity issues while in office.  Yet, she refused to step down.  And why?  It's simple:  SELFISHNESS.  Such as far more of a motivation for staying in office more than wanting to stay there to cover-up one's senatorial misdeeds.  Selfishness never brings unity.  As far as went Feinstein, a Chinese spy was discovered to have been working for her.

And of course, some of the most murderous and destructive rioting spanned across the United States during the reign of the career politicians who have been in power for 30+ and 40+ years.  They only succeeded at bringing back disunity and increasing the national debt to the point of Economic Failure and Financial Default.  

They showed all the signs of not caring about the state of America that they would leave behind.  And they all live in wealth.  That's ironic for a government said to be of the people for the people and by the people.  Well, under their tenures ... from those of Feinstein to Biden to Pelosi to Schumer to Waters, etc ... America became an Oligarchy.  And the rest of us became the Little People.
Bug off, Jagoff.  Photos like this one easily makes a guy believe Tara Reade completely.  For those not current on politics, the woman in this photo is not Tara Reade.  Tara literally defected to Russia, in fear of retaliation from the Biden Clan.
The First Sign that Sick Joke Joe Was Actually a Nightmare Was When ...

The first Reality Check publicly seen about Biden was Biden's destructive handling of Afghanistan which was an untold outrage & disgrace.  Enemies of America ended up dressed in American military uniforms.  They also took possession of the American military technology that was left behind, for anyone to reverse-engineer.  Add to this the outrageously high inflation rate which immediately ensued in 2021, concerning what is known as Demand Pull Inflation.  

The Border Lie

The border fiasco also began in early 2021, and Biden always did have the legal ability to close the border, "upon the discretion of the president."  Three years later, however, he elected to lie about the border fiasco, claiming that his hands were proverbially tied.  He claimed that he asked the Republicans in the US Congress at the beginning of his administration to give him the power to fix the border.  Well, proof that this comment was a complete lie existed in the fact that, in 2021, the Democrats controlled the House & the Senate --- NOT the Republicans.  

Moreover, Biden repealed the Trump exec orders which fixed the borders, in the first place.  Biden's opening of the borders carte blanch was equal to opening Pandora's Box at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Father Christmas in Washington DC ... NOT

In case you never studied economics, know that Joe Biden tried to pull a fast one ... yet again.  He wanted to come off as the ever-so-generous Father Christmas.  He was then going to hire 87,000 IRS agents to take back from the American citizenry & Corporate America the money he had just recently handed out to America.  

It's assumed that Biden thought that the injection of congressional funding would rev-up the multiplier effect.   Well, not when there is not enough inventory to circulate along with the added dollars injected into the economy.  

One might say that Biden was performing "the redistribution of wealth."  HOWEVER, when the purchasing power of a redistributed dollar slides downward, and results in grief-inducing inflation, nothing gets redistributed.  All is negated.  The retailers get the injected money, at an inflated price.  The injected money doesn't travel through an expanded circulation.  

This is why some type of manufacturing is needed in every economy.   At least a service, as in accounting, building design, academic course design, medical papers, psychology papers, science papers, historic cataloguing, statistics services, stocks & bond maintenance, archeological analysis, satellite analysis, mapping, spy services, etc.

Being that this discourse does not assume that the reader knows basic econ, let's move on.

All in all, the American poor were not saved by Biden.  The poor became enslaved . . . to higher prices which is an extra nail in the coffin of the poor.  Then came mass retail theft, as if pirates landed and seized major American cities.  Apparently MSNBC and CNN don't realize how unbelievably pathetic Biden has been, as president.  This administration has been a completely sick joke.

Classified Doc Gate & Ye Olde Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Concerning the many classified docs which Biden smuggled out of US government facilities, his mind was enough in tact ... while he was senator & even VP ... for him to have been accountable for having violated the classified docs laws of the United States.  Those docs had to have been deliberately taken from a SCIF on each occasion.  A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, pronounced skif and NOT shif (which is more proper).  No one accidentally takes a classified document from a SCIF.

Well, you can hear the unfolded events of Biden's Classified Doc Gate in the video linked below here.  For those in the American public school system who have been dumbed-down to the point of Functional Imbecility, this concerns Biden's classified document retention & storage thereof.  

Biden did share classified info ... ALLEGEDLY ... with his ghost writer.   Well, it's "on tape."  Therefore, it's more than "allegedly."  Thus, Biden is someone who believes himself to be above any law.  Or else he simply ignores the law as something optional.  

And concerning Joe Biden's ghost writers, did they, by any chance,  include Francois Mitterrand & Helmut Kohl?  After all, Mitterrand & Kohl are both dead, and Biden did claim to have spoken with them some time recently after his 2021 inauguration.  (And yes, this is a snide joke, even though spiritual entities do exist, such as angels ... no matter what Bill Maher says.  And concerning Maher, I know what you can do about him.  Pray for him and fast for him for at least one day.  Try it.)

The  Newsmax video linked directly below here basically reviews the lies Biden told in February 2024, after he was found to have knowingly & willingly taken possession of classified documents, and kept them in his personal homes, even while he was a citizen ... and even though only a president has the legal authority to handle and de-classify classified docs.


                           ===>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gvNVuEfdeg  <===


The following video directly below here is that of Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro reviewing the same February 9, 2024 press conference, where hair-sniffing Joe once again lied to America.  Also in the video is an illustrated conversation about Jeffry Epstein.  Two photos of post-mortem Epstein are there.

Now, he who claims to know everything is full of El Crappola.  Thus, no comment about Epstein will be made here.  You have to get your info from someone who studied the case more than did the average bear.  That case appears to be an overly time-consuming one, and the Blue Marble Album already presented enough topics, as it is.  Maybe Mark Groubert & Eric Hunley made the deep dive into the Epstein case.  You can try them. 

Being that there are two photos of post-mortem Epstein in the Kelly/Shapiro video, it serves as educational material, in a nation that sometimes still gets to be the Land of the Free.  No full censorship of that video as of yet.  So, get your info while it's hot.  

One quick note:  Epstein died during Donald Trump's tenure.  So, don't include Brain Dead Biden in the conversation about this case ... I think ... maybe ... unless Biden's people are obstructing the investigation into Epstein's death.  If that's the case, then we have a super problemo.  

                                      ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫   ♫     

                      ===>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prQluWTMBhM  <===

                                      🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹
As a serious note:

As a registered democrat, I am going to purposely vote AGAINST Joe Biden.  This includes voting against any member of Biden's political clan, aka "administration," if the opportunity presents itself.

Airheaded Harris ... Space for Rent 

And remember, a certain CIA agent who retired in good standing publicly called Kamala Harris "an airhead."  I concur.  In fact, that which is called Kamala's "cackle" is actually reminiscent of a Bimbo Airhead's Giggle.  So, you can refer to her as Airheaded Harris.  A cool breeze ... of mindlessness.

Kamala Staffers left through a Revolving Door of Attrition.  Office said to be Toxic

Proof that the idea of Kamala Harris becoming president of any nation would be the sickest joke of them all exists in the UNDENIABLE STATISTIC that numerous staffers of her exited her office/department.  This is the sign of an intolerable human being.  The list of "leavers" include the following.  Go and look up each and every former Kamala staffer, yourself.  

Callie Patteson    Meghan Groob    Rohni Kosoglu    Vince Evans    Peter Velz    Symone Sanders    Tina Flournoy    Sabrina Singh    Michael Fuchs    Rejan Kaur    Karly Satkowiak    Gabrielle DeFranceschi    Kate Childs Graham    Nancy McEldowney    Ashley Etienne    Sarah Gouda

When you do familiarize yourself with each member of  the Exodus from Kamala Cast, remember this:  It's proof that Kamala's unpopularity is NOT due to racism, being that Sub-Saharan African-Americans and South Asian Americans departed company from Kamala, also.  

Moreover, keep in mind that Kamala's voter popularity in 2020 was at an embarrassing 2%.  She had to drop out of the presidential race, before the first primary/caucus.  So, go and familiarize yourself with the partial list of Departers ... of the Kamala Exodus Staffers ... of the Bye-Bye Kamala Crew.

Now, read the linked articles below, so that you will not be deceived into believing the latest lie which claims that the less-than-focused Kamala is unpopular due to this alleged nationwide racism which is said to still exist, despite the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and trillions of dollars of Affirmative Action Projects.  Before reading them, take into account the following:

If America were still flooded in racism, then the following things would not have existed:

[1] a black president twice ... [2] black supreme court justices ... [3] two black secretaries of state, one of whom was/is an expert at the piano ... [4] several black corporate officers ... [5] several black physicians ... [6] a number of black attorneys ... [7] a number of black mayors ...[8] multiple black military officers, including the rank of Chief of Staff ... [9] numerous black multi-millionaire TV and Silver Screen stars ... [10] numerous black multi-millionaire recording stars, including comedians ... [11] numerous black multi-million dollar athletes throughout professional sports ... [12] the Repeal of segregation in the former Confederate South ... [13] Trillions of dollars worth of Affirmative Action programs which included [14] HUD renovation projects and [15] URA renovation projects ... [16] Four African American senators simultaneously serving in a nation comprising 12.9% African Americans ... [17] Sixty African Americans simultaneously in the House of Representatives, as of 2023.   Ladies & gentlemen, this is the opposite of systemic racism.

It's NOT 1861 anymore.  It's NOT 1961 anymore.  Nor is it 1941, 1921, etc.  You have to find a new topic to persuade voters in your upcoming campaigns.   The Race Topic has been overdone, and it's a sign that Americans in politics are uncreative and low in perception.  In as much, the true Kamala issue is based solely on the content of her character which amounts to her lack of character:

Do you still doubt Tara Reade's accusations?  Note: the lady herein isn't Tara.  This photo is meant to show Joe Biden's trend, habit, tendency, etc.  Was he not aware that people would see this?
            From the US House of Representatives' Committee on Oversight and Accountability                            🌟🌟     ======>   The Bidens' Influence Peddling Timeline   <======   🌟🌟

There is also the matter of the Hunter Biden laptop and the 51 "American Intel Agents" who deceived millions of Americans into believing that it was one big Russian con game, aka "disinformation."  Well, the Russians would want someone as incompetent and buffoonish as Joe Biden in office.  So, Russia would have joined the 51 American Election Interference Accomplices, when it came to the Hunter Biden laptop embarrassment.  After all, Putin said that Biden was preferable to him, because Biden is predictable.

And of course, a recent report from an NY Times best selling author recently reported that Brennan and his CIA kept hidden from America the intell product which found that Putin and Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election.  This report furthermore throws the Russian Collusion Hoax deeply in the proverbial trash dumpster.  

Trump should sue ABC TV ... for malice ... to the tune of hundreds of millions, for its personnel deceiving people into thinking that "Putin has something on him and has him blackmailed."  No.  The Biden Family is the one who was found to have had money transfers from the widow of the late Mayor of Moscow.  ABC, CNN, & MSNBC should be stripped of all FCC licensing. 

As another reminder, the Guardian did report that Hunter was paid $83,333 a month while working for Burisma, beginning in 2014.  All other specific allegations of this particular case don't match each other, and I'm not taking sides.  More than one accountant and investigator is needed to sum-up obvious suspicious Biden income.  
Sen Jeff Sessions swatting Biden's hand off of Jeff's grand daughter.
All in all, the suspicion that Joe Biden was on-the-take ... as in bribery & influence peddling ... is prima facia plausible, based on the fact that Biden has been observed living beyond his financial means.   And remember, we are dealing with a senator's salary, and NOT a Dupont inheritance.  Yet, during his third year as senator, he obtains a Dupont Mansion that was acquired at a very low price, when it comes to mansions in the 1970s.  

None the less, that price was still four and a half times a senator's salary.  Needless to say, the media of today made the acquisition of 1974 sound like the purchase of a dilapidated "fixer-upper" house in total disrepair.

There's more to convey about this, which needs added confirmation, such as life insurance policy cash values used as currency for the purchase of a mansion 4 and a half times the purchaser's yearly salary.  Concerning this  ...  if true  ... 28 year old senators don't have much cash value in any life insurance policy to use as currency.  Thus, there is more to come in the Biden financial saga, if time and circumstances permit.  

There are additional financial jigsaw puzzle pieces that comprise evidence against Biden, for sure, but only generally speaking.  To deny those pieces is to insult America's intelligence.  Plus, to deny that Joe Biden is a pathological liar is an additional insult to the American intelligence.  He's  an 81 year old who acts like an eleven year old, blaming everything on Trump.   But, the details of his immaturity are beyond the scope of this discourse.  

Then comes USA Today, in it reporting that:

"The committee has already obtained bank documents showing a company owned by Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company two months after Joe Biden left office as vice president.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were then paid to members of Biden’s family, according to Comer."

As a quick note, bank documents equal several smoking guns.  So, quit insulting America's intelligence by claiming that there's no evidence against Biden.  The mainstream media's choice for president is a demented serial hair sniffer.  More importantly, 1988 brain surgeries and the demands of the US presidency do NOT mix well. 

One of the allegations does NOT make sense

There was the allegation that a Burisma exec paid Hunter and Joe $5 million each, for corrupt services to be rendered to Burisma.  HOWEVER, this does NOT make sense.  Hunter was already getting an alleged $83,333 per month from Burisma.  Why would he also get a large lump sum which would serve as a bright red flag, for bank officials?  

Multiple assetless LLCs (aka shell companies) are beneficial for money laundering which involves sifting and dividing sums of money in the distribution thereof . . . in the distribution to people who carry the name, Biden.  Therefore, the accusation of a $5 million lump sum payment per Biden ... unfiltered to each of the two principle Bidens ... CANNOT be trusted.  

HOWEVER, 5 million dollars did end up in the account of Hudson West III LLC; a company jointly owned by Owasco and also Coldhabour.

From the US House of Reps Oversight & Accountability Committee.  Bank records don't lie.  But, democrat party members in Congress, such as JAMIE RASKIN do.  
The bank record evidence gathered thus far is super compelling against the Biden Players.  Raskin is an unconscionable liar.

A transfer of money from Moscow was located on bank records too, allegedly from Elena Baturina.  But, there was a cash transfer from her allegedly made to Rosemont Seneca Bohai.  The sifting & filtering of funds comprise money laundering, and it literally takes a map to show the public how the money was laundered.  This is the job of Representative Comer.
This is only one of many pages available free to the public, at the US House Oversight Committee
This explains the establishment of Rosemont Seneca Bohai which is not to be confused with shell company, Rosemont Thornton.

Someone needs to tell the Chinese that you DON'T have to pretend it's okay when a politician gets weird on your kids.  
The Russian Hoax Hypocrisy

There is one publicly seen ... on the wide open plane ... which instantly shows that there was no "Russian Conclusion" between Trump and Russia.  Now, keep in mind that the claim is that Russian Conclusion took away votes away from Hillary ... giving them to Trump ... preventing Hillary from being the "Ceiling Smashing" first woman president of the United States.  

Well, the evidence that this did NOT happen in any capacity is in front of everyone's face.  It consists in the fact that HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE, in 2016.  She received 2,864,974 more votes than did Trump.  She even won over 225 electoral votes.  If there were this mystical collusion in process, then Hillary would NOT have gained so many votes.  

Now look & perceive:  Hillary received 65,844,610 votes, in 2016.  This is almost the exact same number of votes that Barack Obama received in 2012.  He received 65,899,660.  The trend of 2012 remained the same in 2016, showing no alteration of the political trend of American politics.  Thus, no collusion.

Likewise, Trump received almost the same amount of popular votes that the most recent Republican president did.  In 2004, George Bush II received 62 million votes.  Kerry received 59 million.  Then, in 2016, trump received 62.9 million.  Even in 2012, the insufferable Mitt Romney officially received 60,932,153 votes; almost 61 million.  Thus, there was no pronounced alteration in the nationwide voting trend, showing that there was no colluding with any nation, including Russia.

Then comes 2020.  If Russia colluded with Trump, to beat the democrat party opponent in 2016, then the same colluding would have happened in 2020.   Well, Biden officially received 81,283,501 votes.  That's enormous.  In fact, Biden received 7 million more votes than did Trump.  That was above average in margin of victory, but it was no record.  The record holder in the popular vote margin was Reagan, in 1984, over Walter Mondale, to the tune of 16 million votes.  None the less, Biden was credited with the most popular votes in US history.  This indicates NO Trump/Russia Collusion against the Democrat Party nominee.  These facts were in front of everyone's face, all along.  Therefore, MSNBC & ABC are an insult to the American voter intelligence.

The Common Trait of Trump States, in 2016 ... generally speaking

In the 2016 election, the common note amongst that states which Trump won was that a significant number of people in those states [1] went to church on Sundays, [2] and believed in the moral code which saw Abortion on Demand as a serious sin against God, equal to murder. Trump won all the  States statistically recognized as the Most Church-going States.  Wisconsin was an exception.  However, Hillary ignored Wisconsin, not visiting it in 2016.

Even the northeastern State of Pennsylvania has numerous Italian and Eastern European Catholics in Philadelphia, as well as numerous Eastern European Catholics & Orthodox adherents in Pittsburgh.  Elsewhere in Pennsylvania were the country folk or "Podunk residents."  Country folk are known to go to church on Sundays.    

Trump won Florida, Texas, and Arizona.  Those are Hispanic states, and Hispanics are known for Catholicism and their respectful devotion towards Our Lady of Guadalupe.  All in all, Sunday church-goer states are inhabited by people who have the mindset of Forgiveness & Amendment.  So, these people did not care about Trump's past.  They cared about his future policies.

BTW, the least church-going states were New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Those are cold weather states, when it comes to wintertime & Sunday.  Those are also wooded states, where people equate cities and industrial settings with the Church.  Do the math on that thought.

Hillary would have won in 2016, if . . .

All in all, the determining factor of the 2016 election was one issue:  Abortion.  The Pro-Life candidate won.  If Hillary Clinton ran on a pro-life platform, she would have become the first woman president of the United States.  She sabotaged herself by adhering to Abortion-on-Demand.  It was Pro-Lifers and NOT "Russian Colluders" which determined the outcome of the 2016 election.  Only an imbecile would believe the mainstream media mouthpieces who obsessively tooted the "Russian Collusion Hoax."

And of course, the hypocrisy of it all was in Joe Biden imposing ZERO SANCTIONS on the RUSSIAN woman who sent a large sum of money in the direction of Hunter Biden.  Trump was NOT colluding with the Russians.  The Biden Family was.  How stupid do the mainstream corporate media's editors & stockholders think that Americans are?  

In addition, in 2016, Hillary would have won.  HOWEVER, she has ALLEGEDLY been on the take ... as in $12 million from Morocco.  She might not have been able to have sheltered all unaccountable funds into the Clinton 501C.  Then again, she would have had the power to prevent deep dive investigations.  After all, billions of dollars designated for Haiti performed an amazing disappearing act, and no one in the media brings it to the fore, anymore.

Of course, the one thing we all learned from this political corruption is that the crime that a corrupt politician accuses his/her election opponent of committing is the crime that the accuser politician is committing, himself.

See:  Hunter Biden's Russian business associates spared by US sanctions ---again.  It's found at:

And then there was a recorded phone call ... with Joe's voice on it ... talking about the conditional $1 billion loan guarantee which was only going to become a reality upon the Ukrainian powers-that-be terminating the services of a prosecutor general who was allegedly investigating Burisma.  Listen for yourself:

There is also the matter of former Biden Family business associate, Tony Bobulinski, whom the mainstream media belittled with a seething disrespect:

There are a number of damning allegations against the Three Bidens and their incomes which need sifting and assessment.  However, such a thing takes time, and such time is not available at present, for the Blue Marble Album. Representative Comer and Company can take care of it.  

But of course, Comer will be endlessly mocked by CNN, MSNBC, Goldman, Raskin, etc, etc.  None the less, there is much more of the fraudulence of Joe Biden to convey which has been mostly ... but not completely ... ascertained.  But again, the availability of time isn't present, here.  So, we go to the next topic.  
Biden the Liar

His narration of how he meet Jill was one big lie, according to Jill's early 1970s husband ... and according to official Catholic Church record-keeping which blatantly indicates that Jill & Joe Biden were NEVER married in the Catholic Church.  

Joe met Jill during Joe's first senatorial campaign.  Jill's husband was a campaign volunteer and a donator to the 1972 Biden campaign.  Sometime thereafter, an adulterous relationship ALLEGEDLY transpired between Joe and Jill.  The lesson here was that, when Joe moves in, Joe really moves in.  

Jill the Adulterous' husband was night club owner Bill Stevenson.  He was enlightened to the affair when a man walked into Bill's night club and offered to pay for damages done to Jill's Corvette.  Bill was informed that Jill was not the one driving, during the collision.  The driver was Senator Biden.  

In little time, Bill told Jill that she had to leave their house, and depart from Bill.   A civil divorce proceeding ensued.  All was said and done, on civil court paperwork, in March of 1975.  Then, in 1977, Joe and Jill presented themselves before society as man and wife.  It turns out that they were living in the state of adultery under the false guise of having been married in the Catholic Church.  Thus, Biden has always been a liar claiming that he is Roman Catholic.  Joe Biden is VERY anti-Catholic, especially when he promised to make sure that Roman Catholic taxpayers would be forced to pay for an excommunicable act which will result in a future version of the Nuremberg Trials.  In the end, mass murder ends up on trial, no matter when your propaganda machine deceptively called that type of murder. 

Jill claimed that a Catholic priest "married" her and Joe at the U.N.  Firstly, Jill needed to get a Declaration of Nullity from Joe's Catholic diocese of Wilmington Delaware.  Jill, herself, was NOT Catholic.  She was confirmed in the Presbyterian Church.  

In 1977, being that Jill had long-since taken marriage vows with a man who was still alive, she was still regarded by the Catholic Church as being married.  Her only possible option was to get a Declaration of Nullity which declares that a defect existed at the beginning of her marriage with Bill Stevenson which made the marriage invalid from the start.  Defects include "a lack of consent to marry" or "immaturity on the part of one of the two partners," etc.   None the less, there is apparently ... allegedly ... no such declaration of nullity for Jill.  Thus, Joe & Jill never had a marriage in the Catholic Church.  Joe Biden says he's a Catholic.  He is no such thing.

Now, if Jill had gotten an annulment, it was next necessary for her to have gotten an indult from the Archdiocese of New York, for her and Joe to perform the Sacrament of Matrimony at the UN.  

Plus, Joe and Jill also needed to get an indult to engage in a Mixed Marriage, regarding mixed religions ... and not race.  

So, two archdiocesan indults and one declaration of nullity were needed.  The circumstantial evidence is that there were no indults granted to the couple, and there was no annulment for Jill.  This is another instance which shows that Joe Biden lies and lies and lies again ... and again and again and again.  Jill was a part of this particular lie.  Now remember, these are the owners of a dog who but 24 humans at the White House, showing how utterly white trash Joe & Jill really are.  At present, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the White Trash House.

If Jill and Joe exchanged vows at the UN in front of a Catholic priest, then the ceremony ... and their marriage ... would have been placed into the records of the parish that oversaw the UN.  That parish is Holy Family Parish.  Well, the pastor of that parish expressly said in 2022 or in 2023 that there existed absolutely no record of Joe and Jill Biden getting married at the UN, in front of any Catholic priest.  

In conclusion, Joe and Jill are NOT married in the Catholic Church.  They are literally living in sin.  Thus, they are in an adulterous relationship, under the very false guise of being validly married.  We have further evidence that Joe Biden's life is one big lie.  This makes Biden the Liar in Chief.

An indult is "special permission."   The two links below will explain the Biden Lie about him and Jill more clearly.  It will explain that Joe Biden once again is a liar:

Then comes Joe's first wife who died during the 1972 Christmas shopping season, shortly before Joe was to go to DC and take a senator's oath.  He repeatedly described the truck driver involved as someone who chose to "drink his lunch," as in alcohol consumption.  But of course, that was yet another lie of Biden the Endless Liar.  Ever-so-coincidentally, the records of that accident ended up missing ... gone ... nowhere to be found.  Wherever Joe Biden is, the truth disappears.

The driver was Curtis Dunn, and he was NOT charged with any offense.  From 1972 and onward, Biden would not let the guy be at peace.  Biden ... in my opinion ... likes to employ emotional theatrics for votes ... and for getting out of an embarrassing situation.  After all, he has repeatedly brought up his son, Beau, as a smoke screen.  Yet, numerous people in the modern United States went through a close family member dying of cancer.  I did.

For the record, Beau Biden did NOT die in Iraq.  He died in Maryland.  There are more examples as to Joe Biden being an endless liar ... and a theatrical emotions manipulator.  But of course, there isn't the time to scour through the specific records and reports, at present.

Krystal Ball lists a litany of Joe Biden's lies in the video linked directly below here:


Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti of the Hill team-up and review Biden's years of lies and a plagiarism scandal:


Medhi Hasan of the Intercept recalls FIVE of Biden's lies.  One of the lies was a hyper-theatric lie.  Well, listen for yourself, while the info is still available.  Get the info while it's hot.

Australia tuned in on Biden's non-truths, also:

Slave Labor Joe

Joe Biden and one other senator pushed for Sweatshop, Slave Labor, Atheist China to be fast-tracked to favored nation status.  Biden couldn't care less about the plight of the working man and woman in China.  Yet, the democrat party is supposed to be the "livable wage" party.  Well, not under Biden.  None the less, reparations are due to these underpaid workers.  

As a former student of one of JFK's economic advisors who also scored a 100% on a national-level accounting exam authored by Harvard University, I can tell that there is a painless way to do the reparations, while benefitting the American middle class.  The money will come from those outrageously rich ... whose windfalls came from not paying the Asian sweatshop workers, in the first place.  There is also reparations due to modern African children who were child field laborers ... in Western Africa.  As a reminder, we are talking about present-day reparations; modern-day reparations which is nothing more than "back-pay."  

The implications of 17th, 18th, and 19th Century slavery is for another discourse and is therefore beyond the scope of this discourse.  However, as an effective preview,  know that the descendants of the very poor Ellis Island immigrants who never had slaves in Europe owe ZERO DOLLARS in reparations, concerning anything that transpired in America before those poor Europeans arrived next to the Statue of Liberty, in the 20th Century.  Thus, the Greeks, Italians, and Lebanese owe zero reparations.  The Slovaks, Slovenians, and Poles owe zero reparations.  The Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbians, Slovenians, and Croatians owe zero reparations.  Lithuanian-Americans owe ZERO reparations, too.   So-on-and-so-forth.   

In addition, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants and others whose ancestors lived in the Northern Free States owe zero dollars and zero cents in "reparations."  Thus, people from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc owe ZERO REPARATIONS.  Northerners were financial victims of Southern slavery, due to undercut prices.  Northerners couldn't compete with companies who had low labor costs.   We move on:

BTW, Libya has had legalized slavery ever since the murder of Omar Qaddafi ever since Obama let him be murdered.  Yet, Omar changed from his evil ways.  Well, Biden was VP at the time, and this instance was a message to the world that you cannot trust an American politician.  The abandoning of the Afghan friends of America was the same message.  This is thanks to Obama, Benghazi Hillary, and Joe the Hair Sniffer Biden.  Let us review:

After the fall of Qaddafi came the Libyan slave trade.  Biden, Obama, and Hillary looked the other way.  They were in power when Qaddafi was brutally murdered.  His murder is a reflection on them.  The world now knows that you cannot trust American presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries of state.

Many Afghans helped Americans for years. They were then abandoned by Biden, shortly after he became president.  And he became president with the propaganda help of a very dishonest CNN & MSNBC.  Look at the pattern here.  If you are not white enough, then Joe Biden eventually abandons you.  In fact, the modern politician's pattern/trend has been this:  Black Lives only matter once every four years.  Go and see for yourself.

Income Disparity is the modern issue of pertinence, in America

Concerning 21st Century sweatshop & field slave labor, there is the matter INCOME DISPARITY to address, and such disparity rose under Biden's watch.  In fact, it resulted in 2011's Occupy Wall Street grass roots campaign.  Zombie Joe was El Vice Presidento during that time. 

None the less, Biden's push for China's fast tracking & favored-nation status resulted in a tremendous Trade Balance DEFICIT.  Plus, millions of American jobs ... including those which could have been held by numerous black/African workers at a much higher wage than what was paid to modern slaves ... went to slave labor China and to other slave labor nations.  This was all done under Biden's watch ... under Nancy Pelosi's watch ... and under Maxine Waters watch, proving how hypocritical life-long American politicians have been in these past four decades.  

The American Dictator for Life Club: "career politicians" who don't give anyone else a chance

And of course, a 30+ & 40+ year-long politician in DC is basically a member of the Dictators for Life Club.  Those politicians were accomplices to modern slavery, making them the ultimate hypocrites during BLM rallies.   They were there when the national debt went from 4 and 1/2 trillion dollars in 1999 to an unimagined $34 TRILLION in 2024.  This illustrates that the 21st Century United States government has been a really sick joke.

 Biden did not feel your pain or the pain of those overseas workers who were made into sweatshop labor retail store slaves of the American consumer.  Biden's indifference in this type of slavery was an outrage.  This is why court venues such as the Nuremberg Trials emerged.  Slave Labor was the 6th Criminal Count, during the Nuremberg Trials of the late 1940s.  Apparently, no one learned anything from the Nuremberg Trials.  Mankind continued in its same path.  Killing, killing, and killing some more.

The 1988 Campaign

Joe Biden lied so embarrassingly in 1988 that he had to end his presidential campaign in disgrace.  I remember the Joe Biden of the 1980s.  In public, he always looked ticked-off.  He looked like he was ten seconds away from starting a fist fight.  Feisty politicians never bring unity.  They become long-term bullies who seek to punch-out people wearing MAGA caps.  Well, if I'm going to wear anything that states, "great again,"  it won't be the MAGA hat.  It will be this:
There were one hundred Western Roman Emperors, from the Julius Caesar years to 476 C.E.  Only about a dozen or so emperors reigned longer than did [1] Nancy Pelosi, [2] Maxine Waters, [3] Chuck Schumer, [4] Mitch McConnell, [5] Patrick Leahy, [6] Strum Thurmond, [7] Robert Byrd, [8] Dianne Feinstein, [9] John Dingell, [10] Joe Biden, [11] John Conyers, [12] Don Young, [13] Hal Rogers, [14] Steny Hoyer, [15] Chris Smith, [16] Ed Markey, etc, etc, etc.  This is equivalent to a confederation of American Dictators for Life.

The ultra-left thinks that it will take full power after creating BLM chaos and fining the rich into destitution.  Its planners should study history.  History does repeat itself.  So, study political upheavals in history and do the math.  The left wing's antics will only result in the rise of another Napoleon ... or another Caesar ... or another Merovingian Dynasty which countered the fall of Rome and the rise of the Barbarian invasions.  

There was even the rise of Moscow after the 1453 disaster at Constantinople, as an example as to how politics can change all at once. As soon as it was established, Moscow Russia was called the New Rome.  Once upon a time, Geneva Switzerland was called the New Rome.  Do the math here. 

When things get really bad, Donald Trump and all others presently in politics will be out of the equation.  Then will come the second coming of Napoleon.  The only question is, "Will he be a Benevolent Napoleon or an Evil Napoleon?"

The brings us to a question:  What's the solution, if Biden is too incompetent ... and if other certain persons are nothing more than white-male-haters & racists disguised as the victims of racism, even though they live in untold wealth & comfort.  The answer is easy:

MICHAEL SCHELLENGBERGER FOR PRESIDENT ... or Secretary of State ... or UN Ambassador ... or at least White House Press Secretary --- after he's vetted.  If not feasible, then there are others in the House Reps who are not troublemakers and who would work well ... as well as other democrat party members who are quite moderate and decent.  

The small number of dem politicians who happen to always be in front of TV cameras are the dangers to society.  They never give other democrats their turns.  The US Congress has 535 members.  Yet, you only see a handful of the members appearing & re-appearing on TV, like the annoying ghosts in a haunted house.  So, they make all democrats look like sick & twisted freaks filled with hatred toward white males.  

The perpetual TV presence of a small few who are NOT representative of democrats everywhere is beyond the scope of this particular discourse.  It's the Same Old Same Ole, with them.  It's tiring.  There is more to life than the two issues obsessively expounded by a handful of dems who do NOT about life in the common world ... in the real world.  Rather, they live in remotely accessible wealth, basically in Fantasy Land.

The one issue that I've seen common amongst all true democrats who are not super wealthy is =====> the livable wage & income disparity.  The super wealthy democrats' stance is at variance with the political stance of the working tradesman/craftsman & diligent employee.  That's for another discourse, however.

BTW, Nikki Haley is a liar by claiming that the Civil War was not caused by slavery.  It sure as Hell was.  Plus, Nikki Haley said that American was never racist.  Well, it sure as Hell was.  And it was extremely anti-Catholic, too.  In fact, the worse lynching in American history was done upon eleven Italians, in New Orleans, on March 14, 1891; one day before the 1,935th anniversary of the killing of Julius Caesar.  Then, in 1911, Italian were proclaimed to be a little worse then the "negroes."  

Moreover, in 1785, Roman Catholics were forbidden to build their St. Peter's Parish Church within New York City city limits.  Then, in 1806, protestors gathered around St. Peter's, during the ordinary, centuries-old, traditional Christmas Eve Mass, upon which a riot started.   Something so common to Europe was frightening to the Protestant New York, at the time --- a very backward time.

In as much, know that Nikki Haley is the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CANDIDATE FOR 2024.  If you're stupid, you'll vote for her.  If you think you're smart when you are not, you'll vote for Biden ... thinking that you're pulling a fast one.
Now for Gavin Newsom: Arrogant Liar who thinks you're stupid enough to believe him

Gavin Newsom is another wall-to-wall liar who thinks that you're stupid.  As a quick example of Newsom's deceit, call to mind what he said about today's petroleum prices.  He said that the high prices were caused by oil company greed.  He claimed that the price of gas would be the same today as it was during the Trump years, if the oil companies didn't commit price gouging.  Well, there is one thing that undoubtedly proves that Newsom was lying ... and that he obviously isn't very intelligent.  That piece of evidence is called the FUTURES MARKET.  If you want to know what the proper price of a commodity is going to be next season, look at the futures market today.  

Now, observe what a LIAR Gavin Newsom is.  Below is a graph of  Brent Crude per barrel pricing, as reported by NASDAQ, from 2018 to 2024

                 Now observe below the average US gas price during same time span.  Brent 
                 Crude prices ... derived via the Futures Market ... do mirror gas station prices.   

                 Do you see that Newsom is a con artist who doesn't know what he is talking 
                 about?  Under Governor Newsome, San Francisco has been a disaster area.
                 Gavin Newsome is not worth his hair gel.  Did Biden ever sniff his hair?
Just so that you'll know, Brent Crude was about $83 toward the end of February 2024.  West Texas Intermediary Oil was $78.21, at the same time.  To make a long story short, maybe by September 2025 ... not 2024 ... Brent Crude might be down to $70, if you don't change government officers.  Simply refer to the Futures Market.  Voters should not waste their time listening to CNN or MSNBC.

Price Stats

On the day when Zombie Joe Biden took office, the avg price of gasoline was $2.36 a gallon.  It kept rising until it reached an average of $4.94 per gallon, in 2022.  Under Donald Trump, it went as low as $1.84.  But, as far as goes the pre-covid19 pandemic price, on March 5th, 2020, it was $2.42.  On March 11, 2020, covid19 was declared a pandemic.  Prices dropped drastically.

While we are at it, let's go to West Texas Intermediary Oil prices for the past 5 yrs.  When Biden entered office, the price was about $53 per barrel.  By June 2022, it had rocketed up to $121.51.  Under Trump, it got as low as $12.78 per barrel, on Apr 27, 2020.  The pre-pandemic price was $34.36 per barrel.  All in all, Gavin Newsom is a liar, claiming that the price of gas was guided by anything more than the Futures market.  See for yourself.

All in all, a vote for Newsom is as disastrous as a vote for Biden and/or Kamala the Giggler.  All in all, to support someone as evil as Joe Biden is to be someone as evil as Joe Biden.  Supporting someone as deceitful as Newsom will backfire on the supporter.  Remember the scorpion.

Liar, Liar, Your Soul's on Fire

Now, as far as goes Joe Biden's future, he apparently ignores the fact that we all are under the laws of time.   Concerning Biden's destiny after time ends for him, Hell & its spiritual torment is filled with people who never thought that they'd go there.  This includes those people who spent a lifetime not believing that Hell even exists.  

People who are living Hells end up going to Hell, if they have no remorse before entering into eternity.  After all, there is such a thing as conversion ... contrition ... a change of heart ... amending your ways to take into account.  Yet, Biden hasn't changed.  At the age of 81, he is still an uncharitable, feisty, brawler, whenever he's not an intrusive hair sniffer.

There is a great wager ... gamble ... investment ... and consequence ... with being human.  It deals with time and eternity.  You might have trouble believing this, but you are never going to stop existing.  The question is how you will be existing when you enter Eternity . . . after you walk out into ... or float out into ...  or rocket out into the Great Beyond.  

Your state of existence, when you go past the threshold of Eternity, is all that matters.  And of course, what you do on Earth results in what state you will forever have in the Eternal Great Beyond.  So, being like Joe Biden is never worth it.  After all, Joe Biden is utterly worthless.  Joe Biden is detrimental.  Joe Biden is a really sick joke.  If he's too senile & demented to stand trial, then he is too senile & demented to be president of Mexico ... or Egypt ... or the United States.  A vote against Biden is a vote to save America.                                                 
It might help for you to know that the author of this discourse was taught economics in early 1980s, by one of JFK's ad hoc economic advisors.  Also in the 1980s, he scored a 100% on a nationwide accounting exam issued through Harvard University.  In fact, his qpa at the time was 3.6.  4.0 was a straight A qpa, and 2.0 was a straight C qpa.  QPA meant "quality point average."

The same author has done government contract work and he did earn eight different security clearances in his life.  HOWEVER, they were NOT top secret security clearances.  It was the small c-corporation for whom he worked which had a top secret security clearance, on an "as needed" basis.  His were all medium security clearances.  He has no top secret info to convey.  And he was never required to sign any type of non-disclosure agreement.  He only has a handful of anecdotes from his personal experiences to convey.  But, for some other time, perhaps.

Most of this author's security clearances were simply issued to him, so that he go into government-run facilities.  This included the good ole fashioned FBI Security Clearance, and this included going into a secured government research complex, where an inspector expressly told him to keep a certain gate "always locked," because "Some of the scientists here aren't wrapped too tight(ly)."