September 1, 2022

The Perfect Storm of Deceit: The Global Warming Scare.


This is now the designated Table of Contents Page, aka digital bookshelf, in matters of atmospheric science, ocean stats, weather events, water levels, air & surface temperatures, etc.  The titles in red ink are links.  Click away at will.
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 Let us begin with a phase of line item learning:

 -4,000 Year Pattern:  Earth's climate has changed naturally,  every 124 to 600 years.

-Wake-up Call:  WATER VAPOR comprises 90% of all greenhouse gases,  by volume.

-It's a Trace Gas:  CO2 only comprises 21/50,000th of the atmosphere.  That's 0.042%. 

-A Lesser Trace Gas:   Atmospheric Methane was only 1.886 ppm.  It's now 1.889 ppm.

-Even Less:  The N2O about which the UN ranted exists at 1 part per THREE million.

-The Ordovician Ice Age:  occurred when CO2 levels were 9+ times higher than today. 

-Reality Check:  Cirrus Clouds retain more atmospheric infrared light than does CO2.

-The Great Irony:   In its liquid state, CO2 is commercially used as a REFRIGERANT.

-Infrared:  CO2 has three vibration modes.   In one mode, CO2 can't capture IR light.

-CO2 Watts:  The radiative forcing of CO2 is 3.7 watts per meter squared; a night light.

-No CO2 means no life on Earth:  When CO2 is below 150 ppm, photosynthesis halts. 

                                Conclusion:  CO2 is Plant Fertilizer . . . not Jet Fuel.

 -Panic-free "Sea level has risen 8 - 9 inches (21 - 24 cm) since 1880." 

 -U.S. satellites:  From 1992 - 2017, the average sea level rise was only 2.8 inches.

-Hottest Year on Record:  The hottest year on record in U.S. history was *1934*.

-The worst drought in 1,000 years:  NASA announced that it occurred in *1934*. 

-Cold Start:  Record North American cold-wave continued into January *2018*.

-Coldest Finish:   The coldest cloud mass recorded was -168F on Dec 29, *2018*.

-Encore:  Worse N. Amer. cold-wave (4,700 cancelled flights in 2 days) in *2019*.

-Record Cold Numbers:  4,000+ record lows in U.S. from Oct 24 to Nov 1, *2019*.

-Depending on locale:  Coldest February since 1936 & 1989 was February *2021*.

-The Antarctic Winter:  The coldest Winter in  Antarctica's  history was in *2021*.

Responding to Global Warmists' predictions that there will be mostly failed crops:

-Agro Exports:  The record high year for U.S. Agricultural Exports was in *2021*.

-Record American Harvest: America's record high soy crop harvest was in *2021*.

-Record harvest:   Australian farmers harvested their largest wheat crop in  *2021*.

-Record Rice:  India's all-time record high rice production of 121 mt was in *2021*.

-Record high sugar cane crop:  For the State of Louisiana, it's #1 year was *2021.* 

-The overpaid Al Gore, John Kerry, Michael Mann, & Jim Hansen got it backwards. 

-Roman Warm Period:  Scientific Reports marked it as 2 degrees C warmer than today. 

-Greenland Snow: Greenland's record 12 GIGATON snow gain was on May 26, *2021*. 

-US Forest Srv:  1926-1943: 650 million acres burned.  2004-2021: 133 million burned.

 -The Al Gore CO2 Theory:  the belief that the steering wheel moves the driver's hands.

-Definition: No temperature increase in the middle of Troposphere = no global warming.

-Newsflash:  The photos above and below illustrate the actual carbon footprint of CO2.

Water Vapor has ZERO carbon footprint, and it's 90% of all greenhouse gases, by volume.

Photo by Marissa Goerke, January 6, 2021.   Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica
                close-up photography of koala bears eating leaves during daytime