January 21, 2017

Exceptional Hypocrites

The individual in the buggy believed herself to be exceptional
and the rest of us unclean heathens.   Yet,  she did not object
to using the heathen road and slowing traffic to a virtual halt.

American Exceptionalsm is
Chauvinism; a bumper sticker
phrase used in 2012 that pro-
longed the polarization of the
Bush/Cheney years.

Several advancements came
from foreign-born inventors,
such as Farnsworth, Fermi,
Graham Bell, Volta, Faraday,
Marconi, and Tesla.
America is a land of immigrants.  It's the world in miniature.  Thus, the concept of
isolating America high on a 'shining hill' is a contradiction to what this nation signi-

The idea of American Exceptionialism amounts to a trickle-down caste system.  It
accentuates the Republican Party's trademark animosity toward immigration per se.
In fact, if the Republican Party of today had its way in the 1930s, Albert Einstein
would have been denied a visa and Oppenheimer would have eventually vanished
in a Nazi concentration camp.

If the Republican Party had any wisdom, it would have showcased America as the
place where you get the best of all worlds, all cultures, and all ethnic backgrounds.
But no.  The Republican Party had to morph into the Southern Democratic Party.
It had to incorporate into its thought patterns the bigotry that prevailed during the
George Wallace years, the Strom Thurmond years, the cross burning years, the
lynch mob years, the chattel slavery years, etc.

The phrase insinuates White Anglo Saxon Supremacy.  Well, there are Asian Amer-
icans,  African Americans,  Latins Americans, Arabian Americans, Scandinavian
American , Western European Americans,  Eastern European Americans, Native
Americans,  and a few arctic polar bears in American zoos :-).  In as much, the es-
sence of America is EqualityNOT conceited, elitist, superior-race, trickle down

Furthermore, if not for a few French military men, such as Rochambeau & Gilbert
(the legendary Marquis of Lafayette), there would be no United States, due to the
incredible incompetency of the American generals at the time ... including George
"Brooklyn Heights" Washington who was outflanked so badly by the British that
no reasonable person could take him seriously.  In as much, George Patton was
America's military genius not George Washington and definitely not the George
Clinton whose job it was to evade the British until the French navy came to the
rescue at Yorktown.

The other reality check is that not all American regions are alike.  Have you ev-
er heard of the word, Redneck?  That's exceptional?   No one thinks so.  In fact,
have you ever heard of the word, 'ghetto?'  Well, that's an indictment on Ameri-
can government and big business.  After all, there's nothing exceptional about
any business that makes its windfall profits on the sweat of exploited factory
workers overseas and in Mexico.  In like fashion, there's nothing exceptional
about any government who allows such criminal profiteering, in violation of
the Nuremberg case authority's Count #6 ... namely slave labor.

Why does America seem indifferent to the fact that endocrine disruptor chemicals
are a trademark of the water supplies here?  Why does it ignore the obscenely high
U.S. Trade Balance Deficit?   In fact, why is there no plan to undo exorbitant col-
lege loan debts that impair America's ability to achieve the American Dream on a
mass scale?  ... high gasoline prices that yield high oil company profits? ... the fact
that the 2012 minimum wage carried 30% less purchasing power than did the 1968
minimum wage? ... the size of the DOD, CIA, & HLS budget? ...  the level of gang
membership and related criminal activity?   ...  income disparity?  ...  an unlimited
& disparate campaign donation system that takes the financially impoverished out
of all public debates?  ... exorbitant hospital expenses?  ... the rise in Autism?  ... the
rise in Asthma?  ... the highest incarceration rate on Planet Earth? ... the lowest SAT
scores in history?  American Exceptionalism is merely a smoke screen.

In re:  The 1968 min wage vs the 2013 min wage, regarding purchasing power:

In re:  America's historically low SAT scores:

The aforementioned things are concurring indications of negligence and manipu-
lation, on the part of today's politicians and their revolving door lobbyists; not
exceptionalism in any capacity whatsoever, except for exceptional evil being
committed at the good ole boy crony level.  America needs to clean-up its act
on a molecular level, a financial level, a societal level, an academic level, an
ethical level, etc.  As an example of corruption in the U.S. Congress, front and
center, see:

In sequence, the United States is the second fattest nation on this planet, and
it recently was #1 in obesity.  This indicates that America is either the second
most lazy nation on earth or the second most estrogenated nation on earth or
the second most stressed-out nation on earth.  Well, the cancer rate of Ameri-
ca, in combination with its obesity rate, would indicate that its a matter of
Americans being inundated with endocrine disruptor chemicals which hap-
pen to fuel cancer and increase weight-gain.

After all, "the pill" is never filtered out of the water supply, due to technological
limitations.  In like fashion, chemically laden fragrance products are estrogenated,
and America is presently obsessed with these depositories of estrogenated chemi-
cals, at a 24 hour a day, seven day a week rate, be their plug-ins, clip-ons, sprays,

Next comes the FBI's 2011 Gang Threat Assessment statistics for America, and
that statistical fact that SAT test scores in America are at a historical low.  Add
to this the fact that the present American youth is a circus of tattooed freaks.


More than one person spoke about the new phenomenon of gluttonous fragrance
products reeking out of cars, brought to us by the generation that huffed Scotch
Guard and drank cough syrup excessively, for the cheap high it brings:

One young and healthy-looking deli clerk said that she choked a few times when
a fragrance-gaudy car stopped near her.  Another young and healthy-looking lady
interested in soccer confirmed that today's parking lots are riddled with gluttonous
smelling cars, and did so with her eyes wide open.  Her manager did the same.

A sporting goods sales woman spoke of how those cars triggered her asthma, even
to the point of mentioning that she was able to detect the Febreze clip-on at a nota-
ble distance, with her husband being a witness to her respiratory radar.  A health
food store cashier spoke of how the cars of fragrance gluttons gave her splitting
headaches.  This makes America the most inconsiderate and obnoxious nation on
earth, as obnoxious as anger-provoking radio talk show hosts.  Rush Limbaugh
set a very hateful example.  Incidentally, "Excellence in Broadcasting" was a
Pittsburgh radio station's motto plagiarized by the very uncreative Limbaugh.
Yes, Limbaugh was a Pittsburgh DJ in the early 70s, shortly before FM rock
stations emerged.  At the time, he was with an AM station called KQV.

At present, America needs a thorough house-cleaning, and not further name-calling
sessions, via radio talk shows which cry 'wolf' between commercials.  Flag waving
only attempts to hide the evils which need to be undone in America ASAP.  There
are people who have been trying.  But, the obstructionist Congress (Congress #112)
kept sabotaging all efforts, including efforts to rescue Detroit and resuscitate Cleve-
land.  Meanwhile, the US Trade Balance Deficit keeps rising at the rate of helium.

The truth is that advancements in technology depend on individuals, circumstances,
and opportunities, and not if whether you're American or not.  Plus, if Paul Ryan and
Rand(y) Paul believe so much in American exceptionalism,  then why don't they get
Americans to make the products that sit on American retail store shelves, instead of
letting big business exploit extremely underpaid foreign labor?  Why don't they get
Americans to be the customer service reps that are called at night, so that we can ac-
tually understand the accent of the customer reps whom we call?

Incidentally, Rand(y) Paul was only an eye doctor, and yes, he refused to dismiss
the verbose neo-confederate man from his staff.  This made national mainstream
news.  Now, if Rand(y) Paul should be president or senator, then we should make
all eye doctors senator or president.  In reality, to be a head of state you need to
be a Renaissance man or woman.  If you want to be the mayor of Mayberry, then
being an eye doctor will suffice.

Now, ophthalmology is an important profession, but so too is engineering, nursing,
auto mechanics, heavy equipment operating, computer programming, & plumbing.
So, why not make members of all of those important trades president or senator?
The truth is that you can only have one head of state.  Rand Paul isn't the one for
America or any other reasonably minded nation.  He would bring zero fraternity;
only division in a house already divided.