January 24, 2023

Security Clearance History Confirmation

The Need to Clear the Air   (Pun intended.)

The following is here, should someone need to familiarize himself/herself with me
ASAP.  It starts with Jpegs of my three 2014 security clearance certificates.  I've
had a little more than a half dozen security clearances in my life.  So, if you need
to know about me and make a quick assessment, this is where you start.

The 2014 FBI Clearance below literally states: "A search of the fingerprints on
the above individual has revealed no prior arrest data."  The source is marked
as CJIS Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, July 2, 2014.  CJIS stands
for Criminal Justice Information Services, and the security clearance was issued
out of Pasadena, California.
FBI Clearance, July 2014
Needless to say, above is the Pennsylvania State Police background check security clearance
This is the Act 151 Clearance - the child abuse background check security clearance.
The certification is of a yellow tint.  It's not something printed on white paper.

In order to get a concealed weapons license, you must pass a dual-layered
background check.  Now, I do NOT believe in guns.  In fact, I believe
that gun possession hould be limited to cases of reasonable peril (such 
as death threats), to citizens living in isolated sectors, and those who
already have security clearances, such as myself.  I do NOT believe
in random gun selling.  I'm HUGE on gun control.

Second Proof of PA D.O.C. Security Clearance

Note from Contracting Officer