May 13, 2024

Protest Sign Suggestions ... or poster slogan possibilities

I don't believe in walking down a city street with an in-your-face protest sign, being that such a thing eventually leads to violence.  I learned to never make your enemies look like martyrs.  Plus, bankruptcy-inducing boycotts have far more power than does a protest march.  I have nothing against making the enemies of mankind bankrupt.

Soap-box speeches in a grassy park, etc, are fine ... IF and ONLY IF you can guarantee no violence from those punks who like to kick pro-life ladies in the stomach.  Even at that, self-defense, defense of a third party, and a just war have their places in warranted circumstances.  It's not all a matter of letting the violent people prevail and do whatever they please.  After all, Adolph Hitler was not going to stop on his own accord.   The Brits, Americans, French Underground, Dutch Underground, Norwegian patrol, Canadian Black Watch, and Polish paratroopers needed to combine efforts and stop his regime.  Meanwhile, the Greeks were amongst the first ones to have to handle a very pushy Mussolini.

Now, when it comes to disagreements . . .

More preferable are debates on video camera, with  [1] Point, [2] Counterpoint, [3] Answer to Counterpoint, [4] the Second Party's fair chance to speak a second time ... all done away from bully activists who eventually make things result in violence.  However, today's political operatives threw out the proverbial window the FCC Fairness Doctrine.  They also threw out the concept of debate, in addition to the former FCC Fairness Doctrine.  So . . .

If you're planning to make a bumper sticker slogan on a site or on a poster ... and are having trouble thinking of a message to put on your protest banner ... then take a peek at the following.  You might come up with a better idea.  But, at least you will have had the jump-start needed to get the better idea.  

United, We Stand.
Divided, We Fall ... for con artists & liars.

Big Business, Small Minds. 

American CEO's suck the blood
of foreign sweatshop workers. 

We want to make a living.
Corporations want to make a killing.

Profit margins marginalize humanity. 

Big Brother is watching ... his bottom line.  $$$

When we are not on the same page,
we are on the same battlefield,
 fighting each other to the death.

Uninsured people dying of cancer all
happen to be socialists, according to
overly-paid right wing commentators.

Kill pain and not people.

A woman who marries for money is no different than a prostitute.  
When the money is gone, so too is she.

A Republican is a leech who doesn't want to pay his workers.                                                                A Democrat wants sex, drugs, & rock-n-roll, and then an abortion, 
after having messed up having sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll ... 
or having whatever type of music was used in the process.

A feminist is an operative who refuses to admit that, 
if her mom aborted her, then she would never have had
the opportunity to push abortion down society's throat.

 Joe & Kamala made America a vampire nailed in his own coffin.

States' Rights are asinine in an era when
you can fly to three states in one day. 

Republicans think that the Bill of Rights has a surcharge 
and is payable in thirty days.  Democrats simply think that 
the Bill of Rights lets them do whatever they want, followed 
by the taxpayer getting the bill and being expected to pay for it.

Consumer demand creates jobs; not Wall Street's rich.

Buying foreign is fine, if foreign buys American in return.

A well-paid foreign worker is yet another consumer of American goods.  
A worker being paid slave wages can't even afford razor blade to slit his wrists.

Records show that your grandfather voted democrat in the last election.
That was a huge surprise, being that never did this when was alive.

Today's illegal immigrant is tomorrow's registered democrat.

A terrorist is a person who tries to intimidate you into giving into his demands
through deadly forms of persuasion

America hangs from a cross of depleted uranium.

Henri Houdini's face should be on the dollar bill, 
and the caption under him should read, 
"Now you see it.  Now you don't."

Buy American, instead of selling out America.

110,000 white men in blue died 
to make the black man in
America free.  The men in blue were called Union Soldiers.

Actually, 360,000 white men in blue died during the Civil War.
Contagious disease is mightier than the sword.

The same land that gave the world Martin Luther also gave it Adolph Hitler.

St. Francis of Assisi literally brought peace to his environs.  
Martin Luther brought war to his environs and to Europe in general.

My Job is now in a foreign sweatshop.

So too is America's conscience.

Iron workers built America. 
Corporations let it fall apart.

In the cyclical flow of history, there always comes a time when
[1] the police get policed,    [2] the judges get judged,    [3] the
lawmakers get declared lawless &  [4] the hangmen get hung.  

(This is why there was the establishment of the Hague, the Court of Rome, 
the Nuremberg Trials, the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, the Tokyo Rose Trial,
the Charles Taylor Trial, the Andersonville Trials, the Parisien Trial against 
Marie Antoinette, the Thermidorian execution of Robespierre in Paris, and 
the trials against the Regicide accomplices of Oliver Cromwell, in London.)

Yet more:
                 1} It isn't that the good die young.  It's just that they die too soon.

            2} The mystery of love is that of transforming into the object of your love.

       3} The first sign of being in love with someone is 
            feeling emotional pain when the person is absent.

    4} The greater a person's capacity for love, the greater the person's vulnerability
          for hurt --- the greater his ability to sacrifice and endure suffering.

  5} An individual whose priority in life is to possess chronic comfort is an individual
       entirely void of love and equally devoid of compassion for others.

  6} The opposite of Love is NOT Hate.   It's indifference   ...   It's apathy.

  7} The greedy seek to kill off people.  The merciful seek to kill pain.

  8} Evil is NOT an essence unto itself.  It is privation.  It's the absence of a 
        good which ought to be present, but is missing.

  9} Beauty is an absolute.  It is the phenomenon of Harmony and Proportion.

 10a} If you permit the existence something that you know can kill someone, then 
          you have committed Murder by Negligence.

 10b} In similar fashion, if you can prevent an evil and then do nothing to stop it, 
          you are guilty of the evil not prevented.

For reflection:

   Modern Medicine is an arrogant contradiction.  It is said to be far more ad-
   vanced than the medicine practiced by the Ancients, yet it is incapable of
   curing numerous diseases.

  Forbidding a terminally ill patient to partake in experimental treatments, be-
  cause of the treatment not being approved by the powers-that-be, is the act
  of ordering that person to die.   If the person is going to die anyway, give that
  person the chance to survive, no matter how slight be the chance  ...  even if it
  means that the cost of the treatment will not go into the pockets of Big Pharma.

 People obsessed with abortion claim that no woman ever carries a human life,
 because the fetus cannot exist outside the mother's womb without assistance.
 Well, you cannot exist on your own when you are underwater.  According to
 the logic of the abortion-obsessed, you are not a human life whenever you
 are scuba diving.

 Martin Luther's religion was based on Luther citing a passage in an Epistle of
 Paul in which Paul stated that he no longer follows the Law.  Paul was talking
 about the 600+ rules and rituals of the Law of Moses.  He was not referring to
 the Law of Morality.  But, Luther made it look this way.  Luther failed to note
 that, in another Epistle, Paul wrote,  "Do not be deceived; neither fornicators
 nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor sodomites nor thieves
 nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the 
 kingdom of God.   1 Cor 6:9.

 The Church of England's existence was solely due to the fact that Henry VIII
 wanted a divorce, and he only wanted a divorce, because he saw that Catherine
 was no longer able to bear the much sought for son.  Henry also didn't know that 
 the father's donation of DNA is what determines the child's gender. Well, a male 
 heir, Henry supposed, would prevent England from returning to its warlike state.  
The quest for the Tudor male heir, in order to prevent war, is what caused war.

Being that a tree is known by its fruits, the definition of the Protestant Work 
Ethic is evident.  It consists in Protestants getting African Slaves, Chinese 
Sweatshop Workers, and similar victims to do the Protestants' work for them.  

      Let's understand something here:  White people who never owned slaves will
      soon be required to pay $14 TRILLION in reparations to black people who
      were never slaves, in the first place.

      Let's continue: White people whose ancestors came to Ellis Island decades
      after slavery was banned in America, and who did NOT own slaves while
      in Europe, will be required to pay the $14 TRILLION to black Americans
      who were never slaves, in the first place. 

      Likewise:  White people whose ancestors lived in the Slave-Free States of
      Maine, Ohio, etc, and who never owned slaves, will be required to pay the 
      $14 TRILLION to blacks who never were slaves, in the first place.  Hello?

The ones too cowardly to go to war are the ones who always end up waving the 
pro-military flag.  War heroes know how devastating war is to the human psyche.
They are inclined to advocate peace and understanding, as in talking things out.  
Chicken Hawk flag wavers are patriotic with the blood of others.

The person who assassinates other people's characters in front of your face 
is the same person who will assassinate your character behind your back.

Have a nice day ... night ... or whatever applies at this hour.