September 6, 2022

Climate Nazi Michael Mann: Hiding the Decline Since 1999

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Decline Hider & Canadian Court Lawsuit Addict, Michael "Sticks" Mann (insert pre-recorded audience applause here)

Today's episode:

His false claim that he personally was co-winner of some kind of Nobel Prize.  

Simplex Fact:

Climate Nazi Michael Mann is NOT recognized as a co-winner or sole-winner of any of the Nobel Prizes.  This was confirmed by the official Nobel Prize Office, itself, in an audio recording. 

Undeniable fact that this is true consists in the observation that Michael Mann was NEVER dominated for a Nobel Prize. Being that he was NEVER on the nomination list, he was NEVER on the sole-winner or co-winner list.  Case Closed.  He's a con artist.

Predominate Issue:

NEITHER he NOR any group affiliated with him have won the Nobel prize in SCIENCE.  Mann is fraudulently passing himself off as the ultimate end-all scientist in his particular field of study which is basically "surface temperatures."

The Great Self-negating Irony to the Decline Hider Guy:
Introducing the Temperature Decline that Michael Mann was hiding, and which was declared to exist in full, by an unanimous field of specialists ... as far .back as 1961.

The Nobel Prize office, itself, was the evidence to disprove one of Michael Mann's audacious lies.  It consists in an audio recording, recorded by a British journalist working for the National Review.  

This recording assures us that Michael Mann is NOT on the list of co-winning or sole-winning Nobel Prize laureates, in either the science prize, the literature prize, or the peace prize.   The evidence (the evidentiary audio) that testifies to Mann being a definitive con artist is linked directly below.  So, you do NOT have to feel that you have to be bullied by the guy, and you do NOT have to submit to him.  

And you surely don't have to submit to the present-day media who happens to be filled with personnel not known for common sense, honesty, reason, diligence, ... or humility ... and definitely not known for good taste in clothing & fashion.  

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Audio Proof that Michael Mann's Nobel Prize Claim is a fraudulent misrepresentation (aka lie) 

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At this point, it's also important for you to realize that Al Gore NEVER won the Nobel Prize in SCIENCE.  After all, Al Gore, at best, is a remedial student who went on Conan O'Brien's talk show and confidently stated that the center of Planet Earth is millions of degrees.  Try 9,800F to 10,800F, Al.  If the core of Planet Earth were millions of degrees, vaporization & annihilation would have occurred long ago.

In like fashion, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (aka the IPCC) did NOT win the science prize, either.  The two entities, in a joint awarding, won the Peace Prize, in 2007.  The peace prize is separate from the science prize. 

In addition, Al Gore and the IPCC never won the Nobel Prize in literature, either.  Neither did Michael Mann.  All in all, Michael Mann is the ultimate Climate Denier in having denied the existence of the Medieval Warm Period & the Mini-Ice-Age, not to mention part of the 1940 to 1975 temperature decline, with all of his "math trick" talent.   See: climategate emails.  

See:  =====>   The Climategate Emails w/ introductory narrations.   <=====

Now, concerning the 1950s, '60s, & 70s, the cooling trend had gotten to the point where England's growing season was shortened by two weeks.  No matter what today's lying propagandists publish, it was very cold back then.  In fact, as schoolchildren walking toward our homes, we had to turn around and walk backwards, so that the bitter cold would not directly stream down our shirt/blouse collars.  

It was assumed that Winters were to be bitterly cold, as a rule.  This is why the warming trend of 1983 & 1984 surprised people.  In fact, February 1998 was so nice that it scared people, including radio icon Paul Harvey.  Then, by the time the coldest winter in 40 years arrived (2014), humanity realized that Climate is cyclical.

See:   New York Times, May 21, 1975

Enter Keith Raphael Briffa (1952 - 2017).  He was the quintessential tree ring proxy advocate.  This means that he was an aficionado in Dendroclimatology.  His "reconstruction" of the past 1,000 years turned 600 years is this:

 Briffa (2000) Reconstruction (before fitting to temperature). Left-version from Briffa (2000); right-varying the Tornetrask and Urals versions to newer versions. 

Below: Look at the YELLOW LINE, toward the right side of graph, close to the 0C temperature anomaly X-axis.  If the Briffa reconstruction were not deleted, then Michael Mann could not have drawn a steeply upward sloping line to represent drastic warming ... or drastic end-of-cooling.  

Now, the Y-axis scale is not remarkable.  It actually deals with small increases or decrease in the temperature anomaly (aka temp changes.)  Using smaller increments exaggerates the slope of a graph and serves more to deceive people than to enlighten them.

Look at the Briffa Reconstruction again, in a more clear view.  It's based on tree ring density only.  The Briffa line is green and it starts at the Year 1400 or so.  

As far as goes Mann, he has two lines on that graph.  The thinner line is dark blue and it doesn't begin until 1580-1600.  That was ever-so-coincidentally after the great heatwave & drought of 1540.  None the less, that thinner dark blue line only involves temperatures from Latitude 30N to 70N.

The other line of Mann, the black one, involves all Northern Hemispheric temps from 1000 C.E to 2000 C.E.  That dark blue 30N-70N line is the one able to hide the decline.

The red line is Keith's version of temperature for the past 600 years.  The slope of the temperature decline was very pronounced.  So, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change simply cut off the decline.  Then came Michael Mann and his bag of tricks. The disappearing act ensued.

The MBH Hockey Stick Graph--- was never test driven or tested for cracks.  (M=Mann, B=Bradley, H=Hughes)

Michael Mann, Decline Hider Extraordinaire, never revealed the data sets that he used to justify the drawing of his asininely ridiculous hockey stick climate graph that denied the Medieval Warm Period and the very well chronicled Mini Ice Age.  

The irony to that graph was that it was a straight declining line for 1,000 years, by a half degree, as if Climate were in a perpetually stagnate coffin, except for handful of upticks.  One uptick was during the Wolf Minimum.  Oops.  

The Wolf Minimum came in 1280 and preceded the Great Plague of 1348.  The Great Plague is often regarded as the start of the Mini Ice Age.  Actually, 1280 C.E. can be regarded as the start of the half-a-millennium of Ice Dominance.  None the less, there were still occasional warm Summers and hot days throughout that time, one example being the June 28, 1778 Battle of Monmouth which involved 25,000 troops.  That was a huge number for the American Revolutionary War.  The June 1778 battle ended with the British withdrawing its troops at night.incidentally.

 None the less, the Briffa reconstruction had temperature that were higher at the start of the 20th century.  Thus, the real decline was a sharp downward slope. Mann decided to make the slop much more gradual.  So,  This meant that, according to Michael Mann, there are no natural mechanisms to create weather variations on an upward temperature trend more than half a degree.  This would subsequently mean that Planet Earth was headed in a straight-line crash course toward an irreversible Ice Age, in 3,000 to 4,000 years, with no vibrancy in between.  

According to Mann's graph, the Earth was saved from the eventual Ice Age by a mere 317 ppm of CO2 (in 1960), followed by not-so-high 325 ppm of CO2 (in 1970) and then a mediocre 338 ppm of the same CO2 (in 1980), and then a modest 354 ppm (in 1990).  

Well, there were a number of climate change scenarios in the past 4,000 years, when there were no combustible engines or coal power plants.  In some cases, there weren't even chariots.  Michael Mann's graph is an insult to human intelligence.  Well, all of Michael Mann is an insult to human intelligence ... not merely his hockey stick graph.  

The 2nd most asinine thing Michael Mann ever said in front of a camera.  

Michael Mann was asked how much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere.  Mann confidently said, "Half the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in ten years," ... in order to prevent a 1.5C catastrophic temperature rise.  Stop there.  That spoken line shows that Mann either knows nothing about the new findings in atmospheric physics or he is just not thinking when he talks.

Proxy history showed that not even a 2C rise is catastrophic, but rather, a 2C rise accompanied the rise of the great & historic Roman Empire ... of my ancestors ... well, half my ancestors, being that I'm one-half Greco-Roman-Jew and one-half Heinz 57.

For the record, it was scientifically & professionally surmised, via Mediterranean proxy material, that the Roman Warm Period was TWO degrees CELSIUS warmer than it is today, and my ancestors' fellow Romans fared very well during that time, even during the hot hot African enterprises, as well as during Roman excursions into historic Greece.   

Plus, the temperature rise helped the Romans finally conquer the hard hitting Gaul army of Chieftain Vercingetorix, in an eight year-long war, in a land known as present-day France.  Thus, a 1.5C rise tin surface temperature is NOT anywhere near catastrophic.  

For the record, the Gauls used to terrorize Italy ... demand tribute, take Italian gold, etc.  So, Julius decided to stop the terror attacks and bring back to Italy the Roman gold that had Vercingetorix's fingerprints on it.

None the less, here is the supreme asininity of that one Michael Mann assertion, concerning deleting half the CO2 from the atmosphere:

{1} Half of today's level of co2 = 210 parts per million (ppm).  That constitutes 50 ppm LESS THAN during cave-man days.  That constitutes 73 ppm LESS THAN the start of the 19th Century, aka the Napoleonic Era.  Both time periods occurred when the human population was much smaller than today.

See for yourself:  ***>  Atmospheric CO2 graph, starting at 1800  <***

{2a}  Today's population is 7.9 BILLION in human beings, meaning that much more crop harvesting is needed today than during the Napoleonic War Years when the world population was approximately 1 billion.  Thus, much more CO2 is needed today, and coincidentally enough, the atmosphere is presently providing the extra needed amount of CO2 for our era.  

{2b} CO2 is the KEY to PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  When CO2 goes below 150 ppm, all photosynthesis halts.  Life on Earth soon follows suit.  Dropping the CO2 count to 210 ppm is irresponsible.

{2c} NASA has already reported on the added greening of the Arctic Circle during the Summer months.  Extra CO2 increases photosynthesis throughout the Earth.  In as much, IF you want to "go green," the first thing that you have to do is INCREASE THE ATMOSPHERIC CO2 LEVEL.  Growers do this to their greenhouses, as a rule.

See:  NASA's Satellite Technology shows the greening of the Earth 

          NASA reports a greener Earth of recent

           CO2 levels making Earth Greener

            Added co2 and added plant growth demonstration

The asininity of Michael Mann and his fellow racketeer, Al Gore, is that they are doing the opposite of what it takes to "go green."  This anti-co2 mindset is the Supreme Asininity of the climate doomsayers.

In as much, pursuant to the NY Times vs Sullivan case law authority, I, a private citizen, state my opinion of public figure, Michael Mann:  

Michael Mann is a contrived fad.  He's an artificially propped-up mouthpiece, presented as the wisdom of the ages. 

Mann is only famous, because of the hockey stick graph.  Yet,  he never showed the public the data sets upon which his neon-lighted hockey stick climate graph came to be.   He could have made up that graph as much as some people made-up record breaking high temperatures in those parts of Africa which had NO WEATHER MONITORING STATIONS.

Thus, the one hockey stick graph which made Mann a contrived news show icon has never been tested for cracks.  It has never been test-driven.  Would you buy a car you never test-drove?  Of course not.  So, we the People of the United States do NOT buy Michael Mann's untested climate change hockey stick graph.  

This is especially true for those of us who worked outdoors, year after year, and decade after decade.  This is because we are experienced enough to know that ====> Climate is cyclical.

Plus, Michael Mann has a very financial conflict of interest in the promotion of his hockey stick graph which omits the historically supported Mini-Ice-Age which included:

{1} the great frosts, great floods, crop failures & mass starvation often mentioned in the Bristol Chronicles, as well as the Sporer Minimum which has now been concluded to have actually existed from the starting point of 1460 C.E.

{2} The irony & counter-intuitive hot year of 1540, followed by the cold account of 1640, showing that Mann's virtual straight lined graph needed more spikes in it, to reflect historic climate reality.

{3} The North American drought year of 1580, showing more of the need of upward spikes in the Mann Hockey Stick graph.

{4} The Grindelwald Fluctuation of 1560 - 1630, which even included out-of-season snowfalls.

{5} The well-known Maunder Minimum which included warm Summers, in addition to ice-ridden Winters.

{6} The Dalton Minimum of 1790 - 1830 which included the 1816 Summer That Never Was.

All in all, the "Mann, Bradley, & Hughes" graph is typically Orwellian, in that it rewrites history. 

Why don't the newscasters ask Michael Mann how much personal money he personally made since the publishing of his hockey stick graph?  Why doesn't Michael Mann simply come out and let us Americans know how much currency was transacted into his financial portfolio ... especially how many taxpayer dollars went into his personal pockets?

None the less, for the past 4,000 years, climate change has literally been occurring every 124 to 600 years.  Climate is a long-term roller coaster ride.   Climate is cyclical.

Ah, yes.  Michael Mann.  Hiding the Decline Since 1999.

Michael Mann proved himself to be utterly heartless, if not an indifferent psychopath, against an elderly retired Air Force pilot, on account of the pilot saying that, even though Michael Mann was teaching at Penn State, he should have been at the State pen (penitentiary).  One sentence was spoken, and a ridiculous amount of Canadian civil lawsuit attorney fees ensued.

The retired and elderly pilot who earned a doctorate degree let me know how much suffering Mann put him through, and he informed me that he intended to let the world know about those sufferings after the lawsuit ended.  Well, the lawsuit ended.  I don't know what happened.  There was no communication between me and the Canadian gentleman since I left Chicago, in 2019.

For now, I'll keep silent, out of civility.  If the gentleman does pass into eternity any time soon, I'll be the one letting you know about the suffering caused by Michael Mann.   Michael Mann is hatefully ruthless, for starters.  He also thinks that you are completely stupid and gullible.

And remember, pursuant to NY Times vs Sullivan, a private citizen may publicly state his opinion of a public figure, in the United States.  I'll be politely reserved for now.  I only stated half of my opinion thus far.

It suffices to state that some people in this world are really sick jokes, and for long periods of relative time, it appears that they will get away with every wrong they have ever performed.  But, appearances are not all what they appear to be.  History repeats itself.  

Do the math on this one ... on the person causing schoolchildren dread, causing gasoline prices to skyrocket as an advisor to the Dementia president, and causing an elderly air force pilot the loss of life savings and the gain of accompanying dread.  Justice, in the end, prevails.

For now, allies, be like a charming Latin gentleman, even if you hate us Latins to the marrow of our beings.  Do NOT write to Michael Mann.  Only address his superiors and the Court of Public Opinion, as well as a RICO court.  Do NOT walk up to Michael Mann in a restaurant and tell him that he's not welcome.  Let him have a relaxing time.  Do NOT picket in front of his house, office, etc.  Be as charming as a Ricardo Montalban.  Charm doesn't hurt anyone.   Meanwhile, simply boycott Michael Mann.

The goal is to see to it that humanity clearly sees that Michael Mann and the less than brilliant Al Gore has been lying, in sleight-of-hand deceit, all along.  In order to achieve this goal, it is NOT necessary to harass anyone in a restaurant or picket in front of his domicile.  People like Michael Mann are necessary to avoid, because he's a liar who will claim that you threatened him, if you get anywhere close to him ... or he will tell some lie about you.  So, stay away from Hockey Sticks Mann.  In fact, boycott Mann.


                  Private US Citizen #40,801,958.