August 5, 2022

Climate Discourse 6: Droughts

Driving through the Oklahoma Panhandle during the drought year of 2012.

Scientists and archeologists have repeatedly conjectured the existence of a 150 year mega-drought in the American West, starting in the final century of the Medieval Warm Period.   In confirmed specificity, (via tree ring analysis), there was a Great North American Drought which occurred between 1276 &1299 C.E.  This occurred long before the invention of the gasoline engine, when co2 levels were notably lower than they are today.   This shows that the Medieval Warm Period WAS a global event occurring in more than one Hemisphere, and not merely something limited to Northern Europe.

For the record, the Medieval Warm Period endured from circa 800AD to 1348AD.  In addition, the Mini Ice Age which followed endured from 1348AD to circa 1850AD.

Despite the scientific discovery of a great Medieval drought in America, it was in 2014 when NASA released the details of a study which found that the Drought of 1934 was the worst one in a thousand years.  That drought encompassed 71.6% percent of the western North American land mass.  This is more than the land mass affected by the Drought of 2012, which encompassed 59.7% of the same geographic area in general.  None the less, the second most severe drought in America, as recognized by scientists, was the one of 1580, when co2 levels were significantly lower than today, and when the invention of the combustible engine was 310 years away. 

See: NASA Study finds that the worst drought in the past 1,000 years was in 1934

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Historical Palmer Drought Indices | Temperature, Precipitation, and ...
May 1934 was only the beginning of it all.  Summertime was yet to come.

The media deception employed today is to deceive the public into believing that no heat wave or drought in the past thousand years comes close to the one of 2022.  This also diverts attention away from the fact that, the year prior, Antarctica underwent its COLDEST WINTER in known history.  

The drought of this Summer (2022) extended thus far to 39.8% of the US.  The droughts of 1934, 1580, and 2012 have got it beat.  Plus, 1954 was a year of severe drought, as was 1936, not to mention the trio of 1988, 1989, & 1990.  There is also a drought list of centuries prior.  All in all, the United States government officially asserts that "Drought is a normal climate pattern that has occurred in varying degrees of length, severity, and size throughout history."

The exact same United States government declared that:

"Tree ring archives indicate that agricultural droughts such as those that happened in the United States during the 1930s Dust Bowl era have occurred occasionally over the last 1,000 years, and climate model simulations suggest that droughts that may last several years to even decades OCCUR NATURALLY in the southwestern U.S."   (This negates Michael Mann's and David Attenborough's claim that the weather/climate of the past one thousand years was predominately benign and stable.)

This recognition of the American Southwest's natural drought potential also includes Southern California.  In fact, it includes what is properly regarded as the Leeward Side of California, as well as the Santa Ana Side, and as well as the Death Valley side of the state.  Therefore, Gavin Newsom was 100% lying to you, when he stated that co2 levels finally reached the stage where the Apocalypse came to California.  

The lack of "controlled burns" in California for consecutive decades caused the disastrous volume of burnt acreage, in recent years.  When you let massive acreage of fallen trees sit for decades, you create kindling wood that can easily torch forestland as easily as can gallons of gasoline.   Even at that, the forest fires of the 1920s, 1930s, & 1940s, in acreage burned, were far worse than the ones in the 21st Century ... the Century of Liars in Power.

  See:   US National Integrated Drought Information System 

The horror stories of present doomsday droughts have one huge folly which makes the scientists announcing the dreadful conditions look like the stereotypical high school ~nerds, ~dorks, ~dweebs, ~geeks, ~wedgy boys, ~swirly boys, etc.  And that is this ====>  No one in America is thirsting to death in societal quantities.  Bodies are not strewn throughout the lands, in heart-wrenching scenes.  Houses are not covered with windswept dust.

The other outrage is in claiming that certain victims of war are victims of Climate Change.  In as much, there is a difference between a drought refugee and a war refugee coming out of Adiabatic Heating deserts or 30th Parallel convection deserts.   Example, Syria does have a desert and has had it for a long while.

It then got to the point where large snowstorms & record colds were attributed to evil evil Climate Change.   Sometimes, it was done by misinterpreting "Lake Effect Snow."  At other times, subtropical low pressure systems were called the cause of such storms, in a delayed effect of moisture retention in the sky.  However, it does not work "that way" when the time delay goes from August to December.  This is because, according to NASA, a water molecule endures in the atmosphere for an average of nine days only.  Therefore, a heated August will NOT be the cause of heavy January snow.