June 21, 2019

The Perfect Storm of Deceit: The Global Warming Scare.

Here is an all-important thesis statement at the Blue Marble Album:

It's PETROCHEMICALS which are often harmful and irresponsibly
used, even in things as vain as chemically laden fragrance products.
Petrochemicals must be the focus of environmentalism's attention; 
NOT life-giving & life-necessary co2.

An increase of co2 increases the vegetative biosphere, and it has even
brought life to formerly dead zone of the Gulf of Mexico.

Obsessive undertakings in demonizing that which promotes life, name-
ly co2, has been ongoing for decades.  Meanwhile, silence accompanies
the real killers --- petrochemicals.  Mankind needs a new form of energy
because of the flooding of petrochemicals into mainstream society, and
NOT because of co2.

There are chemicals to which the public is commonly exposed and which
1) activates the AROMATASE ENZYME which turns testosterone into
estrogen, even in men,  2) break DNA chains (these chemicals are known
as CLASTOGENS,  3) become respiratory allergens upon repeated expo-
sure to them,  4) become "T-cell mediated" skin allergens upon repeated
exposure,  5) are irritants to the respiratory tract without needing to first
become allergens,  6) kill liver cells (hepatotoxins), 7) triggers of inflam-
mation, as in Interleukin 6.   ETC. 

The CO2 Scare is a Diversion that hides from people's minds the ill effects
of petrochemicals that have no justification in being "air freshener" ingre-


Quick Note:  There existed four June 2018 videos of an Arctic
Northwestern Passage coastline where ocean waves were literal-
ly frozen on the beach and equally frozen outward to the sea's

More specifically, it was coastline videos of the Arctic's Beaufort
Sea, in the middle of the northern Alaska coastline.  That's located
at 70 degrees latitude.  The Arctic technically begins at the 66°33′
latitudinal line, and approximately 4 million humans live in the
Arctic.  Most of Arctic humanity are in Norway, Sweden, and
Russia, as well as Finland.

Earlier in 2018 was media fireworks, in reporting that the Arctic had
a 31F degree day in February.  That which the media didn't report was
that, during the following week, the same Arctic town had -4F & -20F
days and -21F & -35F nights.  This all occurred in the town of Barrow
Alaska, but the media make it sound as if the 31F day occurred at the
80th parallel of the Arctic.  The media no longer reports the news.  It
spreads propaganda. 


We next turn to the fraud of National Geographic Magazine
& documentary producer Ken Burns who will have ended up 
burning his credibility

In the Year 2012, National Geographic Magazine published a photo
of one mere hillside ... probably the leeward side ... within massive
Glacier National Park.  It made the park look as if the it had become
the deathlike ruins of a Global Warming Armageddon.  So, National
Geographic Magazine deceived the non-traveling public into assum-
ing that it hardly snows in the State of Montana anymore, on account
of account of present atmospheric CO2 levels.

The reality is that two and a half continuous months of Springtime
heavy-equipment snow-removal has been a regular event at Glacier
National yearly, throughout the 21 Century.  None the less, showing
the leeward side of a mountain range in the Summertime, and claim-
ing it to be the sign of catastrophic global warming, is fraud.

Always omitted from the conversations of global warming scaremong-
ers is the existence of a phenomenon known as SUBLIMATION, where
ice can turn into water vapor, without first becoming a liquid that floods
Manhattan or Florida.  Of course, required for said vaporization is:::

1} a low pressure system or the equivalency of the Chinook Winds,
2} 720 calories of thermal energy per each cubic meter of ice, as is
     easily provided by sunlight.

Such SUBLIMATION applies to well-heightened structures such as
Mt. Everest, in Nepal, and the higher mountains of Greenland, not to
mention those of Antarctica.  Therefore, ice disappearance in Green-
land does NOT automatically translate into ice-melt runoff and sea
level rise.  Did Al Gore or Michael Mann or James Hansen ever men-

Other Facts Omitted by Global Warming Scaremongers

CO2 comprises 2/5 of one-tenth of 1% of the Earth's Environment.  For                                             every2,433 molecules in the sky, only one is carbon dioxide.

NASA satellites have shown the public that the Arctic Circle has got-
ten greener, compliments of the added CO2.

In its solid state, CO2 is a refrigerant.  Without infrared light, it has
no heating power.  Even at that, CO2 only absorbs infrared light at
the 2.7,  4.3,  and  15 micron bandwidth of the infrared spectrum.

Cirrus clouds and HFCs have far more infrared absorption power
than does CO2.  In fact, the most abundant greenhouse gas is none
other than water vapor.  None the less, water vapor eventually con-
denses into clouds which cause the sun's UV rays to bounce back
into outer space,  The same water vapor then becomes precipitation
and is no longer a greenhouse gas.  Thus, water vapor CANNOT
trigger an irreversible positive feedback mechanism that will ever
turn the Earth into Venus.

Speaking of Venus, it is true that its atmosphere is 96.5% CO2.  But,
frigid Mars is similar.  CO2 comprises 95.3% of Mars' atmosphere,
and it is not a global warming inferno.  Moreover,Venus is said to be
spinning backwards.  Actually, Venus is spinning upside down, at a
tilt of 177degrees.  The tilt of the Earth, in comparison, is 23.5 de-
grees, and that tilt (obliquity) is solely responsible for the Earth's
four seasons.

Also important to note is that from the 40th Parallel North, to the
North Pole, the Earth is also sending out more hear into space than
it receives from outer space.  So too is this true with the 40th Para-
llel South to the South Pole.

Now,why is it that Venus' and Mars' atmospheres both comprise more
than 93% co2?  ANS:  Venus and Mars doesn't have a BIOSPHERE of
plantlife to consume the CO2.

In continuing :::

If there is no warming in the middle of the Troposphere, then there's
no global warming.  Since the end of the 1998 El Nino, raw data &
satellites showed no warming trend, until 18 and a half years later,
during an El Ninoofthe Year 2016.  The Warming Pause existed be-
tween two El Ninos.

Moreover, CO2's power of warming, when compared to the Sun, is
equivalent to a 3.7 watt nightlight vs approximately a 200 watt bulb.
More specifically, according to NASA and mainstream universities,
the amount of sun which makes it to Earth is 1,368 watts per square
meter.  340 watts make it to the Earth's atmosphere.  29% of the sun's
radiance reflects back into space, and the Aerosol Effect causes some
of the sun's heat to spring-board back into space also.  (An aerosol is
that which causes cooling.  A major aerosol is the SO2 which comes
from volcanic eruptions.) 

Most importantly, the lesser the difference in temperature between
the Tropics and the Poles, the lesser the turbulence in frontal storms.
Global Warming lessens the difference.  The idea of Global Warm-
ing causing massive hurricanes is contrary to atmospheric physics.
Hurricanes are heat transport systems from the Tropics to the Poles.
If the heat difference between the two realms are not as great, the
heat-transport storms will not be as great.

The Other National/State Parks of High Snow Volume

Crater Lake, in Oregon, had global warming propaganda thrust upon
it one season before it received a record-breaking snowfall (in 2015)
for the month of December.  That snow-ridden month undid the work
of the Global Warming scaremongers.

Barack Obama went to Yosemite Park and had the audacity to make it
appear that Yosemite had a terminal case of Global Warming, when the
fact is that Yosemite is the quintessential American Winter Wonderland.

Then comes Mt. Rainier and Mt. Bachelor whose rangers also have to be
watchdogs for avalanches, as do the rangers of Glacier National.  All in
all, in 2006, Team Gore definitively proclaimed that soon was coming
the time when school children would no longer see snow.  Well, it has
now gotten to the point where the snows get so epic, that you can't see
the school children in the snow storms.  Thus, school children have
much more of a probably to suffer from frostbite than heat prostration.

At this point, know that there presently is online a few YouTube play-
lists showcasing videos that recorded the tremendous amount of snow-
fall & snowplowing which transpired at major American parks such as
Glacier National.  Most of the snowplowing videos are under one, two,
and two minutes in length.  They should bring the message home to you
instantly.  They include videos of Glacier National, Yellowstone, South
Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Rocky Mountain National, Lassen
Volcanic Park, Mt. Rainier, Mammoth Mountain, and Mt. Bachelor.

Those are Must-See videos, to enable you to perceive how much the main-
stream media, Al Gore, and government funded climatologists have been
lying to you, over and over again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Glacier National Park is NOT Melting Away


The Intro goes as follows:

An iconic & deceptive 2012 National Geographic photo made it look as if Glacier National Park became a Global Warming wasteland, "melting away."  Well, so much snow falls there that it undergoes 60-75 consecutive days of Springtime snowplowing every year ... with avalanche guards on duty.

Documentary producer Ken Burns couldn't have traveled through Glacier National's roads and declare it to be "melting-away" without its 2+ months of snowplowing.  Ken Burns = Al Gore's Useful Idiot ... or an accomplice in Climate Fraud.

Concerning co2, it comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere, and satellites have shown that the Arctic Circle has become greener, due to the added co2.

As far as being a driver of temperature, when compared to the sun,  CO2 is a 3.7 watt nightlight and the sun is a 200 watt bulb minus the Aerosol Effect.  Concerning Antarctica, it has been undergoing record SEA ICE EXTENT for years, and the massive Ross Ice Shelf was found to be crystallizing and NOT melting.

Keep in mind that, 12 years ago, Team Gore claimed that snow will become a thing the past.  Well, corridors of snow are a common Springtime sight at Glacier National, and its average yearly snowfall exceeds that of Syracuse NY.

Barack Obama played a similar game of fraud, in acting as if Yosemite National Park was eventually becoming the snowless casualty of CO2.  Well, you can now see for yourself if Yosemite constitutes a Winter Wonderland.

This playlist includes snow videos of 1) Mt Rainier, 2) Lake Tahoe, 3) Crater Lake, 4) Yellowstone, 5) the French Alps, 6) cute little furry avalanche dogs, etc, in addition to 7) Glacier National &  8) Yosemite.  In this way, the next time you hear Global Warming scaremongers rattle off reports of catastrophic global warming deep in the heart of forests & mountain ranges, you'll know they're lying.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

Midwestern Prairie Country.  No signs of Global Warming here.
I can personally attest to this.

Humanity is now in the Year 2019, and the Global Warming Scare can
now be shown, in detail, to have been premeditated fraud.  Yet, all that
is to be expected is a propaganda blitzkrieg from the Global Warmists.
 After all, Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement,
meaning that climatologists have to scurry for government funding.
Thus, they create even worse climate change horror tales.

Global Warming Alarmism's beneficiaries stood to be those 1) vying for
billions more dollars of US taxpayer funding,  2) vying for a  lucrative
carbon credit market, 3) vying for a handsome Carbon Tax revenue,
4) vying for an excuse to thin the human herd, via sterilization &

Of course, the Al Gore people are now claiming that snow storms are the
result of Global Warming, and quite frankly, that is the point when even
the most uneducated layman throws up his hands and realizes that the
Global Warming Scare has been the Global Warming Scam, all along.

In as much, one of the several reasons why businessman, Donald Trump,
won the 2016 presidential election was that the reasonable working man
knew that we weren't immersed in catastrophic Global Warming.  The
common-sensed working man realized that the Global Warming Scare
was yet another excuse for taxing citizens and corporations all the more.

The give-away, in addition to the personal experience of working out-
doors, is that the title, "Global Warming" was replaced by "Climate
Change," tipping-off the reasonable commoner in realizing that we
are now going through Climate Fraud.

The East Anglia Climategate emails assisted in the realization.  Then,

NOAA gold medalist, Dr. John Bates, assisted in the realization, in be-
coming a whistle blower after his retirement.  Keep in mind that the raw
temperature data showed that there NO TEMPERATURE RISE between
the El Nino of 1998 and the El Nino of 2015-2016.  My!  What a coinci-

The playlists linked below will break the hypnotic trance of  Team Gore:

Global Warming Scaremongering:   
   Clone of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare


Climate Fraud in Review: 
   There was a Medieval Warm Period & Little Ice Age


 Atmospheric Science, in Light of the Global Warming Scare


The intro to each educational playlist goes as follows:

First One:

~ The Arctic's NW Passage was semi-melted & fully navigated in 1903. ~Newspapers reported the Arctic as a melting catastrophe in 1922 AND 1940. ~Yet, June 2018 videos show waves of the Arctic Ocean's Northwest Passage  literally frozen from beach to horizon.  ~NASA showed us that the Earth is getting greener, even around the Arctic Circle.  Until 2017, the U.S. went a record 12 years without a major hurricane.

1) If there's no temperature increase in the middle of the Troposphere, then there's no global warming.  The raw data & satellites showed NO warming trend for over 18 years.  Those years were between two El Ninos.   2) CO2 only absorbs infrared light at the 2.7... 4.3 ... and 15 mircon bandwidths.  For every 2,433 molecules in the atmosphere, only one is co2.  Meanwhile, 20% of the infrared spectrum is incapable of being captured by any greenhouse gas.  The atmosphere is a molecular pinball game. 

3) In its solid form, co2 is a coolant.  Cirrus clouds & HFCs have far more infrared absorption capacity than co2.  Meanwhile, water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Yet, after it condenses into a cloud mass, it can block UV rays and become precipitation, no longer being a greenhouse gas.  Liquid water & crystallized water are NOT gases.

4) Michael YAD061 Mann hid the 1961-1975 temperature decline of the Briffa Climate Graph, by pasting thermometer readings to bristlecone interpretations.  Phil Jones merely deleted it on his line.  Years later, NOAA Gold medalist, Dr. John Bates, reported the NOAA's data tampering.

5) Some cataclysmic weather disasters predicted by Al Gore require low pressure systems, while other ones require high pressure systems.  So, which of the two opposing systems is created by man-made CO2?  It CANNOT be both.

6) Convection Cells, Pressure Belts, & the Coriolis Effect move the oceans' surface currents.  To slow down the ocean, you must slow-down the rotation of the Earth, no matter how much salt-free ice melts off of Greenland.  The Thermohaline only involves very slow deep ocean currents which exist under a benchmark layer called the Pycnocline.

Climate Change is part of the natural history of the Earth.  Carbon dioxide isn't the danger.   Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, & hydrocarbons are.  CO2 is NOT a hydrocarbon.

Instead of finding Waldo, find Global Warming.  Where is it hiding?
Second One:

 If this were the warmest decade in human history, we would be reliving either the Dust Bowl Days of the 1930s or the mild Medieval Warm Period.   "Adjustments" were added to the raw temperature data, and data tampering was reported by NOAA gold medalist, Dr. John Bates.

CO2 comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, and it only absorbs infrared light at the 2.7 ... 4.3 ... & 15 micron bandwidths.  Venus is 96.5% co2, and Mars' atmosphere houses 95.3% of the same co2.  HFC's are more powerful infrared light absorbents than co2, as are Cirrus Clouds.

Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Yet, it changes forms and therefore can NOT induce a run-away positive feedback that renders the Earth like Venus.  Meanwhile, 20% of the long-wave infrared band is incapable of being captured by any greenhouse gas.

IF there's no warming in the higher regions of the Troposphere, then there is no global warming.  Plus, the lesser the difference in temperature between the Equator and the Poles, the lesser the turbulence in storms.  Global Warming decreases the difference.

Antarctica is experiencing record levels in SEA ICE EXTENT, and the snowless parts of Antarctica are long-term deserts with Category 5 windspeeds.  Being that convection cells make co2 levels consistent throughout the Earth, and being that Antarctica is undergoing record sea ice extent, CO2 is NOT melting one part of Antarctica while freezing the other part. After all, you need UV light for warming and Antarctica is dusk-twilight-night for 6 months a year.

Global Warming scaremongers showcased Glacier National Park as a CO2 wasteland, "melting away."  Well, it has been having 2+ months of Springtime snow removal on a yearly basis.

The "warming pause" started after the 1998 El Nino, and continued 18+ years, until the El Nino of 2016.  Concerning the claim of sea level rise, the real estate industry continues in its massive investment of oceanside property.  Do the math.

Stop Climate Fraud Now
Third One:

The motive for promoting Climate Fraud & Data Tampering:  1) Billions of US taxpayer dollars in "adaptation" & "research".  2) Windfall carbon credit profits.    3) Carbon-Tax revenue.  4) The eugenicist's excuse for thinning the human herd.

CO2 comprises less than 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  It's power as a driver of temperature, when compared to the Sun, is a 3.7 watt nightlight vs a 200 watt light bulb minus the Aerosol Effect.

Cirrus clouds & HFCs have more infrared absorption power than does CO2.  CO2 only absorbs the 2.7 ... 4.3 ... and 15 micron bandwidth of the long infrared spectrum.  Ironically, solid CO2 is called DRY ICE (cardice) and is used as a cooling agent.

~NASA satellites showed us that the Arctic Circle became greener (compliments of CO2).  ~Simultaneously, Antarctic SEA ICE EXTENT hit record highs.  ~Glacier National Park got at least two months of Spring snowplowing every year. ~The polar bear population surpassed 20,000. ~The bottom of the massive Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf was found to be crystallizing and not melting.

~A 31F degree February day in Barrow Alaska was amplified by the media as proof of irreversible Global Warming and a catastrophically melting Arctic.  It was followed shortly thereafter with -4F & -20F degree days and -21F & -35F degree nights.

Meanwhile, Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas.  Being that it turns back into water and ice, it does NOT trigger positive feedback amplification and run-away Global Warming.  20% of the infrared spectrum is never captured by any greenhouse gas, at all.

Proof that the "97%-of-all-climate-scientists-consensus" is a lie consists in the fact that 100% of the college Atmospheric Physics books teach contrary to Bill Nye & Al Gore.  See for yourself.

How did Al Gore explain-away the prehistoric time spans which had high levels of CO2 & lower-than-present temperatures, when there were no coal plants or internal combustion engines to elevate CO2 levels?

The oceans ate your CO2?  What about the biosphere of forests, prairies, farms,
and the phytoplankton in the oceans?
There are twice as many humans on Earth today than there were in 1965.
Thus, twice as many crops and cattle are needed.  This means that much
more CO2 is needed, if you do NOT elect the eugenics solution.

Now, the entry level toxicity level of CO2 is 2,000 ppm.  The lethal dose
of CO2 is 10,000 ppm, for those with average health.  We are presently
only at 410 ppm, and in recent millenia past, we were at 280 or so ppm.

Moreover, when the level of CO2 is under 150 ppm, photosynthesis ceases,
and the cessation of all life on earth follows.  Very simply, No CO2 means
no life on Earth, and 280 ppm is very close to the cessation of life on Earth.
In fact, higher levels of CO2 place an ease of vegetative life, as is explained
in the videos listed in the playlists linked below.

Excess CO2 has been reasonably shown to go back into "the biosphere," as
opposed to "entirely in the oceans."  Even at that, it was reasonably assumed
that 1/3 of the Earth's CO2 is in the ocean.  In sequence, approximately 1/2
of 1% of CO2 is in the Earth's atmosphere,  If the atmospheric CO2 consti-
tutes all of the CO2 on Earth, then if all of the CO2 would exit the oceans
instantly, the CO2 content in the atmosphere would only comprise 3/4 of
1% of the entire atmosphere.  Keep in mind that the Earth's atmosphere is
approximately 78 % Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1 % Argon, 1/2 of 1% CO2,
and 1/2 of 1% of everything else ... more specifically, 0.038% of every-
thing else.  CO2 is actually, 0.043%, but it lessens in the Northern Hemi-
sphere Autumn.

In as much, 500 - 600 ppm of CO2 would be the proper working level, for
a planet harboring 7, 8, 9 billion humans and multiple species of plant and
animal life.  That would be 1/4 to 1/3 of the initial toxic level, and many a
human has been in CO2 environments of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 parts
per million.  Such places are called elevators, submarines, greenhouses,
crowded bars after a college football game, a crowded car, etc.

We must curtail SO2 levels and other toxins, all the while banning artificial
fragrance chemicals which are known as respiratory irritants and/or asthma
allergens.  Letting CO2 run its natural course is NOT environmental anarchy.
CO2 is the red herring ... the decoy ... which prevents true ecology from being
achieved as closely as is possible for a greatly imperfect humanity.

Concerning fossil fuels, a huge campaign in the 1960s was to make unleaded gas-
oline the law.  It happened.  Industry got the lead out of the gasoline, and Al Gore
wants to burden it with removing life-giving CO2.

Floral Life; brought to you by CO2, the fine maker of forests, wetlands,
fertile plains, windward mountain sides, tundra, plankton, farms, & gardens.
Remember, Al Gore was wrong in all of his prophecies, and he even lied in
claiming that he correctly predicted that a hurricane would flood NYC streets,
due to NYC's sea level rise.  The water was literally ankle-high only.

Firstly, the NYC sea level rise has been consistently ongoing, since the mid-
1800s, at approx 2.84 mm per year.  Secondly, a temporary foot or two of
water would have slid over NYC during any kind of hurricane, even with-
out its 2.84 millimeter yearly sea level rise.  I lived on the Atlantic Coast-
line for years, and am not a stranger to hurricane behavior.  I was there.
I saw what goes on, during a hurricane.  Al Gore and his minions are
con artists.   Anyway . . .

Gore predicted a permanently underwater NYC, and this never happened.  In
fact, many media corporations hold property in the NYC that Al Gore & Jim
Henson claimed would be underwater by now.

All in all, there are 3 YouTube playlists linked below which have enough mater-
ial to educate a person as to genuine Atmospheric Science and the fraud being
committed by fanatical Global Warmists.  The subject matter there will undo
the terrifying effect on school children that Team Gore and its associates has
imposed upon them.  In as much, Al Gore is most certainly a child abuser,
via psychological terrorism.

At present, the polar bears relatively thrive.  Antarctic SEA ICE reached a re-
cord (wide) level as far back as 2015.  The bottom of the super large Ross Ice
Shelf was proven to be crystallizing and NOT melting.  The Earth is getting
greener.  The vast deserts are getting slightly smaller, step by step.  Glacier
National Park still has lengthy snow plowing tasks from April to mid-June,
etc, etc, etc.  All in all, today's school children have more of a chance of
undergoing frostbite than getting caught in a Category 6 hurricane.

High level cirrus clouds do more to hold in heat (infrared light), than CO2,
and low level clouds are what effectively block the sun's ultraviolet waves.
Plus, cloudless nights are colder, while cloudy nights are warmer.  Yet,
 CO2 levels remain the same during each type of night.  Thus, CO2 is
 not as powerful a heat retainer as Gore makes it out to be.  CO2 only
comprises 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.  Actually, 0.0043%