August 10, 2017

It's Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Black Carbon, Dioxins & Endocrine Disruptors which matter ... Not Carbon Dioxide.

Quit falling for politicians' con artistry.  How imperiled does this ocean appear?
Yet, air fresheners such as Febreze trigger asthma attacks repeatedly, and
no politician is doing anything about that medical reality.
      Again, Carbon Dioxide is NOT the main environmental concern . . . . . . . . .

...  except in the long term concern of gradual acidification of exceptionally large
     and deep oceans that won't acidify overnight.  Furthermore, the remedy to any
      excess carbon dioxide problem is that of planting more vegetation which will
      absorb the CO2.  There are 7 billion humans on Planet Earth.  There are more
      than enough people to do the planting.

      At this point, keep in mind that Wikileaks uncovered a couple scientists delib-
      erately falsifying the stats, to make it look as if we are headed for a carbon di-
      oxide based global catastrophe.  And and and, according to the Paris Agree-
      ment, China is not required to reduce greenhouse emissions until 2030.  So
      too is this the case with India.  The Paris Agreement was designed to make
      the United States the fool ... the sucker ... the loser.  This is one of the many
      reasons why the working man voted against the dumpy hag, Hillary Clinton.

      Plus, you exhale carbon dioxide hundreds of times a day.  If you are really a
      fanatical believer in the CO2 assertion, then you must kill yourself.  In light
      of that logical observation, would you like to look at the situation with a more
      open and less fanatical mind?

Scientists detected 86 chemical ingredients in Febreze.  There are eight known
endocrine disruptors in the American water supply that American technology
cannot filtrate (filter-out).  There are thousands of chemicals in civilization that
have never been tested for safety, and the chemically induced medical conditions
of asthma, cancer, obesity, occupational diseases, etc. remain prevalent.

And yes, there are chemicals known as obesogens, said to cause obesity.

In addition, there are chemically triggered asthmatic conditions such as Irritant-induced
Asthma, Occupational Asthma due to low weight molecular agents, and Reactive Air-
ways Dysfunction Syndrome.

Furthermore, there actually are hermaphrodite amphibious life in our modern bodies
of water, due to the industry's Chemical Anarchy, compliments of the "no regulation"
congress member of the American Congress.  These are the Lawless Law Makers.

Something as common ... though as vain ... as going to the hair salon has an added price
to it, especially to those in the industry, being exposed to the prevalent chemicals in the
hair salon product line:

The list of the Chemical Sabotage being committed upon modernist societies
goes on and on and on.  With all of the sabotage caused to humanity by the
synthetic chemical industry, why do certain people obsess themselves with
a substance that every living mammal on earth exhales multiple times every
hour until death?  It's asinine to let harmful chemicals reign freely, while at-
atacking the #1 product of a mammal's body which is very healthy to plant
life and trees.   Worry about Sulfur Dioxide and let the trees take care of the
Carbon Dioxide levels.

The Nitrogen Oxides

This tale is told by NASA Goddard on Youtube in a clear fashion.  It can be found at:

Carbon Dioxide doesn't come close to the potential for harm that exists in the
numerous  chemicals sprayed throughout civilization, placed in civilization's
food supplies, injected into humanity's water supplies, and which reeks from
modern society's erroneously named "air fresheners."

The Carbon Blueprint Obsession is a diversionary tactic which hides from hu-
manity the real molecular evils that imperil the health and lives of the multitudes.
The air-headed masses of humanity who limit their attention to sound bytes and
absolutely worthless vanities such as tattoos need to quit being so gullible.  Get
the chemicals found in Febreze and products similar out of humanity's airspace.
Get the endocrine disruptors out of the water supplies.  Cease the chemical an-
archy which is merely the result of deadly greed.

If you let of all the harmful chemicals reign supreme in your airspace, water
supply and elsewhere, then all of the Carbon Blueprint activism will be for

Now, since the start of the start of the Industrial Revolution, the Earth's atmos-
pheric level of carbon dioxide increased approximately 40%.  And there is the
phenomenon of temperature elevation ... comparatively speaking.  In as much,

          The world was in a mini Ice Age from circa 1400 to 1850.  Before the
          start of the Little / Mini Ice Age, grape vineyard did well in Denmark.
          Then, for consecutive centuries, grapes were not a crop of Denmark.
          Grapes can now be grown in Denmark again, just like in centuries
          prior.  So, we have a post-ice-age climate.

Now, as far as concerns the level of carbon dioxide, think twice as much:

         There are approximately twice as many humans on Earth exhaling car-
         bon dioxide every minute of every day.  This alone can explain for the
         rise in the level of carbon monoxide on Earth.  If you go fanatical about
         the CO2 level of the Earth's atmosphere, you will create Hitler-like Frank-
         ensteins obsessed with cutting humanity's population in half.  Let people
         live.  The Earth is adaptable, but our frail, chemically laden bodies aren't
         as adaptable.  Man is mortal.  Quit killing him in a slow, execution style
         assassination.  The Earth is here for man ... not man for the Earth.

        If you want to counter today's carbon dioxide level, plant more vegetation.
        then go plant trees, herbs, perennials, ivy, etc.  None the less, it doesn't com-
        pare to the hazard of sulfur dioxide.

         End the proliferation of chemicals in your home, office, garage, automobile,
         store, warehouse, gym, school, etc.  That's the needed target ... the chemicals
         in your airspace and respiratory system.  Think.  Quit being fooled.

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