August 9, 2016

They wore masks of red, white, and blue

The thesis statement of this updated article goes as follows:

If merely one avenue of economic flow
is cut-off in a society, the economic sys-
tem within it is intrinsically evil.   Today,
the flow of American exports into foreign
lands has been deterred by dictatorships
that engage in stereotypical protectionism
and sweatshop labor.  As a result, foreign
labor cannot afford to buy American.

Now, Economics is the science of the flow of
currency.  The first law of it is that there needs
to be equal & unabridged reciprocity between
trading nations.  There needs to be two open
doors and two unobstructed lanes of commerce,
or else there will come a time of accountability.
American money continues to be injected into these sweatshop dictatorships, there-
by causing a continual rise in the U.S. trade balance deficit.   The workers of the
dictatorships don't have the money to buy American goods.  This causes a contin-
ual sabotaging of the GDP and U.S. per capita income, being that money goes to
Communist China and similar economic venues, not to return to America in any
foreseeable future. 


The national debt reached $16 trillion and became 100% of the Gross Domestic
Product.  It' went to 17.8 trillion, in October 2014 and $18.1 trillion in April of
2015.  Yet, it could be worse, being that Greece, Italy, and Japan were in worse
conditions.  In fact, shortly after WWII, America was faced with a debt over its
GDP.   Yet, America paid off the entire war debt in due time.   None the less,
the Bush administration was a Category 5 Sabotage on America.   Ironic it is
how the president who claimed to be protecting America from saboteurs was
sabotaging America all along.

In addition, there is the statistical fact that total consumer debt as of March 2010 was
$2.45 trillion.   Therefore, someone somewhere should be realizing that it will soon be
time for Americans to go to Plan B, simply by default.    This consists in a total over-
haul of present economic policy and law.   Plan B will not not not involve following
anyone who claims that deregulation will result in the public debt being erased in five
years.   Yet, Americans seem  incapable of avoiding political con games, as in $729
billion going to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for 2010, mean-
ing that America spends as much on its military as does the next twenty-two highest
spending nations combined. 

The Initial Cause of Economic Woes 

Taking the manufacturing base out of America was the beginning of  woes.   After all,
manufacturing employees pay more income taxes than do those who can only find jobs
as coffee barristers and convenient store cashiers.  So too is this is case with corpora-
tions whose manufacturing bases are in America.  In addition, those employed in man-
ufacturing aren't in dire need of unemployment compensation.

The propaganda repeatedly hurled at us was that the United States of America has be-
come "a service economy."    Okay then, those in power have succeeded in turning
Americans into servants.   Next will come a nation of volunteers unable to pay bills.
America is too geographically large for it to be a  "service economy," as opposed to
it being a manufacturing nation.  Realize the con game that has been played for years:

- $9.2 trillion 20-yr trade balance deficit, due to sweatshop imports.
- $4.1 trillion in U.S. treasury bills, T-bonds, and notes owned by foreign nations.
- $1.4 trillion in two protracted wars.
- $17.8  trillion national debt still rising.
- Offshore corporate tax shelters.
- Certain types of unchecked price gouging.
- The aftermath of those infamous $640 hammers charged to the U.S. military.
- Interest turns debt into a runaway train when principle reaches multiple trillions.

Don't be presumptive.  There will even be an unfavorable consequence if America
were to be cleared of  its national debt through debt forgiveness.  In fact, there will
be a Category Five effect if a sum of money equal to the public debt is printed as the
solution.   Yet, the best case scenario at present is for 21st Century America to be-
come another 20th Century Argentina minus an Evita, unless America immediately
stops the unfair and imbalanced trading with those protectionist dictatorships that
are immersed in sweatshop labor.

The lie about China owning our debt, while at the same time, they have
a tight hold on us, in manipulating currency value via our indebtedness

The U.S. had a high public debt in relation to its Gross Domestic Product, shortly af-
ter WWII.  It was 117% of GDP.   The difference between then and now is the man-
ufacturing base and the trade balance deficit.   If we continue importing slave labor
products from protectionist dictatorships, then its all over for America.  Period.  We
need a manufacturing base and trade balance surpluses.

At this point, keep in mind that the WWII war debt was entirely paid.   Thus, it's a lie
for anyone to claim that the American public debt is not payable.   It's equally false to
claim that it can be paid off in five years if we continue to do what caused it to go out
of control in the first place.  That which caused it to go out of control was a poorly
explained combination of  Trickle Down Economics & Deregulation.  Trickle Down
Economics, incidentally, has no basis in fact.  The multiplier effect does, but it involves
large numbers;  not mere trickles of money.

At this point, something else has to be mentioned.  Propaganda through the radio re-
peatedly stated that China owns our debt.   This makes it sound as if our degree of
indebtedness to China is so high that we cannot severe slave labor trade with that
nation.   Well, China only held approximately $891 billion in treasury bonds as re-
cently as New Year's Day.  The latest report marked it at $1.16 trillion.

Even though this is alarming, proving the necessity of putting entirely new people in
government posts, China does not hold $14 trillion worth of  American bonds.  It,
therefore, doesn't own America.  Yet, it weighs America down, in having control
of it.  This past Winter season or os, PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management
Co.) had already dumped all of its U.S. bonds, simply because the interest rate
on them were too low.  

Concerning those nations who owned our bonds at New Years 2011, they included
Japan at $883 billion, the United Kingdom at $541 billion, fifteen oil exporter nations
at $218 billion, and Brazil at $180 billion.  No individual nation owns us.   Yet, we
are no longer free from these nations, meaning that we are no longer the land of the
free.   None the less, it's ironic how the United States became an enslaved debtor
to Communist China during the time when certain political operatives went about
bragging that Reagan and John Paul II saved us from Communism.   Uhm, we are
drowning in debt to Communists.   No one saved us from anything, especially the
$729 billion spent on defense and Homeland Security in 2010.

Our Military Will Not Save Us from Our Debt

Someone wrote that, if a certain nation dumps our I.O.U's (aka treasury bonds),
then the U.S.A. will "wipe them off the face of the Earth."   Stop there.   Keep one
thing in mind if you think that the United States can use its military to bully people
while juxtaposing its astronomical debt:   When the pay checks of military person-
nel stop, the U.S. military stops functioning.   When there is no more payroll, there
will be no more standard operating G.I. Joe.   More than enough veterans are tired
of it all, in having been used, reused, and misused.   As of recently, they can't even
be guaranteed that their family members will have a peaceful funeral.   That's ob-
scene on the part of the present powers that be.

Even if China is ready to dump its bonds, America can play its emergency version of
Argentina and send the printing presses into overtime ........ at our expense of course,
in the form inflation and the dominoes effect thereof.   For the record, this is what's
referred as monetizing the debt.    Ironically, there can be a bit of hedging done by
purchasing foreign bonds. 

According to reports as far back as 2009, China didn't intend to dump, but to di-
versify.   None the less, if it or Japan dumps bonds, the interest rate on the bonds
elevate, accelerating the astronomical national debt.  

In re:  Those Who Must Refrain from Vying for Power

If you are a candidate whose campaign money is largely from oil companies, then
you need to recognize that you will be the puppet on the strings of a federal usur-
pation that will draft all laws in the image and likeness of the petroleum industry.
Plus, if you believe that Social Security is an unconstitutional Ponzi Scheme, then
you are illiterate.  This is because it has long since been publicized that the Social
Security Administration presently holds $2.6 trillion in treasury bonds, meaning
that Social Security will be allegedly be solvent until 2038, unless America goes
out of business.  In fact, in stating that Social Security is unconstitutional, you are
actually claiming that it is anti-constitutional and you are therefore incapable of ex-
plaining a basic court judgment regarding it.

For those who need to know, Social Security is an element of what's known as sub-
stantive law and not a part of the constitution per se.  However, once Social Security
was enacted, the administration of it came under constitutional law, at "the Equal Pro-
tection" 14th Amendment.  Thus, the Procedural Law applicable to Social Security's
Substantive Law is completely constitutional.

If you couldn't explain something so simple, you should NOT run for president, lest
you run this nation into the ground.   Furthermore, be honest enough to let people
know that you became governor when George Bush was elected president, there-
by creating a nexus between you and the president who elevated the national debt
by $4.9 trillion dollars ... by this much:  $4,900,000,000,000.  Bush II basically
set this nation up for its inevitable end, unless we return to 1946 and have an eco-
nomic do over.  Under the Obstructionist Congress of the Obama years, the U.S.
national debt went beyond the sound barriers of obscenity.

Keep in mind that the last two Texan presidents put America through three protract-
ed wars.   At present, Texas is number 1 is minimum wage jobs.  In fact, 21st Cen-
tury Texas is 49th in verbal S.A.T. scores and 46th in math S.A.T. scores.  Out of
Texas' 145 institutions of higher education, only Rice University ranked in the top 50.
Between 2002 and 2006, tuition at Texan State universities rose 61.4%.  Someone
doesn't know how to run his State.  See:

It's not ironic that flag wavers are the ones responsible for destroying America, there-
by making my father's 35 combat missions over Nazi territory for naught.  Rather, it's
typical.   They used the flag as a diversion, in order to grab everything for themselves.
They wore masks of red, white, and blue, in order to get us to let down our guard.

Interesting thing about this government which is called a "democracy."   Its constitu-
tion was drafted in secret, with the curtains literally closed, thirteen years after it de-
clared its own independence.  Of course, closed curtains slightly cool a room, but
why not open the doors?  This doesn't sound much like democratic rule to the rea-
sonably minded person.   So, why lie to yourself?    Washington sent troops to a
whiskey rebellion which actually didn't exist.   That doesn't sound much like a man
who allowed democratic dialogue.   You know, you actually are allowed to think.
If you can read this, it means that God gave you a mind.   So, use it, or else we're
all doomed.   And yes, that last line was intended to be humor.  Or was it?

Till the next time,

Patrick Anthony Pontillo, Pittsburgh, PA.