March 18, 2016

An Autumn Pictorial Comprising Ohio & Pennsylvania

                           Cameras have a way of finding themselves in a forest setting
                           during Autumn. That's the only time when specific color com-
                           binations are available there. Diversity in color has a magnetic
                           effect.  During my school days. a teacher once said to our class,
                            "If the world were all one color, it would be a boring place."
                              Now, she was referring to racism.  But, the concept can be
                               applied in any world of art.  Photography is an art.

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga National Park, Northeastern Ohio
My present home on the range ... Pgh, PA 
Twenty to Thirty miles from downtown Pittsburgh
Also Ohio River Valley of Pennsylvania
Back to Ohio
Overlooking the Ohio River in Pennsylvania

More of PA
PA once more
Brandywine Falls from the Top and Behind

PA, at Raccoon State Park