July 1, 2016

The Book of Clouds

St. Augustine in the Winter
Small Town Winter
Festival of White ... and freezing temperatures.

Sunset Fire Bridge
You call this the city.  I call it down the street.
The Polish Hill part of Pittsburgh ... extremely nice people live here.
Behind the lens is the world famous Three Rivers Confluence.
New Mexico, 2012 ... or Arizona, near Flagstaff
A carload of clouds at the Panhandle of Oklahoma.
Or was that northwestern Texas?
More of New Mexico . . . aka the Middle of Nowhere.
A beach in Saint Augustine.
Market Square windows, in Pittsburgh
The Three Rivers Confluence of Pittsburgh
Flagstaff Arizona
Somewhere in Texas or Oklahoma or New Mexico, in 2012
New Mexico, en route in a northernly direction to Albuquerque.
The famous Heinz factory of Pittsburgh making its own steam cloud.
Nature's mushroom cloud in New Mexico, on August 6, 2012, the
anniversary of the mushroom cloud that ascended from Hiroshima's precincts.
Present Wyndham Hotel, former Hilton Hotel, across street from Point State Park.
Hot Springs Arkansas