May 7, 2016

The one thing needed to bring back the American Dream

If economic fairness is ever achieved in America, it will be more beautiful than this
California mountain range I passed while doing my 12000 mile road trip in 2012.
Preliminary note:  To start, all of the economics article here come from Humanity
at the 11th Hour.  When you add the pageviews of that site with this one, you have,
at the time of this writing, exactly 259,230 hits.  This means that at least a few people
have been paying attention to the content within those two Pontillo sites.

Now, the author of all of the economic articles in Humanity at the 11th Hour has an
economics and foreign language collegiate background, even to the point  of scoring
a 100% on a national standardized accounting exam issued by the Ivy League, and
also to the point of being inducted in the Phi Sigma Iota language honors fraternity.

In fact, the Humanity at the 11th Hour author once earned four insurance licenses
in three weeks, comprising Life & Annuities, Property individually, Casualty indi-
vidually, and Medical insurance.  Of course, the author is yours truly.  In as much:

This is an academic background that the fraud, Rush Limbaugh, can never boast.
Nor is it one that the sophomoric congressman, Paul Ryan, can claim, either.  So,
why waste your time listening to them?  They're entirely worthless.  If you need
to read economics from a Republican, then read David Stockman, former budget
director of the Reagan administration.

Of all the right wing radio talk show hosts, no one is more worthless than Rush
Limbaugh.  You know, Michael Savage (Weiner) does have a ethnobotany de-
gree.  Ann Coulter and Neal Boortz do have law degrees, while Laura Ingraham
has a Dartmouth degree, in addition to her law degree.  So, why do people waste
their time with the ultimate on-air fraud, namely, Rush Oxycontin Limbaugh who
apparently isn't as manly as he makes his Viagra-dependent self out to be.

In the name of all that you regard holy, stay away from Limbaugh's voice patterns.
He's beyond worthless and he's an accomplished drug addict who used an employee
to be an accomplice to his drug crimes.   He is a college fail out, as well as a liar on
air.  That which he alleges to be fact is often outright falsehood, statistical speaking.

Why disgrace yourself by being Limbaugh's dupe?  You have a mind.  Use it, for a
change.  A ditto head is an inarticulate air head who cannot form his own thought
patterns.  If you have to be a right wing adherent, at least listen to Laura Ingraham.
Not Limbaugh.  Never Limbaugh.

Remember that, once upon a time, I was a registered Republican.   But, no more ...
... in no way ... never again.  Incidentally, if it's any consolation, I'm not a registered
Democrat, either.  Nor am I registered with a third party.  Neither am I any type of
avowed Communist, nor any type of Socialist, nor any type of Oligarchist which is
what Ronald Reagan was,

If I am to be labeled in this label-obsessed society, it would be that of a Federalist
who believes in enforcing the Declaration of the Rights of Man via a chancellery
system and via government agencies.  Such enforcement is known as administrative
law, and such a system will spare common citizens of the obscenely price-gouger
attorney fees that we see today.

I believe in the Uniform Commercial Code and things similar.  That is to say that I
find state's rights to be the manipulation of the greedy, as well as an asinine idea in
an era when a person can travel to three states in one day.

In fact, in less than one day's time, I once traveled from South Carolina  to Georgia
to Alabama to Mississippi  to Louisiana to Beaumont Texas.  That's six American
states in less than a 24 hr period. That's a thousand miles.  Let us begin ... if you're
still here, reading:

The Science of the Flow of Currency

Economics is the science of the flow of currency, and nothing in the U.S. economic
circular flow is more important than the need to end the continuing escalation of the
U.S. Trade Balance Deficit.  In October of 2011, while Occupy Wall Street was the
only show in town, a former chief economist of the United States International Trade
Commission stated that:

... the manufacturing bust from offshoring by multinationals is at the core
of why the economy remains sluggish.   It explains why government opera-
tions are harder to fund and people can’t find jobs.

Throughout 2012, people were stating that the rate of job growth wasn't sufficient
enough for continentwide America.  Well, sending multitudes of jobs to overseas
sweatshops caused an abridged growth rate in America.  Now, in 2014, the remedy
of ending sweatshop merchandise importation needs to be activated, and the model
for such as activation is the famous Grapes & Letuce Boycott of the later half of the
1960s.  However, the next political effort in the making is the Trans-Pacific Trade
Pact which, according to time-honored journalist, Bill Moyers, will be the Death of
Democracy.  It will be the opposite of remedying the slow growth rate in America.

Mr. Moyers has been covering the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact for a while.  So, his
observations are paramount for us to read  and/or hear:

Concerning the former chief economist mentioned above, he turned out to be 100%
correct in having stated following:

“Every dollar which goes abroad to purchase oil or Chinese consumer goods an
does not return to purchase exports is lost purchasing power that could be creat-
ing jobs.  Halving the nearly $550 billion annual trade deficit would create at least
5 million jobs.”


Now, it was repeatedly stated that Chinese currency manipulation is what caused Amer-
ica to lose sales revenue and jobs in the United States.  That IS a LIE.  The truth is that
it was the hideously low wage rates of the foreign workers which did so.  Finding low
waged scenarios was a corporate work assignment.  I met a couple of the assignees
through the years.

Think:  Why did numerous American corporations move their manufacturing to over-
seas venues?  For Chinese Currency Manipulation?  No.  It was done for the low-wage
labor markets.

PLUS, Chinese Currency Manipulation isn't the reason why the tags on your clothing
sometimes read, MADE IN Indonesia, Bangladesh, Guatemala, El Salvador, Vietnam,
etc. Be on the lookout for deceptive propagandists.

Plus, cultural exchange and foreign relations is important.  The error of the inhabitants
of certain red states of America is the presumption that America has to shut its doors
and become an isolationist nation, reminiscent of inbreeding States.  In as much, take
the following to heart:
Keep in mind that the medical price gouging of the past several years elevated the
costs of medicare and medicaid.  This also contributed to the leak from the finan-
cial circular flow.  Plus, U.S. military spending is way over the top, especially when
considering that the U.S. was spending six times more than was China and twelve
times more than was Russia.  In fact, the U.S. has been spending three to four times
more than both of those nations combined.  Yet, the U.S. has NATO allies and isn't
in need of the ridiculously high amount of spending that is helping to destroy the
American economy, especially in light of the fact that all military spending yields
negative returns on investment, unless you are going to use your military to pillage,
plunder, and putting nations conquered into slavery.

However, the empires of pillagers never last very long.  Just ask Attila.