April 8, 2016

McDonald's' income gap: 550 yrs of a worker's wage = 1 yr of the CEO's salary

For WalMart, it's 986 yrs.  For Wendy's, it's 1,038 yrs.
Corporate welfare then sets-in.  The federal taxpayer
pays the rest of the workers' wages that the corporate
execs refused to let them be paid.  This is done via
foodstamps, etc.  People such as Mitt 'Gate Padlock'
Romney and the Walton heirs are the same types as
those who profited from Chattel Slavery, until the
American Civil War, when the South was torched
by northern soldiers who could only take so much
of the insults hurled at them by southern women.

In the process, rail lines were literally mangled with extreme prejudice by
Yankees who would rather have been home, not having to endure the loss
of many relatives, friends, neighbors, and countrymen on the battlefields
of the white supremacist South.

None the less, historians surmised that the North originally fought the first
civil "with one hand behind its back."  Then, when the north stopped mean-
dering and sent to the various Michigan units to the 'Johnny Reb' South,
with Thompson Repeating Rile in hand, the Confederacy's end was at
hand; pun intended.  The North showed humanity how supreme the
white Southerner was not.

Those who profited from African slave labor were called Men of Leisure at
the time.  Such a title was indicative of the Southern laziness which still is
being witnessed in the 21th Century south.  Of course, these well-dressed
globular clusters of inhumanity were undercutting northern prices, via the
slave economy of the South ... by an economy whose profits came from the
whip of the task master.

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt 'Factory Gate Padlock'
Romney also fit the description of the Man of Leisure who profited off of
slave labor. Thus, he is  a leech, to be counted amongst those who literally
qualify for a future visit to some sort of international criminal court of law,
pursuant to the sixth criminal count of the historic Nuremberg Trials, name-
ly slave labor.  So, what predictable ploy did Romney do, to divert attention
away from the way he partially amassed a fortune ... which consisted in keep-
ing for himself wage backpay due to underpaid workers?

ANS:  He blamed everything on the economic victims of Reaganomics
           whom he called the 47%, entirely lying in the process, statistically

The Year 2011 was the Occupy Wall Street year, and even though the move-
ment lacked central leadership, the true reason why it ended up going into the
dormant phase was because of the 2012 elections.  No one wanted to start a
third party and split the Democratic Party Tricket, costing Barack Obama a
significant loss of needed votes,

The OWS movement needed polished, and it needed a circuitry of interacting
leadership, but it was not without foundation.  Thus, there needed to have been
a counter-weight against the worldwide OWS movement, lest the unjustly en-
riched of America see the beginning of their political end.  Thus came Romney
with his "47% diatribe," spoken in a poorly secured confidentiality to those who
too were profiting from today's economic injustices.  Thus came the very short-
lived 53% that was even supported by working-poor Southerners who belonged
to the 47% and thought that they were part of the 53%.

The  transient faction of 2011, headed by a fat Southern lawyer whose obesity
showed all the signs of typical Southern laziness, painted 47% of Americans as
leeches living off of the 53% of the nation.  He failed to mention that these 47%

-fully disabled workers, such as those who developed Reactive Airways
   Dysfunction Syndrome and Small Airways Disease at the TWC site.
-full time cancer patients and others with non-occupational illness.
-full time workers who get income tax refunds and/or credits.
-full time soldiers in the Afghan Theater of Operation.
-full time college students, tech school students, etc.
-fully retired individuals and the aged in general.
-wealthy people who 'gamed the system.'
-minors and very young children.

The obese Southern lawyer also failed to mention that this 47% of American
citizens pay all sorts of taxes, including:

 -federal payroll tax,   -sales tax,   -excise tax,   -per capita tax,   -gasoline tax,
-property tax,   -entertainment tax simply when buying prepared food in cer-
tain resort/retirement areas,   -capital gains tax,   -fishing & hunting licenses, 
-various user fees,   -hotel/motel tax,    etc,    etc,    etc.

The hypocrisy of this obese individual who carries all the trappings of physical
laziness is that he was a member of the Georgia Bar Association.  In as much,
there are few greater leeches than attorneys who charge $275 to $375 an hour
for work that has the prowess of an undergrad book report.

Now, I've authored a humble share of Fed District Court, Fed Circuit Court,
and US Supreme Court briefs in the previous decade.  I don't see very much
of a difference between writing a court brief and writing a government report;
or a corporate assessment ...  or even a college term paper.  So, how do lawyers
justify charging exorbitantly higher fees than others?

There are people in need of legal assistance who cannot afford the exorbitantly
high fees charged at present.  In as much, overcharging is theft.  None the less,
the obese lawyer who founded the movement which faded as soon as it started
showed himself to have been yet another Southern shyster.

Incidentally, the Earned Income Tax Credit became fully operable during the
Reagan years, being that American checks and balances exist, and the balance
at the time was Tip O'Neill.

Without the Worker, No City Can Be Built.  This is stated in the Bible.

At this point, keep in mind one undeniable fact:  If there were no workers, there
would be no wealthy people.  Without the worker, no city gets built.  Nothing
gets manufactured.  Cities turn into chaos.  Thus, without the worker, there
would exist no billionaire claiming ownership over that which the worker
built.  The actual leeches are price gougers who underpay their workers, in-
cluding those workers in Bangladesh who are no longer with us.  The Cay-
man Island Kid, Mitt Romney, is the unconscionable leech.

Romney's flaming hypocrisy consisted in the following:   He said that 47% of
America believed that government owed them a living.  HOWEVER, he failed
to mention the many corporate subsidies that exist, as well as corporate lobby-
ists who go to the government, in order to have the US Congress pass laws
which will make them richer than they are.  They believe that government
owes them.

Meanwhile, their workers do the work which makes them rich.  These rich
folk plow no land.  They manufacture zero.   They deliver no raw materials.
They build no roadways.  They mine nothing.  Their workers do it for them.
At the least, they could make sure that the workers will be able to continue
to show up for work, and not have to struggle to pay bills.
The majority needs far more than a trickle of the money supply.
There are no greater leeches than the corporate CEOs who have been thriving on
30, 75,  85, and 93 cent-an-hour foreign sweatshop labor since 1986, and especi-
ally since NAFTA was enacted.  These are the thieves who caused the imbalance
which will lead to further imbalance.  The average Standard & Poor 500 CEO
made approximately 275 times more than did the average American worker, in
the Year 2010.  The update for 2011 was 288 times more.  For 2012, the report
has been that American CEO's made 380 times more than the average America
worker.  The 2013 report was that the average CEO made 354 times more than
the average employee.  JC Penney's CEO was reported as having made 1, 795
times more.  In fact,



The income disparity has become so unjust that the typical McDonald's em-
ployee would have to work 550 years, in order to make the same amount of
income that the Micky D CEO made in merely one year.  A Walmart 'crew
member' would have to work 986 years, in order to make what the WalMart
CEO made in only one year.  For, Wendy's, it's 1,038 years.


The same type of CEO made 4,200 to 4,800 times more than did the average
Chinese worker, in the Year 2010, according to statistics gathered from the
following sources:


The 53  Percenters said that the Occupy Wall Street crew needed to do no more
than go out and get jobs.  Well, where were they to look, when the unemployment
rate was over 9%?   Should they have applied for work at a sweatshop in Bangla-
desh?  That's where their jobs were sent.  Perhaps the OWS protesters should have
worked on Confederate plantations, as slaves,for the Daughters of the Confederacy.