March 11, 2016

Blue Jays in Flight

It doesn't hurt to show your gentler side.  So . . .

There are waves coming out of  the strings of a guitar,
following each other,
one by one,
to the hull of a gondola
which floated out of the filtered sunlight of your mind.

I was wondering if you would care to walk through the waves
en route to the center of the song.

If you do not wish to do so,
then we could spend an afternoon
walking on the streets named after tycoons
who kept their soot-ridden workers underpaid,
and later on,
we could hope for the arrival of a starlit night,
while we ground ourselves on a rolling field
in some unnamed suburban outskirt,
where ghosts of fog bounce off of passing automobile lights.

Perhaps the undisclosed deer paths which we'll discover
during sunset will inspire us to sit down and discuss if
whether or not deer are able to notice rainbows.

We can then solve the same question
concerning blue jays in flight.