April 13, 2016

The Affordable Care Act turns windfall profits into policyholder rebates and reduces payments to hospitals that have excessive patient readmissions.

The Republican Party's ruling class has repeatedly shown that its motives, in what-
ever bill it proposes, are nothing more than selfishness squared and cubed.  As an
example, there are U.S. House members who treated the food stamp program with
contempt, while hypocritically receiving farm subsidies to the tune of $1.6 million,
$3.48 million, and other large sums of taxpayer dollars.  Ted Cruz is on a Goldman/
Sachs' plan, and it has been projected that 1.04 million Texans will go without med -
ical insurance, due to Texas state leaders' refusal to expand medicaid.  Yet, Cruz ob-
sesses himself with keeping away from millions throughout America something
that he has in the deluxe version.

Incidentally, it was reported that Texas' refusal to expand medicaid will cause it to
forego $79 billion in federal funding.  Moreover, a Texas state rep was caught lying,
when he said that Texans would pay $9 billion tax dollars to the working poor of
other states.


Republican senators grand stand against the poor whom Reaganomics and its Trade
Balance Deficit has caused to exist in numbers too high for nature.  Approximately
5 million jobs and 60,000 manufacturing establishing employing 25 or more work-
ers was estimated as having been lost to sweatshop merchandise importation.  In like
fashion, the same Republicans made the Affordable Care Act look like the end of the
civilized world.  Then there is the matter of the FoxNews campfire stories about death

The Republican objection to the ACA would plausibly have something to do with
the fact that the ACA prevents windfall profits from being enjoyed by insurance
companies.  But, it only does so, on a percentage basis of gross income.  It's not
a fixed dollar amount to which there are held.  Thus, no communist regime of
Kenya-born moslems are stealing from them.  Insurance companies can still
make a lot of profit through the Affordable Care Act, being that they can make
a lot of gross income.  The Affordable Care Act is bringing business their way.
It's not taking it away from them.  In fact, there is projected to be an increase
in new health care jobs.

The Windfall Profit Countermeasure

The ACA imposes upon a the insurance providers of small groups and private
individuals  a 80% 'medical loss ratio."  This means that, if an insurance company
spends less than 80% of its proceeds on policyholder benefits, the excess dollars
must be returned to the policyholders.  This pertains to claims paid-out and pre-
ventive maintenance allotments appropriated to the policyholders.  In addition,
providers of large organizations have a minimum 85% "medical loss ratio to up-

Due to the law of elasticity, the insurance companies can make far more gross
income than before the ACA was enacted, despite the lower premiums to be
charged.  This is because the lower premiums will be multiplied many times
more, with the added business to come   In as much, 20% of a higher gross in-
come can be a greater gain than during the days when the premiums were too
high for millions to afford.

So, why would the Republicans object to the ACA,  unless they feared losing
popularity?  After all, 38 million people who were uninsured will soon be in-
sured ... minus those who opt out and pay the nominal fine for doing so.  In
the process, human suffering might be diminished in large volume in the near
future, and this is a stark contrast to the Republicans who caused tremendous
pain and loss, in several ways, including the Bush Recession, the S&L Crisis
of old, the torment to asthmatics, due to the Republican contempt for seeing
to the safety of chemicals in daily products, etc.  The Republicans are nothing
more than hatred personified, hidden behind a very fake 'pro-life' mask.  They
are the life takers, not life givers.

The Republicans then play the fear game of stating that America is headed down
the road of socialist medicine, while simultaneously claiming that socialized med-
icine brought the end of civilization in all nations where it's practiced.  Well, my
closest friend of the past decade has been an Australian who benefited well from
the Australian social medicine system.  I was surprised and impressed to learn of
the Aussie system.

The readmission penalty exacted upon hospitals, for 
excessive amounts of ineffective medical treatment.

As a part of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals were subject to a penalty for inef-
fective medical treatment, when such ineffective treatment resulted in an insured
patient being readmitted into the hospital within 30 days after discharge.  On the
average, this happens approximately 2 million times yearly, costing Medicare an
added $17.5 billion.

Technically speaking, the law is called Readmissions Reduction Program and the
penalty, as the title indicates, is simply as reduction in payments to those hospitals
who have excessive hospital readmissions.  This includes the acute care Inpatient
Prospective Payment System.  The highest  penalty is a 1% reduction in payment,
for all claims, for an entire year, for 2013.  The penalty will be 2% in 2014.  Thus
far, 307 hospitals will be exacted the maximum payment reduction.  In fact, 2,217
hospitals, in all, were assessed as having had excessive readmissions.


My closest friend of the past ten years is an Australian Outback Gal who even con-
fided to me her medical costs in the Aussie system.  My reflex action was to say,
"Wow, Australians really take care of their own."  Meanwhile, American Repub-
licans take care of themselves and treat all others as the enemy.  Compared to
Australia, the America medical system has been Oliver Twist portions.

So, why do the Republicans oppose the Affordable Care Act?  This is a mystery
in that they don't explain the clauses in the Affordable Care Act to which they
object and which actually exists ... unlike the death panel campfire story.  Why
did they spend 42 occasions attempting to rescind the ACA, instead of simply
amending specific features of it?

Clauses which involve a person's conscience should be the order of the day, con-
cerning any act.  But, marketing fear, in calling all of Obamacare  evil is a con
game.  So, why do the rurals of America believe FoxNews and Rush "the drop
out drug addict and Viagra smuggler" Limbaugh.  Could they not find more ac-
complished and dignified people to follow?

Regarding even the premise of the Affordable Care Act as evil is the act of
screaming fire in a crowded theater.  When it comes to the marrow of the hu-
man conscience, the Republicans always fail, and it would be because they
don't try to procure a person's right of conscinece ... they only grand stand
for votes.  Their objective is getting more money into the hands of the hold-
ers of the wealth who keep the wealth for themselves.

The fact that they don't try is beyond blatant.  A person of true conscience is one
who will risk losing everything, in order to do what's right and to not do what's
wrong.  The Republicans in power are too pampered.  Think:  People suffered
brutally in the 1940's, in order to not contribute to Hitler's regime.  Sir Thomas
More suffered the ultimate loss, for the sake of his conscience.

The fact that the Republicans won't risk their own well-being and status for what
is right is the proof that they are hypocrites who only give lip-service.  They have
no ideals.  Meanwhile, people in America endured the hunger pangs that they did
not.  Add to this the budget-induced shivering, due to inadequate heating that some
'in the north had to endure.

People as merciless and disrespectful as the Republican congressional members
are are nothing more than imposters ... frauds ... hypocrites.   They didn't end any-
one's pain.  They only increased it, while increasing the pleasure and arrogance
of those who already had more than enough money in their possession.  These
"job creators" sent money overseas, to tax havens and to the sweatshop account-
ing offices of China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.